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Impulse (3)

Impulse (3)

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Published by Jade
part 3 of Impulse
part 3 of Impulse

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Published by: Jade on Jul 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scott’s POVI yawned as Raoul and I walked down the hall. The morning sun was shining brightlythrough the windows, reminding me that we had school in an hour. The hallway was empty, butsounds of people waking up could be heard.“Hey dude, why do we get up this early? Are we crazy?” I rubbed the back of my neckruefully as we walked towards Aimee’s room again.“We get up this early, because Aimee would kill us if we got up any later.” He frowned atthe wooden doors we passed.“Are we really that scared of her?” I thought about it for a moment. “Never mind.Rhetorical question.” Ahead of us, we spotted a sheet of paper taped to her door.“She did not!” Sprinting forward, Raoul snatched the sheet down and scowled at thesmall note.“We’ve gone ahead to breakfast. See you in class!” I read over his shoulder. “Nice,Aimee. Real nice.” Raoul scrunched the paper into a ball and tossed it into the air. A flick of hisindex finger sent it flying down the hall and into a trash bin.“She’s getting back at us for yesterday.”“Hey! I didn’t do anything yesterday!”“You kissed Penny. That’s something.” I paused at that.“Oh shit.”“No kidding.” Still scowling, he headed for the staircase with me trailing behind. “I’m sogetting her for this.”“Like you’re gonna be able to do anything.” Heading down the stairs, I peered out awindow. “Hey, why did her note say we? She doesn’t have a roommate, does she?” Cloudsgathered, darkening the sky. “Shit! It’s going to rain...”“Just great.” Now thoroughly irritated, Raoul pushed open the door of the dorm andstepped out just as the sky flashed and released a torrent of rain. “What the hell!!” A burst oflaughter caught our attention and we turned to see Aimee and Penny standing under theprotection of a tree, laughing their heads off.Penny’s POV“Hello Penelope.” My homeroom teacher was an old friend of my dad’s, and a kindlooking man, streaks of gray running through his brown hair. “Your father told me you’d becoming here soon. It’s good to finally meet you.”“Hello Mr. Selkin.” I shook his hand and smiled. “Dad mentions you quite a lot. He said totell you to visit us.”“I guess I’ll have to now that I’ve been summoned.” His eyes twinkled with amusementand he gestured towards the rows of desks. “Sit down anywhere.” I sat beside Aimee in the thirdrow, ignoring Scott who sat down behind me. When they’d seen us laughing at them, we’d runaway and managed to avoid them all through breakfast. They were pissed though - I could feelthe irritation rolling off them in huge waves. The door opened and an old woman peered in.“Is Penelope Ledling here?” When I waved my hand, she smiled and gestured meforward.“I need to have a quick chat with you, dear. Is that alright, Mr. Selkin?”“Now?” He frowned when she nodded. “Then I guess it’s alright. Go along Penny.”“OK.” Confused, I stood and followed the old woman out the door and down the hall to asmall office.
“Sit down.” Still smiling, she waited until I was seated. “I’m Mrs. Johnson, Penelope. It’snice to meet you.”“Uh...nice to meet you too?”“I have a question for you. Have your parents ever mentioned anything to you about‘impulse’?”“Impulse?” I frowned in confusion. “You mean, doing things without thinking about themfirst?”“Partly. But more specific. In this case, it refers to the latent ability within human beingsthat only certain people can access.”“Huh?” After a moment of silence, I burst into laughter. “This is a joke, isn’t it.”“I’m quite serious.” Her smile fell and she looked almost sad, the lines in her facedeepening.“Are you sure? Cause it sounds like you’re talking about superpowers. And those don’texist.” I reined in my laughter so as to not hurt her feelings.“There’s nothing super about these powers, Penelope-”“Penny.”“Penny. As I was saying, these powers aren’t special. It’s the people who can use themthat are special. You need to have a huge amount of willpower and control to use themproperly.”“OK. Say these powers do exist. What’s your point?” She remained silent. Suddenly, Igot what she was trying to say. “Ooooh...OK hold up. I can’t use them. I’m not one of thosespecial people you’re talking about.”“You most certainly are. As were your parents.”“No they aren’t!!”“Yes they are. And so are you. Your incredible musical talent is proof of this.”“How? That doesn’t even make sense!” I stood up, annoyed and a little scared. Was thislady insane? “I’m going back to class.” I headed for the door, but the lock clicked shut andrefused to open, no matter how much I tried.“Can you please sit back down Penny? I didn’t mean to scare you, but you need to know.This way you can learn to control it. If you don’t, there could be serious consequences.”“I haven’t had to learn anything so far. Nothing’s happened to me yet! So HAH!! Thatproves you’re wrong!” I pointed my finger at her in triumph.“No it doesn’t. Your parents put a powerful shield around your mind, to protect you andeveryone around you. You have a lot of power for someone so young. It has the potential to bedangerous. YOU have the potential to be dangerous!”“Stop it! You’re lying!” I clutched my head as it began to throb, trying to block out herwords.“Penny, calm down! If you don’t, you’ll break the shield!”“STOP LYING! THERE IS NO SHIELD, I DON’T HAVE MAGIC POWERS THAT DON’TEXIST!!!” The pain in my head grew and grew until I suddenly blacked out.---“Penny, are you OK?” I opened my eyes and things around me slowly came into focus. Iwas lying on a couch, Mr. Selkin kneeling on the floor beside me. When I tried to sit up, hegently pushed me down. “Don’t get up just yet. You hit your head off the floor when you fell.”“I fell?” I shook my head in confusion then immediately regretted the motion when myhead began to ache and throb.

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