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List of Regular Verbs

List of Regular Verbs

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Published by sasauball

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Published by: sasauball on Jul 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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List of Regular VerbsInfinitivePastParticiple
Accept Accepted Accepted
Act Acted ActedAchieve Achieved AchievedAdmire Admired Admired
Advise Advised Advised
Affect Affected AffectedAgree Agreed AgreedAmaze Amazed AmazedAmuse Amused AmusedAnswer Answered AnsweredAppear Appeared Appeared
Arrange Arranged Arranged
Arrive Arrived ArrivedAsk Asked AskedAttack Attacked AttackedBake Baked Baked
Behave Behaved Behaved
Believe Believed BelievedBelong Belonged BelongedBlame Blamed BlamedBorrow Borrowed Borrowed
Bother Bothered Bothered
Call Called Called
Cancel Canceled Canceled
Carry Carried CarriedCause Caused CausedCelebrate Celebrated Celebrated
Clean Cleaned CleanedClear Cleared Cleared
Climb Climbed Climbed
Close Closed Closed
Compare Compared ComparedCompete Competed CompetedComplete Completed Completed
Contain Contained Contained
Continue Continued ContinuedCook Cooked Cooked
Correct Corrected CorrectedCough Coughed CoughedCount Counted CountedCrash Crashed Crashed
Create Created Created
Cross Crossed Crossed
Curse Cursed Cursed
Change Changed ChangedChase Chased ChasedChat Chatted ChattedCheck Checked Checked
Damage Damaged Damaged
Dance Danced DancedDate Dated DatedDecide Decided Decided
Deliver Delivered Delivered
Depend Depended Depended
Describe Described Described
Design Designed DesignedDestroy Destroyed Destroyed
Dicrease Dicreased DicreasedDie Died Died
Disagree Disagreed Disagreed
Discover Discovered Discovered
Discuss Discussed Discussed
Disturb Disturbed DisturbedDress Dressed Dressed
Dry Dried Dried
Eliminate Eliminated EliminatedEnd Ended Ended
Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
Entertain Entertained Entertained
Excuse Excused ExcusedExercise Exercised Exercised
Exhibit Exhibited Exhibited
Expect Expected ExpectedExpress Expressed ExpressedFilm Filmed FilmedFill Filled Filled
Fish Fished Fished
Fix Fixed FixedFollow Followed FollowedFreeze Freezed Freezed
Fry Fried Fried
Greet Greeted Greeted
Guess Guessed Guessed
Hail Hailed HailedHandle Handled HandledHappen Happened HappenedHate Hated HatedHelp Helped Helped
Hope Hoped Hoped
Hunt Hunted Hunted
Identify Identified Identified
Ignore Ignored Ignored
Imagine Imagined ImaginedImpress Impressed ImpressedImprove Improved ImprovedInclude Included Included
Increase Increased Increased
Interview Interviewed InterviewedIntroduce Introduced IntroducedInvite Invited Invited
Jog Jogged Jogged
Join Joined JoinedJump Jumped JumpedKnock Knocked KnockedLabel Labeled LabeledLand Landed Landed
Last Lasted Lasted
Learn Learned LearnedLike Liked LikedLink Linked LinkedList Listed ListedListen Listened ListenedLive Lived LivedLocate Located LocatedLook Looked LookedLove Loved LovedManage Managed Managed
Mark Marked Marked
Match Matched MatchedMeasure Measured Measured
Mention Mentioned MentionedMiss Missed Missed
Move Moved Moved Name Named Named Need Needed Needed Note Noted Noted Notice Noticed Noticed
 Number Numbered Numbered
Offer Offered Offered
Open Opened Opened
Order Ordered OrderedOrganize Organized Organized
Pack Packed Packed

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