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Drifter 3 Skills

Drifter 3 Skills

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Published by Matthew Oberlies

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Published by: Matthew Oberlies on Jul 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spatial Attack

: combines all mortal weapon skills into one. Also covers less conventional
weapons, such as buildings. Adds to every action intended as an attack that uses some form of
matter as its delivery mechanism. When attempting to destroy an immortal’s body, make a spatial
attack check against their charisma plus spatial defense. Its class is the Black Hole, who destroys
matter at physical touch and must devote concentration to keeping it away.

Spatial Defense

: ability to avoid spatial attacks and forceful changes of form, especially by using
matter to intercept projectiles. Also applies to spatial counterattacks. Also might be involved in
attempting to remain in control of a damaged or nonliving body. Its class is the Immutable, who
cannot shapeshift.

Matter Creation: when creating matter in time-sensitive situations, mass in pounds is this skill roll

plus charisma roll. Opposed by opponent’s spatial defense when the matter is created inside a
sapient being’s body. Its class name has not been finalized, but it is constantly growing and must
find some way to hide this violation of the LoCoM.

Meta Defense: used to resist magic attacks and direct attacks on the soul (though this would more
properly be called meta-meta-physical defense). Also applies to magical counter-kills. Its class is
the Undying, whose debilitating drawback has not yet been considered.
Meta Attack: aids magic attacks and direct attacks on the soul (though these would more properly
be called meta-meta-physical attacks). Most kills with checks are modified by this. Its class is the
Soul Crusher, whose mental contact always counts as an attack with at least 10 concentration.
Meta Concealment: the ability to hide mana and thoughts. Its class is the Invisible, who cannot use
telepathy or other non-spacial communication.
Spatial Concealment
: the ability to hide material objects. Its class is the Shadow, who cannot take
physical form.
Meta Detection: the ability to detect mana and thoughts. Its class is the Hunter, whose drawback
relates to being able to pull back from things you don't want to see (mental versions of mind-control
eyes, which we will probably have eventually) but have not been considered yet.
Spatial Detection
: the ability to detect material objects. Its class name has not been decided on yet,
but its drawback will have something to do with having to devote concentration to its senses.
Concentration: the most important skill, this is a pool of points that you can spend on mental
actions. It is also how you purchase intelligence (which may or may not determine maximum sum
of non-concentration skills) and is how you deal with pain without experiencing negative effects

(what negative effects pain has have not yet been finalized, nor has the exact method of using
concentration against them). Concentration does not have a class; you take the class of your next
highest skill.

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