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quran transliteration

quran transliteration



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Published by: http://www.timeturk.com on Jun 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Quran Transliteration
1.We like to emphasize that this text is not a substitutefor the original Arabic Holy Quran. It is only anattempt to help those who are trying to learn to readthe Arabic text, since it is as close to the written textas possible.
2. It is important to practice pronouncing the letters asdirected in thetransliteration table, especially theunderlined letters, before starting to read. It will behelpful if an Arabic speaker can help you.3. This work is free for use to everyone as long as nochanges that might distort it are done to it. werequest from those who benefit from it to pray for us.We pray to Almighty Allah to help you learn to readthe Holy Quran, and to do every good thing.
 1Al-Fatiha72Al-Baqarah2863Aal-Imran2004An-Nisaa1765Al-Maidah1206Al-An'am1657Al-A'raf 2068Al-Anfal759At-Tawba12910Yunus10911Hud12312Yusuf 111
13Ar-Ra'd4314Ibrahim5215Al-Hijr9916An-Nahl12817Al-Israa11118Al-Kahf 11019Maryam9820Ta-Ha13521Al-Anbiyaa11222Al-Hajj7823Al-Muminun11824An-Nur6425Al-Furqan7726Ash-Shu'araa22727An-Naml9328Al-Qasas8829Al-'Ankabut6930Ar-Rum6031Luqman3432As-Sajda3033Al-Ahzab7334Saba5435Fatir4536Ya-Sin8337As-Saffat18238Sad8839Az-Zumar7540Gafir8541Fussilat5442Ash-Shura53
43Az-Zukhruf 8944Ad-Dukhan5945Al-Jathiya3746Al-Ahqaf 3547Muhammad3848Al-Fath2949Al-Hujurat1850Qaf 4551Az-Zariyat6052At-Tur4953An-Najm6254Al-Qamar5555Ar-Rahman7856Al-Waqi'a9657Al-Hadid2958Al-Mujadila2259Al-Hashr2460Al-Mumtahana1361As-Saff 1462Al-Jumu'a1163Al-Munafiqun1164At-Tagabun1865At-Talaq1266At-Tahrim1267Al-Mulk 3068Al-Qalam5269Al-Haqqa5270Al-Ma'arij4471Nuh2872Al-Jinn28

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