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The Only Reality by Ernest Holmes

The Only Reality by Ernest Holmes

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Published by ejohnjohnson4186

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Published by: ejohnjohnson4186 on Jul 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Only Reality
 This manuscript is edited, formatted and placed in pdf format by Dr. Tom Sannar with the assistance of Nan Agristi. We ask that you not copy or send files to others without permission. All material compiled here is copyrighted and yoursupport of the rights of the author is appreciated.
Love is a language which is universal, interpreted through every living soul andunderstood by all. Love will find the solution to every problem, will answer everyquestion, and will ultimately vanquish every foe. Love begets tolerance; tolerancebegets understanding, and understanding which is able to put itself in the otherperson's place.Love is unity, understanding, and harmony. It is as necessary to the well-being of thesoul as food is for the strength of the body. A life which is starved of love, whichknows no affection, is unnatural and abnormal. Love would sit within every person,flowing through and permeating one's entire being. We truly live in its atmospherewhen we meet people through whom love radiates. A unity is formed, harmony iscreated, and we desire to be in their presence.Love is a synonym for God; and God is love, the universal outpouring of the Spiritthrough law, wisdom, life and action. God knows us in love: we know God onlythrough love. When we love humanity we are loving God, in and through others.
It is impossible to enter a state of peace without love. Love is the only reality thereis.
One Healing Agency
 Spiritual mind healing has long since passed the experimental stage. There are nowmillions of people all over the world who bear witness to this fact. But in dealingwith the Power greater than we are, and the Law of Good which we can use, we donot deny that people are sick or that they often need medical attention. Spiritualmind healing should in no way seek either to criticize, obstruct, or deny the benefitsof medicine, surgery, proper diet, or sanitation.There is but one final healing agency in the universe. The medical doctor employsthis healing power through surgery to remove an infected area or medications toheal conditions which prevent the patient from being healthy. The psychoanalystdelves into the subconscious mind of the patient in order to align the patient'smental condition in such a way that a universal healing power can do its workwithout interruption.The physician and the psychotherapist know they do not heal people; they simplyassist, and nature does the healing. This healing power exists at the center of everyone's being and therefore is always available. Just as the physician and thepsychotherapist have developed certain techniques for using this healing agencyeffectively, so there are definite techniques for using the healing power of Spirit.There are spiritual techniques of healing that can be added to every known systemof therapy. These techniques are simple, easy to understand, and anyone can applythem for oneself or others.
 There is One Spirit incarnated in everyone, an immortal Presence forever expandingeverything, causing everything to grow. What a difference it would make in ourhuman relations if we tried to sense the meaning of this Divine incarnation in allpeople and adjust our viewpoint to the truth that all are bound together in the unityof God! While we may think otherwise, behind all this vast array of life there can bebut one common Cause, one Universal Mind, one Infinite Spirit flowing into, through,and becoming everything.We are so used to seeing ourselves as separate from each other that we suspect thevery feeling and emotion that causes us to embrace everything in love. But theperson who loves the most will live the most. We meet each other only in fragments,only partially, when we refuse to open the whole avenue of our consciousness to therealization that there is but one living Spirit in, over, and through all. If our humanrelations are to mean the most to us we must sense that there is within everyone aDivine Presence manifesting Itself in infinite variations--the same impulse, the samelove and life, but never quite alike in any two persons.
Compassion is Love in Deed
 "My little children let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and truth." -1 John 3:18Humanity and Divinity will be identical when we recognize Divinity in Humanity. Wemust learn to see through the apparent, to judge not according to appearances, torealize that at the center of every person's soul God is enthroned. Compassion andcaring are the ties that bind us together in mutual understanding and in the unifiedattempt to uncover the Divinity in each other. Compassion is the most gentle of allhuman virtues, for it is the outpouring of the Divine givingness through all.When the members of a community love one another that community is solid,prosperous, and happy. Nations are bound together by common interests andcommon affections. When the whole world realizes this truth, it will unite in thoughtand in action. Love alone can solve the world's problems and bring about the day of universal peace.You and I have certain people upon whom we lavish a great deal of affection. This isboth natural and desirable. But would we like these few any less if we increased ourlove to include all humanity? Too often we are afraid of letting go of the little goodwe think we hold in our hand lest we lose it, not realizing that only as we release thisgood can we expect its increase.Suppose we make a daily habit of feeling that we like people and they like us; webelong to them and they belong to us. In a very real sense, everyone we meet is apart of our own family, to love and to enjoy. Let's, then, meditate daily on thisthought: "My desire is that everyone I meet will feel the warmth and color of myaffection. My purpose is that a feeling of goodwill shall pass from me toothers. Today I embrace the world in this affection and desire so that good shallcome to everyone."

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