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What to Believe

What to Believe

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Published by James Bradley
Is there anything that is True?
Is there anything that is True?

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: James Bradley on Jul 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tlingit NationJuly -2010
Every day, on the hour, messages float around the Internet that claim one thing or the other, avery small percentage are fact, while the rest are someone’s or some group’s version of the worldevents. All these messages and news posts are the “information” overload that the Internet crowdwas warned about some 10-15 years ago. The Internet, which is the end-all of end-all publicdomains, has become the data-dump for stuff that would twist, turn and confuse Zeus himself.As you read through this “stuff” one of the first things you notice is that most authors or organizations are really full-of-themselves proclaiming loudly that their information, naturally being provided by an anonymous source is the gospel truth, reminds one of the sandwich boards being carried by the bearded guy walking through Golden Gate Park in the 60s, silently proclaiming the end-of-the-world-is-near, while the MJ fans laid on the grass watching them.We read that our wet-behind-the-ears President, a previous lawyer that fought and bribed cityhall in Chicago, ran the numbers at Harvard, and ran a church based community service in NewYork City is in bed with the Prime Minister of Israel “Bibi” Netanyahu, and is even has bent solow as to call him “Massa” and kissed his hand repeatedly, when old “Bibi” visited the WhiteHouse last week –this according to Robert Dreyfuss. Naturally Mr. Dreyfus who once used towork in the Lyndon LaRouche cadre is a touted creditable investigated reporter that from time-to-time reminds one and all of the downfall of America because of the government’s relationshipwith Israel, which according to some, has us by the nose.Then there is a retired American University professor and freelance write who has lived in theMiddle East, for a number of years – Professor Paul J Balles who asks the American Public, andanyone else in the western society, when they are going to shake the cobwebs from their eyes andtake note that Israel is controlling America and if the citizens of America don’t pay attention,Israel will “run not walk” us to destruction. He uses words such as “a hopelessly lost slave of Israel”, with our government and our media marching to the tunes coming out of Tel Aviv. Prof Balles tells us that Michael Richard Pence, Republican from Indiana’s 6
congressional districtsaid that “Israeli officials should tell us what they want us to do, and we’ll support it!” He also
 brings to our attention that the Senior Editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff notes that “itdoesn’t take a genius to see that our current foreign policy is dictated by Tel Aviv”.On the other side of the spectrum we find our creditable mainstream media and our truthfulelected officials backing and passing new resolutions and laws, whereas US Senate Resolution549 was rushed through its sacred halls that said:1)Whereas since 2001, Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations have fired morethan 10,000 rockets and mortars from Gaza into Israel, killing at least 18 Israelis andwounding dozens more2)Whereas according toe Michael Oren, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, “If thesea lanes are open to Hamas in Gaza…they will acquire thousands of rockets that willthreaten every single citizen in the State of Israel and also kill the peace process…Hamasarmed with thousands of rockets not only threatens 7,500,000 Israeli’s but it’s the end of the peace process.”There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the rockets being fired into Israel have caused someserious problems in the Middle East, whereas at least 18 civilians have lost their lives (since2001), and thousands of Palestinians have paid for this act in loosing their lives and countlessother wounded and maimed. Whereas some of us know deep down that Israel will never accept atwo-state solution, much less give up their occupation of East Jerusalem – the proclaimed capitalof the Muslims in Gaza and the West Bank, whereas in reality the Palestinians will not accept atwo-state solution either, they themselves wanting their illegally occupied lands back, and willfight any move by the International community to form the single State of Israel.It would be wonderful if only they would continue their battle across a negotiation table, butinstead they have chosen to do battle in the Press both factions spilling half-truths andinnuendos like the water flowing over Victoria Falls in Africa. From the British Isle we read thata survey of 4,000 people by the Mori for the Institute for Jewish Policy showed that 72% agreedwith Israel’s action in Gaza as a “legitimated act of self-defense, while 77% favor a “two-statesolution” and that over half (52%) said they would support Israeli government negotiations withHamas.Jeremy Salt an associate professor in Middle Eastern History at the Bilkent University inAnkara – Turkey writes in a Palestinian paper “that the spectacle of an American sucking up to anIsraeli PM is familiar but no less sickening every time it happens. Not since Eisenhower has anAmerican President had the guts to stand up to Israel.”
In America we read of the rising star of the 9-11 Truth Movement, whereas over 1500 professionals scattered across the 50-states and a couple of countries pulling some creditableevidence from the pile of rubble from 9-11, conducting experiments proving that what we allwatch take place on our boob-tubes on that horrible day, is not what “really” happened. Inaddition to the terrible loss of lives in the Twin Towers that day, was the following rage thatswept across the land, fed by the Bush/Cheney regime that the responsibility laid squarely at thefeet of Muslims. Albeit they pounded on their bully-pulpit preaching that they loved the Muslim population of the world – they had an agenda which has kept the public guessing since that day inSeptember.The public domain we’ve all learned to worship and adore is full of theories, speculation, andmystery on what is really going on in today’s world. Opinions range from the end-of-civilization,to the elites of the spectrum leading all of us around by the nose. With prominent NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), telling us that there are to-many people, not enough water, and thatgenetically modified plants are meant to add additional control to the wealthy, such as Bill Gateswho has invested in a Baltic Sea seed depository. We read some pretty convincing documentsand scratch our heads, while some of us search the Matrix looking for sites that will either confirm or deny the claims, only to find out that some of the sites or either left or right wingleaning and not to be trusted.In our attempt to locate the middle road, we find the dividing line waving all over the place, andsome to save time and grey-matter pick a side and run with it….and yet there are some whocontinue to search for what is true and that which is pure BS spread with care with just enoughhalf-truths to make them seem plausible.We seemed to have successfully put behind us the JFK conspiracy theories, or have we, astoday we find the Matrix loaded with additional information, and still today we find some of thecritical evidence of his death buried in Top Secret files with access denied by the masses. Welearn that LBJ glossed over the fact that Israel attacked the USS Liberty in the Mediterraneanover 43-years ago, and in doing so forever changed the US government’s protection policy of USCitizens.And that Ronnie Baby sat on his thumbs after the Marine Barracks was blown up killing a boatload of Marines and civilians in Beirut, Lebanon. We also learn that JFK signed into law aregulation that would have dragged us away from the bloodsucking Federal Reserve, a money- printing organization owned by financial interest off-shore, JFKs endorsed law would havestripped them of their money-printing mechanism and given the authority “once again” to the US

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