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Championship Bodybuilding

Championship Bodybuilding

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Published by bhartendu

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Published by: bhartendu on Jul 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When Istarted trainingW ith weights when I wasonly 14or 15 years old, I asked everybig guy Iknew in thegym the same question, "What are you doing toget so massive 7" Eachone, offered a very different answer. Some told me I had to lift heavy to get big. Others said to use high repsand to really burnthe

musclefor growth and development.IfI asked tenmassive guys,
Ireceived nearly ten'unique -answers. Right there and then, I
realized that thereis no science andstandardization
bodybuildingand getting big. How couldthere be? Allthese 'great

physiques were using individual and unique techniques. However, I was ableto utilize and retainsome techniques that I thought were good and omit some that I thought were bad. At that point inmy life, the good techniques were those that simply made sense to me, the bad ideas did not jive, so I omitted themfrom

The same is true with diet and nutrition. Everyone told me
something different. Talkabout being confusedlOf course,you

probably can guess what I did. I used the dietary techniquesof the most ripped andlean'guy I met.Too bad though, in retrospect hisdietary program wasas detrimental forgrowing as itW asbeneficial for staying lean.

FromLfto 17,I simply trained"as hardas I could everyday
'until Iwas too tiredto continue.Most sessions lasted2 hours.If I

was really tired on one particular day, I would simply skip training altogether and return the next day totrain even harder. At 17, I alsometa friend named Bob Gruskin. His thinking and trainingideas were revolutionary tome. He taught me thereal

basicsthat I still use today. He brought me tothegym and was
myfirst trainer. He showed me how to cook and to eat for
gaining muscle and losing fat, and most important he taught me
two invaluable lessons. They are; the winnerof acontest is
usuallythe mostdedicated, and hardest trainer, and thewinner
;o._~ .• _
'h. ,_
rnust be .smart and continually monitor his training and nutrition.

While I always looked through -bodybuilding magazines for great photos- for inspiration, I rarelyread a trainingarticleby any champion bodybuilder. I refrained from doing so because I was told that most ofthe articles are ghost' writtenand therefore,

many of thetraining,routines wereinaccurate.Earlyon, Ialso
knew how intanglblebodybuilding couldbe. I'llgive you an
example. At17, Ithought I trained as, hard as anyone. After all,
myworkouts lasted from 3,to'5pm, sometimes evengoing later,
to6pm.If I were a championbodybuilder and was interviewing
witha magazine,I wouldrelay and even bragto the writer how
incredibly.toughand demandingmy workouts are.I would also
touchon a few techniques that I use,

Well, when Ivisited.Bob Gruskin In New York, he trained me for lessthan 40 minutes arid_I wassore beyondbelief. We used heavier weights than normal, really emphasized the negative, and also concentrated really hardw ith the positive.He showed mehow

toexplodew ith theweights inmy hands, notsimply topush.In

comparison, myoId workouts werea. breeze. The point is this;it is difficult to articulate onto paper what comprises a good workout. Magazinesare not good atcapturingthe training that makes a championbodybuilder. Bodybuilding isnot an exact' science. Many good bodybuilders are equally successful using very different training techniques. The magazines coverall the different training methods ofseveral bodybuilders whichcan leave the reader more

confused. Experiencing-bodybU ilding,inthegymis thebestway to
learn. That is why Laura and I have our bodybuilding camp where
people can come andstay herein Maine and learn- the hands on
way,bydoing it, not reading aboutit.
However, thisbook will hopefullyhelp you to understand
more about bodybuildinq, so you can build more muscle than you
everthought possible. I have compiled everything I have learned
and picked up over the years and putit togetherin this easy to
understand manual.

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