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Affiliated Institutions at SSC in Pakistan

Affiliated Institutions at SSC in Pakistan

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Published by: Muhammad Zaheer Anwar on Jul 18, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, IslamabadAffiliated Institutions at SSC level in Pakistan
S.No Name City Area Status
1Anglo Oriental School, House No.1028, 1029,1030, Street No.3, I-10/2, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)2Nisar Model High School, Street No. 23,Kamalabad, Rawalpindi CanttRAWALPINDIPUNJABBOTH (M & F)3F.G.Boys Secondary School (2nd Shift), NaiChawani (Westridge-I), Rawalpindi CanttRAWALPINDIPUNJABMALE4Army Public School Marala, Marala Colony,Distt: SialkotSIALKOTPUNJABBOTH (M & F)5Iftikhar Model Academy, Village & P.O. KhannaDak (F.A), IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)6JJS Montessori & High School, 37-D, TulsaRoad, Lalazar, Rawalpindi CanttRAWALPINDIPUNJABBOTH (M & F)7Hira Public School, Lane No.3, Gulistan Colony,Rawalpindi CanttRAWALPINDIPUNJABBOTH (M & F)8Rangers Public School, Head Quarters, ChenabRangers, SialkotSIALKOTPUNJABBOTH (M & F)9F.G. Boys Model School, G-7/3-1, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALMALE10Wah Siddique Public School, A-24, QuaidAvenue, Lalarukh, Wah CanttWAH CANTT.PUNJABBOTH (M & F)11Sawera Model School, Shoukat Line, Near Agriculture Directorate, Tehsil & DisttMuzaffarabadMUZAFFARABADNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)12F.G. Model Comprehensive Higher SecondarySchool for Boys, G-7/2, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALMALE13Al Mustafa Public School & College, MustafaGarden, Majini Muhallah (N.As), GilgitGILGITNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)14F.G. Girls Secondary School, Bilal Colony,Bahawalpur CanttBAHAWALPURPUNJABFEMALE15USWA Public School, Yultar, Near General BusStand, Skardu (N.As)SKARDUNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)16F.G. Boys Secondary School, I-9/4, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALMALE17The Educators, Rohtas Campus, G.T. Road,Jada, JhelumJHELUMPUNJABBOTH (M & F)18F.G. Boys Public High School (2nd Shift), AMCColony, PAC Kamra CanttKAMRAPUNJABMALE19Rangers Public School, H/Q-87, Wing-CholistanRangers, Sadiqabad, Distt. Rahim Yar KhanRAHIM YAR KHANPUNJABBOTH (M & F)20F.G. Girls High School, Sangjani (F.A),IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALFEMALE21Shaheen School System, Sector E-9, PAFComplex, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)22Army Public School, Near Transit Camp Astore,Distt. Astore (N.A)GILGITNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)23Beaconhouse School System, MargallaCampus, H-8, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)24Future Foundation School, Baraf Khana Chowk,Misrial Road, RawalpindiRAWALPINDIPUNJABBOTH (M & F)25Javed Bahria Model School, Street # 10,J.B.C.H.S, Hawksbay Road, Karachi CityKARACHISINDHBOTH (M & F)
26The National School & College, House No.1465,St No.18, Sector I-10/1, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)27The Educators, Taxila Campus, Al KaramComplex, Near Timber Market, GT Road, TaxilaTAXILAPUNJABBOTH (M & F)28Fazaia Model School, PAF Camp, Badaber,PeshawarPESHAWARN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)29Fauji Foundation Model School, DistrictHeadquarters Area, Bagh (A.K)BAGHNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)30Allama Iqbal Model School, Tarlai Kalan,IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)31USWA Girls Public School, Imam Bargah,Kalan, Sukamadan, Skardu (N.As)SKARDUNORTHERNAREASFEMALE32Rangers Public School, C/O 86 Wing CholistanRangers, Agricultural Research Centre,Khanpur,RAHIM YAR KHANPUNJABBOTH (M & F)33Najam Model School, Jhangi Syedan, Peshawar Road, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)34Army Public School, D.G Khan Cantt, P.O. BoxNo.48, GPO, D.G. KhanDERA NAWABSAHIBPUNJABBOTH (M & F)35F.G. Girls Model School, G-7/2, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALFEMALE36F.G. Dawood Public School, MuzaffarabadAzad KashmirMUZAFFARABADA.J.K.BOTH (M & F)37Kid City School, Nai Abadi, Model Town, Humak(F.A), IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)38Army Public School, Warsak Garrison, Distt.PeshawarPESHAWARN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)39F.G. Girls Higher Secondary School, Golra(F.A), IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALFEMALE40ST.Jacob Cambridge School, B-1, Burma Town,Pandori Road, P.O. Khanna, Islamabad.ISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)41The Frontier Corps Public School, ChitralCHITRALNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)42PICS Model School & Montessori System, TheMall, Lalazar, Wah CanttWAH CANTT.PUNJABBOTH (M & F)43The Frontier Corps Public School, Drosh, Distt:ChitralCHITRALNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)44Rising Stars Model School, House No.24, StNo.17, Block C Pak PWD Housing Society,IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)45F.G. Public High School, Sui CanttQUETTABALUCHISTANMALE46Frontier Corps Public School, Wana, SouthWaziristan AgencyWANAN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)47St. Stephens Grammar High School, 934/7-E-4,Link Road, Nishat Colony, Lahore CanttLAHOREPUNJABBOTH (M & F)48F.G. Girls High School, Nai Chawni, Westridge-I, Rawalpindi CanttRAWALPINDIPUNJABFEMALE49F.G. Boys Secondary School (2nd Shift),Saidpur (F.A), IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALMALE50F.G. Girls Secondary School, Saidpur (F.A),IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALFEMALE51DEWA Centre of Excellence for HearingImparied House No.753, Neelum Road, G-9/3,IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)52Army Public School and College for Girls, Near Chaman Zar-e-Askari Road, Multan CanttMULTANPUNJABBOTH (M & F)53Askaria College, Bank Road / Canning Road RAWALPINDIPUNJABMALE
Crossing, Rawalpindi Cantt54F.G. Model School For Girls, F-11/1, IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALFEMALE55The National School & College, Plot No.287,Kashif Plaza, Main Market, Pakistan Town,IslamabadISLAMABADFEDERALBOTH (M & F)56Army Public School, Qadir Abad Cantt,(Gujranwala)GUJRANWALAPUNJABBOTH (M & F)57Eglet Army Public School, Multan CanttMULTANPUNJABBOTH (M & F)58Army Public School, Abdul Hakeem CanttABDUL HAKEEMPUNJABBOTH (M & F)59Army Public School (FWO), Gracy LinesChaklala, Rawalpindi CanttRAWALPINDIPUNJABBOTH (M & F)60Army Public School and College, Jalal Pur Jattan CanttJALALPURJATTANPUNJABBOTH (M & F)61Army Public School, Faisal, SMCHS, KarachiKARACHISINDHBOTH (M & F)62Army Public School and College, Badin CanttBADINSINDHBOTH (M & F)63Army Public School, (COD), Rashid MinhasRoad, Karachi-15KARACHISINDHBOTH (M & F)64Army Public Higher Secondary School,Hyderabad CanttHYDERABADSINDHBOTH (M & F)65Army Public School and College, Chhor Cantt,Distt Mirpur Khas (Sindh)CHHOR CANTT.SINDHBOTH (M & F)66Army Public School & College, Shankiari Camp,Distt Mansehra MANSEHRAN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)67Army Iqra Public School, Risalpur CanttRISALPURN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)68Army Public School, Landi Kotal LANDI KOTALN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)69Army Public School, Drosh, Distt ChitralCHITRALNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)70Zafar Shaheed Army Public School, DargaiFord, Malakand Agency,MALAKANDAGENCYN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)71Junior Army Public School, Dera Ismail KhanD.I.KHANN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)72Army Public School, Wana, South WaziristanAgencyWANAN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)73Iqra Army Public School, Tarbela CanttTARBELA DAMN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)74Army Public School, C/O Fronterior Corps,Battle School, Mir Ali Camp, N.W.F.PMIR ALI CANTT.N.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)75Army Public School, H/Q Tochi Scouts, MiranShah, North Wizeristan AgencyMIRAN SHAHN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)76Army Public School, ChitralCHITRALNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)77Garrison Army Public School, Babar Road,Peshawar CanttPESHAWARN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)78Army Public School, (Engineers), AkoraKhattak, Distt. NowsheraNOWSHERAN.W.F.P.BOTH (M & F)79Army Public School and College, Thall Road,Hangu, N.W.F.PHANGUN.W.F.P.MALE80Army Public School and College, 7-StreamBabar Road, Quetta CanttQUETTABALUCHISTANBOTH (M & F)81Army Public School, Zhob Cantt (Balochistan)ZHOBBALUCHISTANBOTH (M & F)82Al-Hadid Army Public School, Sarwar Road,Quetta CanttQUETTABALUCHISTANBOTH (M & F)83Army Public School, Loralai CanttLORALAIBALUCHISTANBOTH (M & F)84Army Public School, Hayat Shaheed, Gilgit.(N.A)GILGITNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)85Army Public School, Skardu, (N.A)SKARDUNORTHERNAREASBOTH (M & F)

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