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The Transparent Economy

The Transparent Economy

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Published by Felipe Arango

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Felipe Arango on Jul 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Economy
Sixtigersstalk the global recovery—and how totame them
GRI Learning Series
Forewords1 Introduction 42 The next upwave 83 Transparency 2020 124 Riding tigers 18
4.1 Traceability 224.2 Integrated reporting 254.3 Government leadership 284.4 Environmental boundaries 314.5 Rating and ranking 344.6 Shadow economies 37
5 Conclusions & recommendations 40
Coda: Telling the bigger story 44Reerences 46
 Table of Contents
What is the uture or sustainability—sometimes called ‘non-‘or ‘extra-fnancial’—reporting? This is the question addressedin
The Transparent Economy 
, the product o a project devel-oped by Volans and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The task: to begin looking out to the year 2020, analysing thetrends that will drive or constrain greater transparency andaccountability. The study included an online survey o the GRIcommunity, ocusing on seven major trends—subsequentlyboiled down into the TIGERS agenda (
Traceability, Integrated Reporting, Government Leadership, Environmental Boundaries,Rating and Ranking,
Shadow Economies
). Recommenda-tions are made or business, fnancial institutions, govern-ments and individuals.
Executive Summary
Foreword: Volans
 This is not yet
The Integrated Reporting Report 
. Instead, it’s asurvey o some o the trends driving greater integration o business reporting. We summarise the ndings, conclusionsand recommendations o the rst oresight project coveringtransparency and reporting in the next decade—including anoutline vision o a radically more transparent economy. The project has been undertaken by Volans, at the invitation—and with the support—o the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).Financial support and other inputs were provided by The DowChemical Company, Novo Nordisk and SAP, and collegial inputsby SustainAbility. To declare an interest, I have been involved with GRI more orless since its inception, helping move it to a triple bottom lineormat—and now sit on the GRI Board. That said, my Boardmembership was agreed subject to the right to provoke—and
The Transparent Economy 
was originally conceived as anopportunity to probe the uture reporting agenda, with a airlyree brie.With what ollows, we hope to spur an ongoing set o conversations about the uture o transparency, reporting,accountability and sustainability. Please join us atwww.transparenteconomy.com or at the Integrated Reportinggroup on LinkedIn.
 John Elkington
Executive ChairmanVolans
Foreword: GlobalReporting Initiative
Capitalism is at a tipping point and, consequently, there iseverywhere an urgent need or change and or sustainableeconomic solutions. In parallel, we can see a clear relationshipbetween transparency and these solutions. This connection is evident when one thinks, or instance, aboutcorporate raud or about the nancial crises, which revealed whatcan happen when economies are dominated by the opaquerules o the nancial market. Links between transparency andsustainable development are also critical when talking aboutthe common management o natural resources, pollution, socialrights, violence and wealth.All organizations can contribute to the management o theseissues in a transparent way by preparing and publishing asustainability report. It has increasingly become common toissue such reports. But what type o sustainability report willoer the necessary transparency to build sustainable economicsolutions? What content is useul? And in what ormat(s)? To acilitate this vital dialogue in a creative way, GRI is launchinga new research program called “Future Trends in SustainabilityReporting” (see www.globalreporting.org/uturetrends). To begin this new research program, GRI presents
The Transparent Economy 
– the rst publication under GRI
Series. Thisreport oers the instigating ndings o research led by Volans,in collaboration with other organizations and individuals, towhom GRI is deeply grateul. This lively publication shows thatthe collaboration with Volans oered the ertile context GRI waslooking or to promote this important debate.We hope you nd the report enjoyable and engaging!
Dr. Nelmara Arbex
Director Learning ServicesGlobal Reporting Initiative
Dr. Nelmara ArbexJohn Elkington

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