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The Untold Story of Lynne Stewart and Egyptair Flight 990

The Untold Story of Lynne Stewart and Egyptair Flight 990

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Published by AJ Weberman
This plane went down due to the machinations of Gamma Al-Islamaya which Lynne was an honorary member of.
This plane went down due to the machinations of Gamma Al-Islamaya which Lynne was an honorary member of.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: AJ Weberman on Jul 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When Lynne Stewart was sentenced I showed up and told her, “Lynne, you are goingaway.” She said, “Don‟t be so sure.” She was right, she got 28 months. She said shecould do that “standing on her head.” The U.S. Attorney‟s Office appealed the sentence
and the Appellate Court prepared a brief warning Judge Koeltl that he had better up thesentence or recues himself. Koeltl upped the sentence to 10 years which means she willdo roughly 8. However, due to the length of her sentence she will not be sent to a prison
camp. Now she is doing hard time at Max MCC where they keep it cold, don‟t give
prisoners enough blankets and throw you in the hole if you stuff toilet paper in the airconditioner vents. Ten years is the standard sentence if a defendant has the temerity toquestion the findings of the FBI, DEA etc and go to trial. This would make one almostfeel sorry for Lynne cause all she did was smuggle a piece of paper out of prison. Butone must understand that a piece of paper with writing on it (fatwa) can cause massmurder:Although Lynne was not present at the meeting between Sheik Rahman, Yousry andRamzi Clark on
September 20, 1999
if she were there she would have gotten theword out that Rahman was cancelling the cease fire in Egypt between the IslamistGroup and the Government. On September 20, 1999 Ahmed Abdel Sattar, LynneStewart's co-defendant and co-conspirator, told CC-3 telephonically that the cease-firebetween the Islamic Group and Egypt should be canceled. Enthused by the success ofits what it calls anti-terrorist measures, the Egyptian government had ignored calls for atruce and it was time for Mubarak to pay the price.[1] In October 1999 Islamic Groupsleeper agent Gamil El-Batouty (also spelled Batouti) was activated. Prior to hisemployment at EgyptAir, First Relief Officer Gamil El-Batouty was employed as a flightinstructor, first for the Egyptian Air Force and later for a Government-operated civilianflight-training institute in Egypt. El-Batouty became a Major in the Air Force before hetransitioned to the flight-training institute, where he eventually became the chief flightinstructor. In the Egyptian military El-Batouty became a secret member of the MuslimBrotherhood, as so many religious Egyptians are. From the Muslim Brotherhood, it is
only a stone‟s throw away to the Islamic Group
, Gamma al-Islamaya.On
October 31, 1999
, at about 1:50 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, Egypt Air flight990, a scheduled international flight from New York to Cairo, crashed in the AtlanticOcean about 60 miles south of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. First Relief Officer
Gamil El-
Batouty deliberately destroyed that plane on orders from Rifa‟i Taha Musa,
who had been ordered to resume the fight against the Egyptian government by Rahmanand other imprisoned leaders of Al-
Gama‟a and Al
-Jihad.[1] The exiled militant leadersendorsed this call.[2]About 20 minutes after takeoff, as the airplane was climbing to its assigned altitude,Gamil El-Batouty suggested that he relieve the command first officer, Ahmed al-
Habashi, at the controls, stating, “I‟m not going to sleep at all. I might come and sit for two hours, and then…” indicating that he wanted to fly his portion of the trip at that time.
was surprised at this request and exclaimed, “But I slept.” A few minutes
later al-
Habashi said, “Excuse me, Gamil while I take a quick trip to the toilet before itgets crowded while they are eating, and I‟ll be back to you.” About eleven seconds after 
the captain left the cockpit the Cockpit Voice Recorder recorded an unintelligiblecomment. Ten seconds later El-
Batouty stated quietly, “I rely on God.” A few seconds
later the autopilot was disengaged and El-
Batouty repeated, “I rely on God” and the
Flight Data Recorder recorded an abrupt nose-down elevator movement and a veryslight movement of the inboard ailerons. Subsequently, the airplane began to rapidlypitch nose down and descend in the direction of the Atlantic Ocean. The Cockpit VoiceRecorder revealed extreme religious fanaticism on the part of El-Batouty.
This Islamist could have been following orders that Lynne Stewartsmuggled out of prison for Sheik Rahman
01.48:48: El-Batouty: I rely on God.01.48:52: [Thrust Throttle Lever Retarded to Idle]01.48:53: [Aircraft Begins a 40-Degree Angle Dive Towards the Ocean]01.49:08: [Tones of Aural Master Caution]
01.49:21: [Right Engine Start Lever Manually Switched from “Run” to “Cutoff”]
01:49:22: [Left Engine Start Lever Manually Switched from
“Run” to “Cutoff” and
Elevators Split in Opposite Direction] [3]0149:30.16: [sound of two faint thumps and one louder thump]0149:48.42: I rely on God.0149:57.33: I rely on God.0149:58.75: I rely on God.
0150:00.15: I rely on God.0150:01.60: I rely on God.0150:02.93: I rely on God.0150:04.42: I rely on God.0150:05.89: I rely on God.
0150:06.37: What‟s happening? What‟s happening? [Flight captain returning to cockpit]
0150:07.07: I rely on God.0150:08.53: What's happening?0150:15.15: what's happening, Gamil? What's happening?0150:19.51: [four tones similar to Master Caution aural beeper]0150:24.92: What is this? What is this? Did you shut the engine(s)?0150:25.00: [change and increase in sound, heard only through first officer's hotmicrophone system]0150:26.55: Get away in the engines. [Translated as said]0150:28.85: Shut the engines.0150:29.66: It's shut.0150:31.25: Pull.0150:32.75: Pull with me.0150:34.78: Pull with me.0150:36.84: Pull with me.[End of Cockpit Voice Recorder]
“TAWAKKALT ALA ALLAH”The meaning of the words “Tawakkalt Ala Allah” had to be explained. The United StatesGovernment reported: “This phrase was originally interpreted to mean “I place my fatein the hands of God.” Other translations included, “I entrust myself to God,” “I put my

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