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The True Cost of Chevron

The True Cost of Chevron

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Published by: Gulf Restoration Network on Jul 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Alternative Annual ReportMAy 2009
TheTrue Costof Chevron
Table o ConTenTs
(Unless otherwise noted, all pieces written by Antonia Juhasz) 
 I Cvr Crprt, Pitic d ecmic ovrviw
Map oGlobal Operations and Corporate Basics2Political Inuence and Connections:How Cheron Spreads its MoneAround3Sex, Bribes, and Paintball                                   3General James L Jones: Cheron’s Oil Man in the White House 4William J Hanes: Cherons In-House “Torture Lawer”5J Stephen Griles: Current Conict—Ex Cheron Lobbist5Banking on Caliornia 6Squeezing Consumers at the Pump 7Cherons Hpe on Alternatie Energ 8
II T Uitd stt
Trustees or Alaska 
11Drilling ooAmericas Coasts13Colorado, Utah, and Womings Oil Shale15Richmond, Caliornia Refner16Pascagoula, Mississippi Refner18Perth Ambo, New Jerse Refner,
19Cheron Sued or Massie Underground Brookln Oil Spill 19Salt Lake CitUtah RefnerLawsuit 20
III arud t Wrd
EarthRights International 
Rainorest Action Network 
Antonia Juhasz edits Environmental Deense,Center or Environment & Development, Chadian Associationor the Promotion o Deense o Human Rights 
Amazon Watch
Antonia Juhasz 
Crude Accountability 
Environmental Rights Action/ Friends o the Earth Nigeria and Justice in Nigeria Now 
Filipino-American Coalition or Environmental Solidarity 
IVCity Ruti/Divtmt Cmpi ait Cvr
VCvroiti 
VII edt                                                 
Note: Due to space constraints, the print version o this report is not ully endnoted. The ully sourced version (including endnote weblinks) is posted at www.TrueCostoChevron.com.
Coer photo LEFT: Fire burning atthe Cheron refner in Pascagoula,Mississippi, photograph b ChristPritchett ran on August 17, 2007Courtes o the Press-Register 2007© All rights resered Reprintedwith permission RIGHT: Ecuadorianworkers at ormer Texaco oil waste pitin Ecuador, photographed b MitchellAnderson, Januar 2008
Each participating organization andcontributing author or editor is solelresponsible or the content that thehae contributed under the portionso this report expressl attributed tothem; the do not necessaril endorse,assume no liabilit or, and are notresponsible or, the content o anportion o this report attributed to another organization or author, and makeno warranties that such content isaccurate The editor and all participatingorganizations and authors are jointlresponsible or the content o theintroduction and recommendations
Cheron Alternatie 2008 Annual Report
o communities within which it operates, there can be realnancial repercussions.The world sits on a precipice. Oil is running out. Theoil that is let is ound in more environmentally, socially, andpolitically sensitive areas and is more hotly contested.Chevron contends in its 2008 Annual Report that “Meet-ing uture demand will be one o the world’s great challenges—but one thatChevron isconvinced canbe met in anenvironmentally responsible way.”Nothing in thisreport supportssuch a conten-tion. Nor doesit indicate thatChevron will beable (or seek) todo so in a man-ner that protectssocial, political,or human rights. Whilespending, at best,less than 3 per-cent o its capitaland exploratory budget on greenenergy in 2008,Chevron may wish to market itsel as an “alternative energy”company that is “part o the solution,” but ew truly believe itshype. Rather, the movements to embrace real energy alterna-tives and hold Chevron to a ull account or its disastrous ac-tions is gaining ar greater currency than the company’s billionscan ultimately withstand.The costs associated with extracting what is let o the world’s oil will only rise. We ask readers to view these costs notas abstract issues but as actors that directly harm the lives o real people all across the planet, including your own. And toknow that change is coming. What Chevron’s Annual Report does not tell its sharehold-ers is the true cost paid or those nancial returns: the lives lost, wars ought, communities destroyed, environments decimated,livelihoods ruined, and political voices silenced.Nor does it describe the global resistance movement gain-ing voice and strength against these operations.Thus, we, the communities and our allies who bear theconsequences o Chevron’s oil andnatural gas pro-duction, rener-ies, depots, pipe-lines, exploration,oshore drillingrigs, coal elds,chemical plants,political control,consumer abuse,alse promises,and much more,have prepared an Alternative An-nual Report orChevron.Our accountreveals the trueimpact o just ahandul o Chev-ron’s operations inthe United Statesin communitiesacross Alaska, Caliornia, Colorado, Florida, the Gul Coast,Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Utah, Washington, D.C,and Wyoming; internationally across Angola, Burma, Canada,Chad, Cameroon, Ecuador, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and thePhilippines. These accounts are demonstrative, not inclusive. We would need 100 reports to take account o all such impacts.These accounts include active lawsuits against the company rom across the country and around the world, totalling in thetens o billions o dollars, which threaten its vaulted nancialgains. For when a company operates in blatant disregardor the health, security, livelihood, saety, and environment
Chevron’s 2008 AnnuAl report
to its shareholders is a glossy celebration heralding the compa-ny’s most protable year in its history. Its $24 billion in prots catapulted it past General Electric to becomethe second most protable corporation in the United States. Its 2007 revenues were larger than the grossdomestic product (GDP) o 150 nations.

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