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Sambahsa Grammar

Sambahsa Grammar

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Published by cafaristeir
This is the complete grammar in English of the international auxiliary language Sambahsa-Mundialect.
For more information: http://sambahsa.pbworks.com/
This is the complete grammar in English of the international auxiliary language Sambahsa-Mundialect.
For more information: http://sambahsa.pbworks.com/

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: cafaristeir on Jul 18, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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by Olivier SIMONEdited by Stephen L. RICE
 edition : May 2012 
© Dr. Olivier Simon
CONTENTSForeword1 – Sambaha !ron"n#iation1$1 !reliminary de%inition1$& Other #onvention 1. Mot #ompli#ated #ae &. 'owel (. Semi$vowel ). Cononant1$( Final remar*1$) +##ent"ation in Sambaha& – ,e#lenion in Sambaha&$1 !l"ral&$& ,e#lenion #ae( – Sambaha #on-"ation(–1 !reent tene and derived tene($1$1 In%initive($1$& !reent a#tive parti#iple($1$( !at a#tive parti#iple and in%initive($1$) Imperative($1$/ F"t"re($1$0 Conditional($1$ Near %"t"re($& !at tene and derived tene($&$1 !aive parti#iple($&$& 2e o% the paive parti#iple($( 'erbal a%%i3e($) Some literary verbal %orm($/ Sambaha #on-"ated verb) – Sambaha 4ord)$1 +d-e#tive)$& +dverb)$( Correlative)$) Some #ommon invariable word in Sambaha)$/ Mot #ommon prepoition in Sambaha)$0 N"mber)$ E3prein the time in Sambaha)$5 Some "e%"l verb in Sambaha)$6 Synta3/ – 4ord %ormation in Sambaha/$1 !re%i3e/$& S"%%i3e/$( Formation o% #ompo"nd/$) Choi#e o% new word 
© Dr. Olivier Simon
7y ,ave Ma#LeodSambaha i witho"t a do"bt the mot interetin a"3iliary lan"ae to have emered over the pat de#ade. To "m it "p in a %ew hort enten#e one wo"ld have to de#ribe it a a type o% re"lari8ed Indo$E"ropean with borrowin %rom other lan"ae %amilie9 b"t thi alone doen:t ;"ite do it -"ti#e. To e3plain what ma*e Sambaha "ni;"e9 one need to ta*e a ;"i#* loo* at other international a"3iliary lan"ae pro-e#t that have been pop"lar over the pat #ent"ry and a bit. Sin#e they %irt be#ame pop"lar in the late 16
 #ent"ry9 a"3iliary lan"ae have pla#ed impli#ity above all ele. 'olap<* wa baed on a imple rammar9 Eperantowa baed on a imple re"lar rammar with 10 primary r"le that #o"ld be learned in a hort time9 and -"t abo"t every pro-e#t a%ter thi ha been ridi#"lo"ly eay to learn9 at leat #ompared to o$#alled =nat"ral> lan"ae with their vat e3#eption and intri#a#ie. Eperanto ha been %airly pop"lar b"t till li*ely only ha adherent n"mberin in the h"ndred o% tho"and9 and no other #an #laim more than a %ew tho"and. +"3iliary lan"ae #learly have not yet aro"ed the interet o% the pop"lation a a whole.  +t the ame time9 in#e the 16
 #ent"ry a lan"ae ha one %rom a pea*in pop"lation o% 8ero to ome even million? @ebrew9 on#e a lit"ri#al lan"ae9 in#e re#ontr"#ted and moderni8ed and now a livin lan"ae. The new tate o% Irael at it in#eption #o"ld eaily have one with one o% many international a"3iliary lan"ae and yet went with a lan"ae that wa not #reated to be eay9 a lan"ae appealed to people %or it pirit and heritae9 and not it impli#ity or international #hara#ter. +lon with the revival and trenthenin o% "#h lan"ae a Cornih9 4elh9 7a;"e and other9 and the "dden %lood o% adherent to the Na:vi lan"ae Aa lan"ae witho"t even a p"blihed rammar and di#tionaryB a%ter the releae o% the movie
9 it wo"ld eem that people are willin to ta*e the time to learn a lan"ae in pite o% any o"tward di%%i#"lty i% they %ind omethin %"l%illin in it9 omethin vi#erally pleain. Thi perhap may be what et Sambaha apart %rom other a"3iliary lan"ae propoed over the pat de#ade. e9 it Indo$E"ropean #hara#ter and international vo#ab"lary i one ellin point9 b"t what et it apart in parti#"lar i that it imply doen:t %eel li*e a #ontr"#ted lan"ae. It i tere9 it ha an orthoraphy that Awhile a#t"ally per%e#tly re"larB i ;"ite #omple39 and i very pre#ie. !eronally I have alway imained Sambaha to be an e3ample o% a lan"ae that #o"ld have e3ited omewhere aro"nd preent$day +rmenia9 where a *indom "in a de#endant o% !roto$Indo$E"ropean "in it ha been in%l"en#ed over the #ent"rie by it !erian9 T"r*ih and +rab neihbor9 a well a vario" #o"ntrie %rom the eat. +t time it %eel a bit li*e 7"larian9 at other time li*e !erian9 and ometime imilar to Derman a well. 4hat other a"3iliary lan"ae wo"ld dare to in#l"de the abla"t in it verb In #ontrat to a"3iliary lan"ae that %ind imilarity to livin lan"ae in vo#ab"lary alone9 the tr"#t"re itel% o% Sambaha %eel li*e a livin lan"ae.  +t the ame time9 however9 Sambaha i not all that di%%i#"lt to learn. The orthoraphy i re"lar9 every verb e3#ept %or three are alo re"lar9 prono"n are imple and eay to "ndertand9 rammati#al #ae e3it b"t are not hapha8ard a
© Dr. Olivier Simon

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