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Drifter 3 Classes

Drifter 3 Classes

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Published by Matthew Oberlies

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Published by: Matthew Oberlies on Jul 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A class in Drifter is not a choice you make upon character creation, but something you are forced into under certain circumstances. A character with ten times as many names as Identity points is forced into the class corresponding to their highest skill (unless it is Concentration, in which case their second

highest skill is used). Increasing Identity does not allow you to escape from the class; you must
increase another skill above the firstand still have enough Identity to avoid being forced into the class
of your new highest skill. Changing your highest skill without increasing your identity just changes

your class. Names that you give yourself may or may not count toward this.
Class powers are supposed to be very powerful. However, they have to come with alot

of drawbacks;
usually having a class is a bad thing. If you want to make up your own class for a skill that doesn't have
one yet (or even for one that has one listed on its Skills page but not here; those are just suggestions

born from a few seconds of thought) then feel free, but make sure it's not something people are going to try to become. Less useful skills can have a more powerful (compared to its drawbacks) class, to make it a choice between utility and safety for your highest skill, but this is not required (and they should still

be worse overall than no class).
Class Powers and Restrictions
Though the classes should probably be given their own flavor later on, they all have several powers

relating to their class skill. Every time you expend Identity on skill points, you get a free point in that skill; this means that to get any closer to breaking free of a class, you must buy multiple skill points at once. They are also required to spend 10% of their Identity on their class skill every time they update it

(which means if they update before they accumulate 10%, they must lose Identity); the 10% is
calculated before Identity is increased. (Updating Identity also converts one point of intelligence to a
point of the class skill.) They should also have a bonus to using their class skill; what I'm thinking right
now is that any checks using their class skill is made at at least 50% of their Identity (as if they had
invested 5 concentration points) no matter how little they are concentrating on it.

Here are some example classes:
Soul Crusher
Skill: Meta Attack

Drawback: all forms of mental contact (for example, telepathy and attempting to eavesdrop) count as
blinking, and mental contact with a character of non-positive Identity must either kill them or initiate
mind control. This means that you cannot enter someone's mind undetected (since they are
automatically brought into the blink and will probably want to fight you) or send messages
telepathically to most mortals (since it will instantly kill them (you can't mentally communicate with
people under mind control, and mortals can't use their senses while they're controlled)).

Special Powers: double range of initiating blinks, damage people who are in contact with their raw
mind (rather than tentacles) in some way even if you are under mind-control
Skill: Spatial Concealment

Drawback: Cannot take physical form. This means that you cannot meet with any of your allies. You
must either compel someone to meet with them, communicate telepathically (which would make a
Shadow Soul Crusher a terrible combination of classes, though we have not yet decided that you CAN

cross-class, for that might make the character too restrictive and therefore unplayable...) with them, or
create another being to meet with them. You also cannot anchor your mind to any body.
Special Powers: Makes it harder for others to mana sense you (by how much?). Easier to mana sense
others (for you don't need to spend concentration on any of your other senses, because you have none).
Black Hole

Skill: Spatial Attack
Drawback: Destroys matter with any physical touch. You will uncontrollably destroy things.
Special Powers: When you intentionally destroy an inhabited body, damage their identity by half the

identity you spent on concentration.

Skill: Spatial Defense
Drawback: You cannot shapeshift
Special Powers: Your inhabited body is indestructible.

Skill: Meta Defense

Drawback: You cannot turn off your "mental wall" (for example, to telepathically communicate with allies). They can still make the connection, but they have to beat your defenses. And you can't initiate it.

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