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How to Create a Website

How to Create a Website

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Published by Magaseng7045

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Published by: Magaseng7045 on Jul 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to create a website
Grade : SEVENDuration : 1 weekInternet-weeblyLog in where you put your username and passwordLog in is only for people who has registered to weebly.If not registered you have to create your account as new user.Create a new page and give it a name and do the same with the rest.Insert pictures ±drag the picture icon on top click on the icon to edit -upload photo.Do the same if you want to insert text. After typing everything you may now go to Google.Then type scribdLog in, type your username and passwordDownload your file eg.from your USB, select a file ± openClick on the file you have downloadedClick share, click copy the second one ,go back to weebly,drag the HTML icon ,click on it, editHTML,right click the highlighted text on the HTML box, right click pasteClick outside the HTML box.Teaching approach: Constructivism.Learners will demonstrate an active participation in the lesson. They will be given the change to givetheir own interpretation of the lesson individual. Construct knowledge rather than receiving knowledgeThe approach should suit the learners and be able to transform the learning. Learning should becollaborative and co-operative and learner centered, they should be able to construct activeknowledge and meaningful. They should be able interact with the lesson.
Behaviorism was the old way of teaching, Learners were passive. Learning was based onconnections between the problems of a particular situation and on what has been done previously.
Learners were negatively reinforced so they were not able to correctly apply the complex learningactivities.Behaviourism was criticizing as dehumanizing teaching and learning.
omparison of Behaviorism and
Constructivism is the new way of teaching where learners are actively involved and participative. It islearner centred.Learners are given opportunity to explore, investigate and to do research on their own. Learners are innovative. The learners acquire the skills, knowledge, values and attitude.
Defines what the learners are expected to learn and it should be with the aim of achieving your outcomes. It consist of several actions, the collection of data, their language skill, typing skills, level of motivation and it should also be based on what they already know.The outcomes must relate to the skills that they will have acquired after learning and what new skillwill they have. Will they be able to possess understanding and make decisions based on their currentknowledge.They must be given clear instructions about the content of the lesson, the nature of the of the contentand specify the outcomes example will the learner be able to interpret and apply scientific, technologyand environmental knowledge. It is important to know your learners skills how good can they makeuse of multimedia activities like searching for information on the internet, what are their levels of motivation and competency. Will they be able to analyse, compare and find mistakes
Design phase
The designer should translate the outcomes based on the data that the learners have collected,beware of their participation during the process of analyzing the content of the lesson. Do they havecomputer skills, did they acquire enough knowledge. The website must be sequenced in a way thatwill motivate learning. Activities should be designed according to the learner¶s knowledge and level,because if the material is above or below their understanding they will became bored frustrated anddiscourage and stop learning. Interactive learning must be design at each level like group work wherethey can work together in order to motivate each other Learners will be give the opportunity to brainstorm the topic example name the different animals andtheir movements, or write a fact about each animal , example snakes slides along the ground.Elimination must be done on some of the brainstorming to suit the learners¶ age, pre-knowledge,reading skills and their computer skills will they are able to chunk information on the internet. Theinterest of learners to learn should be considered. Then the remaining ideas should be integratedkeeping in mind the way learners are going to learn and that process is called instructional analysis.The designer must then decide on the outcomes, e.g. are they going to demonstrate their skills or arethey going to work collaborate with others. A methodology must be chosen e.g. role play, story telling

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