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Iran Liberation - 270 (English)

Iran Liberation - 270 (English)

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Published by Iran-Liberation
Iran Liberation - No 270
16 June 2008

News Bulletin of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
Iran Liberation - No 270
16 June 2008

News Bulletin of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

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Published by: Iran-Liberation on Jun 17, 2008
Copyright:Public Domain


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No 270
News Bulletin of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
16 June 2008
Order todeproscribe thePMOI submitted tothe UK Parliament
On June 11, the BritishGovernment laid the draftorder before the Parliament toremove the PMOI from the listof proscribed organizations.
“Mullahs’ ploy to prevent implementation of rule of law in European Union” was the title of a pressconference in Brussels on Wednesday, June 11, organized to unveil the clerical regime’s back-doorefforts to maintain the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in the EU’s terroristlist. While condemning the regime’s efforts,
Tehran presses EU to KeepPMOI’s terror listing in place
Any attempt by any country including France to keepterrorist designation of the PMOI will be unlawful
PMOI lawyer 
Mullahs are pushing France and other EU states to maintain thePMOI on EU terrorist
From left: Paulo Casaca, Jean-Pierre Spitzer, Mohammad Mohaddessin and Piia-Noora Kauppi
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In a press conference at the British Parliament on June 10, it was revealed that the Iranian regime was behind more than 80 percent of all roadsidebomb attacks across Iraq. Also exposed were thenames and particulars as well as the methods usedby 51 networks smuggling the weapons on behalf of Iran’s Qods Force to terrorist militias in Iraq.e conference was organized by theRepresentative Office of the NCRI in the UK and chaired by Lord Corbett of Castle Vale,Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee forIran Freedom. Other speakers included Lord Waddington, former UK Home Secretary, andHossein Abedini, member of the NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee. As the first speaker, Lord Waddington saidthat despite the clerical regime’s claims, it did not want a stable Iraq and it was doing its utmost todestabilize the country by sending arms and inparticular roadside bombs to be used against theCoalition Forces.He noted that the regime’s efforts to destabilizeIraq are taking place in conjunction with its effortsto acquire nuclear weapons in a bid to become anuclear power.He regretted the British government’scontinued policy of appeasement despite the factthat the ambitions of the clerical regime have beenexposed for some time.He emphasized that at a time when allattempts to appease the mullahs have failed and
Mullahs behind 80%of roadside bombattacks in Iraq
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PMOI on the list.He reminded that the EU Council of Ministers refused to implement the ruling of theCourt of First Instance of European Communitiesby unjustified excuses and did not comply withthe ruling of the court to remove the PMOI fromthe terrorist list exploiting EU judicial proceduresto circumvent the judgment. But, he added, aUK specialist court, the Proscribed Organizations Appeal Commission, in 2007 ordered the removalof the terror designation, and the Court of  Appeal denied the government leave to appealagainst POAC’s decision. us, the British HomeSecretary presented a draft order to the Parliamentto remove the PMOI from the terrorist list. Every legal expert, who had studied the case, strongly believes that in legal terms the EU cannot in any  way maintain the PMOI on the list after the May 7 ruling of the UK Court of Appeal, Mr. Spitzernoted.He also mentioned that as the court decidedthe PMOI was not concerned in terrorism, theBritish judicial authorities are adamant that theorganization cannot be maintained on the EU’slist any longer.By referring to the shameful Munichagreement with Hitler before the Second World War, Mr. Spitzer stressed that Europe was notobliged to choose between either a mullahs’regime armed with nuclear weapons or followingthe rule of law. He concluded by saying that evenif France intended to maintain the PMOI in thelist, it could rely on no proof for such a decision.
Tehran’s pressure onEurope to maintain terrorlabel
Mohammad Mohaddessin
Chairman of the NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee 
): After the UK Court of Appeal’s definitive rulingon May 7 ordering the government to remove thePMOI from the list of proscribed organizations
the speakers reiterated that after the decisionby the UK Court of Appeal which orderedthe government to remove the PMOI from itsproscribed list of organizations, there remainsno justification for the EU to continuekeeping the PMOI on its blacklist.e conference was chaired by Jean-Pierre Spitzer, the PMOI’s lawyer at the EUCourt in Luxembourg, and speakers includedMohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the National Council of Resistance of Iran’sForeign Affairs Committee, Piia-NooraKauppi, MEP and the leader of the Finnishdelegation in the Group of the EuropeanPeople’s Party and Paulo Casaca, MEP andCo-chair of the Friends of a Free Iran Inter-group at the European Parliament.
Maintaining PMOI interror list is unlawful
 Jean-Pierre Spitzer
PMOI’s lawyer at the EU Court in Luxembourg 
):Mr. Spitzer began the conferenceby stating that it was held in response toinformation received indicating that some of the EU officials are engaged in a new deal withthe Iranian regime and France is part of that.Based on two legal opinions presented by British and French legal experts, he said thatany attempt to fill the vacuum left by UK  withdrawal of terrorist label against the PMOIby any other country, including France, anddemand the continuation of the terroristdesignation, will be unlawful. He added thatafter the rulings by the Court of First Instanceof European Communities and the UK courts, which explicitly stated that the PMOI “is notconcerned in terrorism” by any definition, andalso following the UK government’s decisionto comply with the rulings, France will notbe able to present any proof to maintain the
Tehran presses EU to KeepPMOI’s terror listing in place
Mullahs’ foreign ministry officials met the Frenchambassador in Tehran three times in less than onemonth to pressure France to take steps to maintainthe PMOI in the EU’s terror list
in Britain, the mullahs lost all their hopes onthe UK and focused their efforts on the EU toprevent the removal of the PMOI from its terrorlist.Tehran’s main target has been the Frenchgovernment. Tehran has exerted enormouspressures on the French government to preventthe implementation of the rule of law in theEU. Tehran intends to force EU member statesto violate the rule of law by using its economicleverages, hollow promises, and by resorting toterrorist threats.To this effect, Tehran also intends to exploit Javier Solana’s trip to Tehran and raise this issuein the negotiations.In addition to the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, other security andintelligence agencies of the regime, the SpecialOffice of the regime’s Supreme Leadership(Ali Khamenei’s office), the Supreme NationalSecurity Council, the Office of Strategic Studiesof the President, and the Exigency Council areall involved in dealing with consequences of theremoval of the PMOI from the UK’s proscribedorganizations list. eir objective is to preventPMOI’s removal from the EU and US blacklists.In a report on the UK Court of Appeal rulingand its impact, the Research Center of thePresident’s Office stated:
“Given the current situation, removal of the PMOI from the UK list and the EU list after that would establish the fact that they are the alternative and would increase their impact on the society. Tis is especially sosince the assessment of intelligence organs  point to their social base. In addition to the members of the families of those who have been executed, they also have widespread support among the university students and  young people. Te Islamic Republic made a  grave mistake by not launching an attack against them in Iraq to destroy them inCamp Ashraf, prior to the overthrow of the  former Iraqi government.” 
Proposed actions
e report suggested:
“In our propaganda, we should show the ruling as a minor issue and pretend as thoughthe PMOI is insignificant. In turn we should intensify our disinformation campaignagainst the PMOI. We should launch a series of diplomatic activities to prevent the removal of the PMOI from the EU and the US lists. We should ask the French officials tocompensate for the UK ruling and to prevent the removal of the PMOI from the EU list.Te French are aware of our sensitivities and our views but we have to emphasize the PMOI’s illegal activities in France.” 
Continued from page 1
 Attempts to make France playthe previous role of the UK
 According to the Foreign Ministry’s assessment,the only country that could replace the authority of the UK is France. eothercountriesareeither too small or have no justificationforsuch a role. But in light of what happened inFrance on June 17, 2003, France could makesuch a request from the Council of Ministers.But in turn, after the ruling of the UK Courtof Appeal, the French silence on the removalof the PMOI from the EU list would create noobstacle to the PMOI’s delisting.
Meetings between clericalregime and French officials
 According to reports from the clerical regime’sForeign Ministry, Ali Ahani, the regime’s Ambassador in France, met with the Director of Middle Eastern AffairsfromtheFrenchForeignMinistry after the May 7 UK Court of Appealruling. Ahani asked France not to be influencedby the verdict and maintain the PMOI on theEU terror list. According to minutes of the meeting fromthe regime’s Foreign Ministry, the Director of Middle Eastern AffairsoftheFrenchForeignMinistry said “eviewofFranceisnotpositiveon removal of the PMOI from the EU list butits removal from the UK list could have animpact on the EU.”Mehdi Safari, the Deputy Foreign Ministerin charge of Europe and North American Affairshas held three meetings with Bernard Poletti,the French Ambassador in Tehran, since the UK court ruling:• efirstmeetingtookplaceabouta monthago in which Mr. Poletti reiterated thatthe French position on the PMOI has notchanged.esecondmeetingwasonMay20,2008.Inthat meeting the discussion was also centeredon the PMOI and its EU listing.ethirdmeetingtookplaceon June 2, 2008. In the firstpartof the meeting Mr. Mohammad Yahya Maroufi,theambassadorof  Afghanistan in Tehran also took partand the discussion was on Afghanistan. After that, Safari and Poletti continuedtheir meeting, with one of the topicsbeing once again the PMOI and itsEU listing.In some of the meetings in Tehran, while referring to the developmentsin Lebanon and its influenceinthatcountry, the regime pointed out to theFrench side that it could influencethedevelopments against French interests.esepressuresarenotlimitedtotheFrench and include other European countriesas well.edirectorateoftheEUaffairsoftheregime’s Foreign Ministry in a report on theactivities of this directorate to prevent theremoval of the PMOI from the EU list wrote:“In every meeting that we have held with EUmember states in recent weeks, the issue of preventing the removal of the PMOI from thelist was one of the main topics.” ereportadded, “We gave an officialmemototheBritish Foreign Officeandunderscoredthatthe UK government bears the responsibility for any consequences of the UK Court rulingand in Tehran’s view, this ruling is equivalentto cooperation with terrorists. We have heldmany meetings with the EU member statesand with EU officialsontheneedtomaintainthe PMOI on the list. eEuropeanshaveasked for documents to prove the PMOI’sinvolvement in terrorism. We had none toofferthem.
Maintaining PMOI in terror list iscomplicity in regime’s crimes
By removing the PMOI from the EU list,France and the Council of Ministers should notallow the clerical regime to continue its dirty plots. Any concessions to the mullahs or givingin to their pressures set a dangerous precedencein the EU.ismattershouldbereviewedatthenextsession of the EU Foreign Ministers meetingand the PMOI should be removed from the EUterror list once and for all.Maintaining the PMOI on the terror listamounts to complicity in crimes of the regime, whose conducts against the Iranian peopleconstitutes crime against humanity, by any standard.
EU should start havingrelations with PMOI
Piia-Noora Kauppi (
 MEP and the leader of the Finnish delegation in the Group of the EuropeanPeople’s Party):
emajorityoftheEuropeanParliament wants us to stand by our democratic principles. Ithink it is totally absurd for the Iranian regime toannounce that the court verdicts in Britain and inEurope which have ruled in favor of the PMOIare politically motivated. esecourtshavestudied all the classifieddocumentsandeverdata available before issuing their ruling whichstated there is no justificationtokeepthePMOIon the list. We at the European Parliament are very surprised and disappointed by the attitude of theCouncil of European Union.In the past few years we have requested many times that the PMOI should be removed fromthe list. It has already taken too much time andthe organization has been kept on the list withoutany grounds.eonlyreasonthePMOIwasplacedontheEU list was the British government’s authority,and after the court ruling in that country thePMOI cannot be kept on the list. I have very little respect for any government, be it the Britishgovernment, the French government or any othergovernment which tries to keep this organizationon the blacklist. We in the European Union share this view that the PMOI should be removed from theEU terrorist list immediately. We must alsocooperate much more with this organization.eEUshouldstarthavingrealrelationswiththe PMOI, because the PMOI and the NationalCouncil of Resistance of Iran have the capacity for implementing democratic change in Iran.I have met Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the NCRI, and other officialsofthe

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