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إلى روح فقيد الأمة علال الفاسي

إلى روح فقيد الأمة علال الفاسي

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Published by B.I

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: B.I on Jul 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ﻩﺩﻺﻲﻢﻞ ﺒﻨﺊﻢﻞﺍ ﻮﺨﻓﺪﻞﺍ ﺒﺔﺿﺈﻠﻢﺖ ﻴﺿﺈﻒﻞﺍ ﻝﻺﻃ ﺒﻯﻷﺍ ﺫﻲﻐﻟ ﺦﻭﺭ ﻼﻞﺇ 
ﺫٌٌٌﻪﻃ ﻥٌٌٌ َ ﺳ³ﻬٌٌٌﺿ£ ٜ ـ ثخضد مءﺈﺈٌٌٌﺳ َﺪٌٌٌﺖاـﺈٌٌٌﺈﻠ ﺐٌٌٌﺗ ﺈٌٌٌﻯ ﺈٌٌٌ ق  ٍنضﺈٌٌٌٌﻏ ﻥٌٌٌٌﻯَهاﻨٌٌٌٌﻪﺗ ٍﺈٌٌٌٌﺗ ﻥٌٌٌٌﻯ ـد َﺴٌٌﻒاـ يﺒﻲٌٌﺾاض ي  ﺈٌٌﻢﺖﺈٌٌ ىﺫٌٌﻪ   ٌٌ َ ﻂ ﻥٌٌٌﻯٜﺜ وئﺈﻠٌٌٌﺲاوصﺨٌٌٌٜ ﺨﻪﻢﺖﺈٌٌٌﻣ  ـ ٌٌ  َ ﺲ  ﻘ ٜؠﺨٌٌﺢﻬٜؿـﺨٌٌٌﻌاﺈﺈٌٌﺺﻧ َخﺈٌٌٌٌٌﻷا ﻛﺪٌٌٌٌٌ!ـ ٌٌٌٌ  ٌ َ ﻬﻂﺗﻳؼﺈٌٌٌٌٌﺖ ﺜ   ٌٌٌ  و  ﺈٌٌٌﺿضﺈﻟ ﺈٌٌٌﻢﺨﻓ ﺈﻢﻪٌٌٌﺷﺈٌٌٌ ﺨ  مء يﺒٌٌٌٌٌٌٌﻯد ﺈٌٌٌٌٌٌٌﻠﺗﺨﺧﺈﻟﺈٌٌٌٌٌٌٌﻪﻢﻲﻀﻊﺖ َ ضﺈﻜﻯ ثﺫٌٌٌٌﺖدو ﻃ ﻤٌٌٌٌ ﺈٌٌٌٌﻠ ٖﻺ ﺈٌٌٌٌ َﻥٌٌٌ ﺈٌٌٌﻣَ ﻓﺪٌٌٌﻧ يمﺨٌٌٌﻗـ هﺨ ٔﺫٌٌٌﻗٌٌٌٌﻯ وﺫﻊٌٌٌﺿ ﺈٌٌٌ يﻤٌٌٌد ﺈﻣَﺫٌٌٌﻲﻊﺗ ٌٌٌ و ﺈﺞضﺈ  وئﺈٌٌٌﻲﺯدٜثﺈٌٌٌﻢا ﺫٌٌٌﻊﺖ ﻥٌٌٌﻯﻤﻣﺨﻓﺪٌٌٌﺖ  ٌٌٌٌ  ٔ ﺳـ  ٍفﺈٌٌٌٌﺯضد ﻘ  ٌٌٌ َ ﺔﺗ ﻘ ٜ ﺖﺈٌٌٌٌﻺ  َﺛٌٌٌَ ٌٌٌﻎ ؿﺂٌٌٌا  ﻨٌٌٌا ٌٌٌ َ ﻯو ﻟاﺫ  َثٌٌٌٌﺰاـٔثﺫٌٌٌٌﺖ اؼءٖﻺﺯﺈٌٌٌٌ وﺒﻊﺨٌٌٌٌٌﺰا ٌٌٌٌﺧو ﻪﻐﻟو ﻪﻨٌٌٌٌﺳدـ ﺈٌٌٌٌﻪ ﺈ  و ٌٌﺿورﻨٌٌ  ٌﺺاو ﻯاﺨﺯﺈٌٌٌﻺﺯـ ﺈٌٌٌﻪ  َﺫٌٌٌﺳﺈﻐﻯـَ ﻃ ٌٌٌﻞا عﺨٌٌٌٌﺰاﻫٌٌٌﺖ ﺕٌٌٌﻟﺨ   يفضٌٌٌٌـَ ﺗ ﺈٌٌٌٌﻪﻲﻟﺈٌٌٌٌﺈﻢﻓ ٌٌٌٌ  وخﺈٌٌٌٌٌٌﺞدـٖ %ضﺈٌٌٌٌٌٌﺰ فﻨٌٌٌٌٌٌﻬﻊﻞا َصﻨٌٌٌ ﻺٌٌٌﺢﻟ ﺈٌٌٌﻒﻞﺅـﺈٌٌٌﺈ َ ﺨﻊٌٌٌٌٌٌٌﺰاـ يماﺫٌٌٌٌٌٌٌﻲﻯ ٌٌٌٌٌٌٌ َ ـ َ ضﻨ ه وؿضﺈٌٌٌٌﻟ م ﺫٌٌٌٌﻗ ٌٌٌٌ ٜ ﻨﻗٖ ﻲﺧ ﺈ  ٌٌٌٌ و ﺈ ﺈ  وﺫٌٌٌٌﻊﺖ ﺨﺖﺈٌٌٌٌﻠﻢﻬ ﻥٌٌٌٌﻯﺈٌٌٌٌ ﺨٌٌٌٌ ه  ﺛٌٌٌﺔـٜؠﺈٌٌٌﻂا ﺒٌٌٌﻜﻞ ﺈٌٌٌﺈ و ﻒﺯٔﺕٌٌٌٌﻬ  ٌٌٌٌ َ ﻠﺃاﺼﺧﻫ ٖﻘٌٌٌٌﺖﺒٌٌٌٌﺲﻒﻧ  ٌ 
 ٌ ٖ ﻬﺯٔﺕ ﺈٌٌٌﺈﻐﻃ فﻨٌٌٌﻬﻊﻞا ؠﻺٌٌٌﻂﻞ  ٍﺫٌٌٌٌدَﻈﺖاﻨٌٌٌٌﺿٖ ﺨﺗ ئﺈٌٌٌٌﻂﻊﻞﺈﺖﺕٌٌٌٌﻯ َ ﺨﻚٌٌٌﺰاـٜٌٌٌﻧد مدﺈﺈٌٌٌﻌﻟد ﺈٌٌٌ ي ﺨٌٌٌٌٌﺰ يؠﺈٌٌٌٌﺯﺨﺗـَﻥٌٌٌٌﺲﺯـ ٍﺒﻟﺈﻲٌٌٌٌﺾ  يﻘﺃﺈﻢٌٌٌٌٌﺷـ ﻘﻐﺐٌٌٌٌٌﺿد ﻳﺈٌٌٌٌٌاﻨﻧ  ٌٌٌٌ ٖ ﻲﺯ ﺈٌٌٌٌﺔﺃ ﺈٌٌٌٌكﺈ َﺵٌٌٌٌﻊهﺫٌٌٌٌﺬﻢﺖ  ٍﺒٌٌٌٌﻯد َﻤﻲﻃﺼٌٌٌٌا خﺈٌٌٌٌﻗﺈﺈٌٌٌٌﻌﻧ ٖ ﻬﻃ ﻘٌٌٌٌٌﻣوخﺈﻒﺯد ﺕٌٌٌٌٌﻢ  يهخﺈٌٌٌٌٌد ﺈٌٌٌٌٌﻣ ٖ ﻂﻗ فدٔﺕٌٌٌٌﻊ  ٌٌٌٌ و ﺈﺔﺯ ﻒﻞﺈٌٌٌٌﺲﺈﺖﺈ  وﻛﻲﻐٌٌٌﺲ ٌٌٌ ٔ ـ ﻥٌٌٌﻯﺈﺢٌٌٌﺿ ئﺈﻢٌٌٌﺲا ﻘ  يﺜﺃ  ٌٌٌ و ﺗوقﻨﻪٌٌٌﺿ ًـﺨ ٜخﻺﺖ ٌٌٌ و ﺈﺔﺞـ ﺈٌٌٌﻧﺈ  وﻘﻲٌٌٌٌﺲﻟ يﺒٌٌٌٌخـدَ ـ ٌٌٌٌ ٜ ﺺ وﺜ  يؠﺫٌٌٌٌ وﺕٌٌٌﻲـﺈٌٌٌﺈﺔﺃض ﺈٌٌٌﺰا مﺈﻊﺔٌٌٌﺷ كﺒٌٌٌٌﻯد ﺈٌٌٌٌوﺛٌٌٌٌﻒﻧَﺫٌٌٌٌﻊﻞا  ـهﺨٌٌٌٌﻚﻢﺖ كﺈٌٌٌٌﻠ ٌٌٌ و ﺢﻟ هضﺈٌٌٌٌﺗـد ﺈٌٌٌٌ ﻺ  ٖﻺٌٌٌﻣ ٌٌٌ ٔ ﻐﻟدٜﺕ ٜﻥٌٌٌﻯ  ﺨا ٍةﻨﺢٌٌٌﺺﺖ خﺈٌٌٌﻗ َ ﺗو ﺗـ ٌٌٌﻬ ٜﺪٌٌٌﻐ اضﻨٌٌٌﻬ ن ٌٌ ٔ ﺿدو ﻢ ﺈﺈ   ٔﺕﻯﺫٌٌٌٌﻐﺗ ؠﻨﻊٌٌٌٌﺰا ٌٌٌٌ ٜ ﻨﺯ ﻥٌٌٌٌﻯﺈ  و ﺔٌٌٌٌﺿوﻕ َ ٌٌٌٌﻲﻢاو ﻠﻢ ٌٌٌ ٜ ﺷـ ﺈٌٌٌٌﻪ و ﺈﻢ ﺈ  

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