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Published by vladowsky
Periodical newspaper -fight terrorism - support Israel
Periodical newspaper -fight terrorism - support Israel

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Published by: vladowsky on Jul 16, 2010
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FeedJournal Basicfeedjournal.com7/15/2010 at 3:00:00 PM - 7/16/2010 at 6:50:37 AM
Submitted at 7/15/2010 5:49:00 PM
Obama clenching his fist? TimeMagazine’s Joe Klein reports that theObama administration is putting themilitary option for dealing with Iranback on the table.Gates is sounding more belligerentthese days. “I don’t think we’reprepared to even talk aboutcontaining a nuclear Iran,” he toldFox News on June 20. “We do notaccept the idea of Iran having nuclearweapons.” In fact, Gates wasreflecting a new reality in the militaryand intelligence communities.Diplomacy and economic pressureremain the preferred means to forceIran to negotiate a nuclear deal, butthere isn’t much hope that’s going tohappen. “Will [sanctions] deter themfrom their ambitions with regards tonuclear capability?” CIA DirectorLeon Panetta told ABC News on June27. “Probably not.” So the militaryoption is very much back on the table.What has changed? “I started torethink this last November,” arecently retired U.S. official withextensive knowledge of the issue toldme. “We offered the Iranians a reallygenerous deal, which their negotiatorsaccepted,” he went on, referring tothe offer to exchange Iran’s 1.2 tonsof low-enriched uranium (3.5% pure)for higher-enriched (20%) uraniumfor medical research and use. “Whenthe leadership shot that down, I beganto think, Well, we made the good-faith effort to engage. What do we donow?”Ed Morrissey adds:This conundrum didn’t begin withObama’s election to the Presidency.It began in 2007, when the Americanintelligence community produced alaughable NIE that asserted that Iranhad stopped working towards nuclearweapons in 2003. America’s alliesopenly scoffed at the conclusion of the NIE and critics called it a nakedlypolitical move intended to force Bushinto inaction on Iran. Despite thecriticism, it worked — and it allowedBarack Obama, among many others,to claim that Bush was too much of acowboy and a war monger to betrusted with power. In fact, in thesame year, Obama asserted at apresidential debate that he wanted tomeet one-on-one with the Iranianleader (although he later denied thathe meant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad)without preconditions in order toreach a peaceful settlement of theissue.What this produced was a three-yearwindow for Tehran to pursue itsnuclear-weapon program with littlerisk of interference. Obamacontinued his open-hand rhetoricwhile grudgingly pursuing moresanctions, while Iran either ignoredObama, lectured him on the primacyof Islam, or gleefully insulted him onthe world stage. Obama’s “smartpower” diplomatic team fell for thePeanuts football ploy that Iran hasused for the last seven years inexploiting splits in the Westernalliance by offering terms and thenchanging the terms when the Westagrees to them.Now that the Obama administrationhas wasted more than a year on thesame kind of fruitless diplomacy thathad already been tried over and over,they have suddenly reached theconclusion that Iran doesn’t wantpeace; it wants nukes. And if it wantsnukes more than it wants peace,they’re likely to want the nukes for aspecific target. All of this wasblindingly apparent in 2007, butObama somehow figured that startingover from scratch would work, sincehe was the change that the worldwanted and needed.A military strike is still a desperationmove, for all of the reasons that theBush team argued. However, theonly option worse is an Iran armedwith nuclear weapons. We’ve wastedthree years getting back to that samerealization, but you can bet that theIranians haven’t wasted a day of it.There’s little doubt the Iranians arepursuing a nuclear weapon, andperhaps President Obama’s advisersare thinking in terms of a militarysolution. But the President himself isnot.Obama continues to repeat at everyopportunity that he wants to ‘engage’with Iran, that he’s open tonegotiations, that he’s not closing thedoor on negotiations, and so on andso forth.He continues to insist on wateringdown and delaying any action againstIran, whether it’s negotiating formonths before finally putting asanctions resolution through theSecurity Council (and that only afterhe realized the consequences of Iranaccepting his enrichment offerthrough the offices of Brazil andTurkey six months after the offer wasmade), or whether it’s insisting onPresidential waivers being inserted inthe United States’ own sanctionsagainst the Iranian regime.This President is not going to pull thetrigger on Iran, regardless of howbadly Bob Gates or David Petraeuswants him to do it. Pulling the triggeron Iran is going to be left to others.And then we will see how Obamareacts.What could go wrong?posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:49AM Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelHow Hezbullah operates overseasHow Hezbullah operates overseasThis ought to make all of you inplaces like Detroit that have largeShia communities feel secure. As inLebanon...Spencer interview: Are USpoliticians aware of Islam’s nature?Spencer interview: Are US politiciansaware of Islam's nature?...Why Does the Shin Bet Hate andFear Ameer Makhoul?To my greatdelight, Israeli bloggers, unlike their journalistic counterparts, are defyingthe Shin Bet’s gag order on reportingthe secret arrest of Ameer Makhoul,director of the Israeli Pales... Original post source
Submitted at 7/15/2010 8:00:00 PM
According to CBS:Obama Says Middle Name May BeSource of Israeli Skepticism“When President Obama was asked aquestion about Israeli skepticism of him during an interview with anIsraeli television station, he suggestedthat his middle name Hussein may bea culprit.“I think what this [skepticism] arisesfrom… some of it may just be the factthat my middle name is Hussein, andthat creates suspicion,” said Mr.Obama.”-moreI was so flabbergasted by thePresident’s amazing ignorance of Israel that the only answer I couldpost was the photo quiz below.-Dry Bones- Israel’s Political ComicStrip Since 1973 Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelthe Name GameThe extent towhich the Obama administration isavoiding reality and refusing torecognise the world-wide IslamicJihad is astounding! This is beyond"Political Correctness". This issuicidal "Politic...Political Experiment?Livingoutside of America gives anAmerican a different perspective onthings. Doing a political comic stripfor almost 40 years also gives acartoonist a different perspective onthings.I'm both. I b...Obama, Israel PM thaw ties, avoidraw subjectsby david55king Obama,Israel PM thaw ties, avoid rawsubjects WASHINGTON -- PresidentBarack Obama and Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu,displaying a newfound friendship asleaders followi... Original post source
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Submitted at 7/15/2010 5:57:00 PM
Silke in the comments points to aUNRWA documentshowing theincrease in Palestinian “refugees”since 1950. Here it is (transposed tomake it easier to read):Year Jordan Lebanon Syria WestBan Gaza Total 1950 506,200127,600 82,194- 198,227 914,2211955 502,135 100,820 88,330-214,701 905,986 1960 613,743136,561 115,043- 255,542 1,120,8891965 688,089 159,810 135,971-296,953 1,280,823 1970 506,038175,958 158,717 272,692 311,8141,425,219 1975 625,857 196,855184,042 292,922 333,031 1,632,7071980 716,372 226,554 209,362324,035 367,995 1,844,318 1985799,724 263,599 244,626 357,704427,892 2,093,545 1990 929,097302,049 280,731 414,298 496,3392,422,514 1995 1,288,197 346,164337,308 517,412 683,560 3,172,6412000 1,570,192 376,472 383,199583,009 824,622 3,737,494 20051,795,326 401,071 426,919 690,988969,588 4,283,892 2008 1,930,703416,608 456,983 754,263 1,059,5844,618,141If you prefer charts:A couple of things struck me whenlooking at this.First of all, there is a missing columnin the table. There is one othercountry that had people defined asPalestinian refugees in 1950 not listedhere – and that country is Israel.According toUNRWA, Israel had48,000 Palestinian refugees: 31,000Arabs and 17,000 Jews. Israelmanaged to integrate the refugees,Arabs and Jews alike, into its societyand they disappeared from therefugee rolls within a couple of years.If Arab countries had worked attreating their Palestinians as well asIsrael did (reducing the population by25,000 refugees a year,) they wouldhave eliminated the refugee problemwithin 20 years rather than let it festerfor thrice that time.Not only that, but the percentage of refugees compared to total populationwas about 8% in Lebanon, 2% inSyria, and 4% in Israel. So there is noexcuse that the other countries wereoverwhelmed and couldn’t handle therefugees – Israel not only absorbedthese refugees but took hundreds of thousands of additional refugees fromArab countries at the exact same time– all without help from any UNagencies. (In Jordan, the percentageof refugees was about 40% of thepopulation, but keep in mind thatJordan also gained a lot of land in the1948 war that many of the refugeeswere already living on.)Isn’t it interesting, though, thatUNRWA doesn’t acknowledge thePalestine refugees in Israel in theirstatistics? It’s almost as if they areembarrassed that the single successstory for Palestinian Arab refugeescame in the country that they have aseething hatred for.Another very important fact that weglean from these statistics: Nearly allof the “refugees” that live in Jordanare Jordanian citizens! Not only isUNRWA’s definition of a “refugee”skewed by including the descendantsof refugees, but they also include ahuge population that is not stateless atall!UNRWA actually admits this, withtendentious logic. This past February,Michael Kingsley-Nyinah, Directorof the Executive Office of UNRWA,gave a speechin Malta about howUNRWA looks at Jordanians of Palestinian origin, and his words areamazing:Refugees residing in Jordan andSyria enjoy a wide range of rights andfreedoms that have helped to mitigatethe hardships of displacement. Manyare granted economic rights andaccess to the employment market, andthe stability of these countries meansthey are spared the trauma of armedconflict. Among the relatively lessdisadvantaged are the refugees inJordan who enjoy the privileges of special categories of Jordaniannationality.The advantages of residing in Jordanand Syria are welcome and beneficial.Yet they do not obscure thevulnerability inherent in the refugeelabel. Neither do they detract fromthe distinctness of the refugeeidentity.The refugees and host communitiesshare an implicit understanding thatthe sojourn of Palestine refugees istemporary– and that this transientstate is unchanged by the lengthyduration of their exile. As a corollary,“refugee consciousness” is strongamong Palestinians, including theyounger generation. The passingyears have left intact a sense of injustice, a demand foracknowledgement and a desire fortheir travail to be justly resolved.Across the Middle East, Palestinerefugees define themselves(and aredefined by others) by reference to thehistorical experience of exile.For any other group of refugees, theUN (meaning the UNHCR) bendsover backwards to remove the “refugee label,” but UNRWA appliesit even in situations when it shouldn’texist. Arab nations refused to treat theearly refugees like human beings, andUNRWA eventually not only wentalong with this evil plan, butinstitutionalized it.A person who was born and raised asa citizen of another country cannot becalled a “refugee” by any sanedefinition. Yet the UNRWA doesexactly that. With a stroke of a pen,they could have reduced the numberof “refugees” by 40% – and theyinstead kept the label.One result is thateven Jordanians arediscriminating against PalestinianJordanians, sixty years after theirancestors became citizens. UNRWAhas made their “otherness” officialand has justified it by using the wordsof those who hate them most byclaiming that their status istemporary. By defining PalestinianJordanians as somehow onlytemporary Jordanians, UNRWA is justifying their discrimination.There is another implication of usingthe word “temporary” to define the“sojourn” of the PalArabs. If theirstatus is only temporary, then surelyIsrael’s status is temporary as well,and will end with their “return.”As I’ve mentioned before, on twooccasions when Lebanon allowed alimited number of so-called“refugees” to become citizens of thatcountry, the Palestinian Arabs jumped at the opportunity. Manymore would happily trade in their“refugee” status for the opportunity tobe normal, functioning citizens of their host countries, or of other Arabcountries. They are not being giventhat choice, and a good part of that isbecause UNRWA is doing everythingthey can to perpetuate and expand thepurported number of “refugees” fordecades after they no longer shouldhave that label. Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelRelax: Turkish PM says there’s noIslamic terrorismRelax: Turkish PMsays there's no Islamic terrorism...vehicles of the idf Image taken on2009-01-18 23:42:52 byisfullofcrap....Netanyahu Interview With GeorgeStephanopoulosThis morning BibiNetanyahu Sat down with GeorgeStephanopoulos Below is thetranscript of their interview. I willannotate and comment later in theday. GEORGESTEPHANOPOULOS: Mr. PrimeMiniste... Original post source
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Submitted at 7/15/2010 4:28:00 PM
A double agent? A lot of you havespeculated in the comments thatIranian nuclear scientist ShahamAmiri was a double agent. Here’s arather detailed analysis that exploresthat issue.As far as the kidnapping charge goes,there is an unspoken rule amongintelligence services that they do notkidnap each others’ agents. (This rulealso applies to all high-valueindividuals who may have access tosensitive information.) The practicearises out of sheer necessity: byengaging in kidnapping or otherviolent acts against your adversaries,you immediately invite retaliation bythe other side. Things could soonescalate beyond anyone’s control. Acountry that engages in suchactivities, as Iran did in the 1980s, isconsidered a pariah and ostracized,with manifold diplomatic andeconomic consequences.Although the rule was ignored by theBush administration in casesinvolving the fight against Al Qaedaand similar organizations, it has beenconsistently upheld in state-to-staterelations. Still, in the unlikely eventthat the U.S. government actuallykidnapped Amiri, it is inconceivablethat they would simply let him go of his own accord. Thus the absurdclaim by some hardline papers in Iranthat he has escaped from his captors.With the contingency of kidnappingeffectively ruled out, we are left withtwo possibilities. The first is thatAmiri defected, but then had a changeof heart due either to pressuresapplied to his family in Iran or tofeelings of homesickness andunhappiness with restrictedcircumstances, as many newspaperarticles have suggested. There is afamous precedent for this. In 1985,Soviet spy Vitaly Yurchenko“redefected” to the Soviet Union aftera short stay in the United States,allegedly for such reasons. (On hisreturn, Yurchenko, like Amiri,claimed he had been drugged andabducted by the CIA.)The second possibility is that hisdefection was fake and that Amiriwas in fact tasked with the mission of acting like a genuine defector in orderto embarrass Iran’s adversaries, gainknowledge of their “methods andtechniques,” and score a noteworthypolitical and diplomatic victory.Already, hardline papers are touting itas a major “intelligence coup” ontheir front pages. Though it is likelythat Amiri divulged some statesecrets to his interrogators — as it isassumed he did concerning the Fordonuclear plant — if he was indeed adouble agent, his superiors must haveweighed the cost and benefits of his“defection” and concluded that therewas more to be gained by his goingover to the other side than not. It isalso possible that they suspected theWest knew about Fordo already.Regarding the first possibility, it is avery rare for defectors to return totheir home countries; this isespecially true of a brutal regime likethe Islamic Republic, where arepatriated defector would likely faceextensive, interrogation, torture, oreven execution. (Saddam Husssein’sson-in-law Hussein Kamel al-Majid,for instance, was executed after hereturned to Iraq from Jordan.) Theleast that a lapsed defector couldexpect would be a lifetime of opprobrium and festering suspicions.Amiri, who has worked within theIranian system for many years, wouldsurely be aware of these perils. It isalso relevant that even the mostcelebrated case of “redefection”,Yurchenko’s, is now believed to havebeen an elaborate penetrationoperation.Whereas the “lapsed defectorsyndrome” is problematic for avariety of reasons, the likelihood of afake defection seems quite plausible,particularly given the well-coordinated effort to portray the caseas an abduction from the verybeginning.First, Iran has already gained a greatdeal from the incident. The IslamicRepublic can now claim that Westernintelligence reports on its mostcritical national security issue, thenuclear program, are largelyfabricated. The return of Amiri andhis charges of abduction by the CIAare major morale boosters forsupporters of the regime and thecadres — particularly the IntelligenceMinistry agents — whose esprit decorps has been weakened by a spateof unfavorable news in recentmonths.Second, from now on, every high-value defector from Iran will be seenas a potential Shahram Amiri —suspected of being a double agent,any such person is far more likely tobe subjected to harsh interrogationand debriefing sessions.Third, Amiri’s experiences andobservations while being held by theSaudi and U.S. intelligence servicesmust provide their Iraniancounterparts with invaluableknowledge of what is called their“methods and techniques” in the spytrade.Hmmm. There’s much more here.posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 2:28AM Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelHamas, Hizballah top dogs meet inLebanonHamas, Hizballah top dogsmeet in Lebanon...100215-N-0696M-400Image takenon 2010-02-15 14:59:35 by Chairmanof the Joint Chiefs of Staff....Case involving military documentsroils Israel – latimes.comCaseinvolving military documents roilsIsrael Anat Kam is accused of secretly copying 2,000 militarydocuments during her service as asoldier and of passing s... ... Original post source
Submitted at 7/15/2010 5:09:35 PM
Rav Michel Dorfman, ob”m Today,the 5th of the Hebrew month of Av, isthe yahrtzeit(anniversary of thepassing) of the holy Rabbi Yitzchak Luria Ashkenazi of Tzfat, of sacredand blessed memory, the father of Kabbala.Today is also the first yahrtzeit of aquiet and modest human with agigantic character, Rabbi MichelDorfman, one of the leadingBreslever chassidim of this pastgeneration. He was a walking Gardenof Emuna, whose faith in Hashemhad the fragrance of the mostexquisite orchid. Born in the USSR,he stayed firm in his faith against theRussian communists and spent sevenyears in Siberia because of his Jewishactivities. He brought the first peopleto Uman (Gedalia Fleer, RavRosenfeld, and others), which led toreopening the gates to RebbeNachman’s holy gravesite.Rav Michel had the quiet, innocentpower of faith. As an elderly man inhis seventies, he flew to the USA to“seek” an audience with PresidentCarter to ask him to intervene in theCommunist’s plans to build abuilding on top of the RebbeNachman’s gravesite. Not knowing aword of English, through prayer andEmuna, he managed to reach Carterand have Brezhnyev cancel the plan.Rav Michel was the moving forcebehind reestablishing the RoshHaShanna gathering in Uman. Heloved ALL Jews, no matter how farthey were from Judaism. He livedEmuna. May his pure and blessedsoul find eternal rest among thetzaddikim in Heaven, amen. Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelThe Virtual Lesson, “Beginning tostudy Zohar” , Lesson 20Lecturer:Rav Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-04-18Audio: ENG 10.32MB Video:ENG 57.94MB ...IDF, Protect The Holy LandAfterthe kicking asses in Lebanon, anothershort clip accompenied by a songabout the 6 days war when Israelkicked Egypt, Jorden, Syria, andmore forces from more ara...Daily Quote: Nissan 27, 5770 –April 11, 2010All these eight days of Chanukah, these lights are holy; weare not permitted to make use of them, only to see them-- From the"Haneirot Halalu" prayer recited afterkindling the... Original post source

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