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PEFC Newsletter 42 October 2008

PEFC Newsletter 42 October 2008

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Published by PEFC International

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Published by: PEFC International on Jul 19, 2010
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The PEFC Newsletter is produced by PEFC International
World Trade Center 1, 10 Route del'Aéroport, 1215 Geneva, Switzerland
■ Tel: +
41 (22) 799 4540
■ info@pefc.org ■
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes No 42 October 2008
Governance Reviewguides PEFC's future
PEFC Council GlobalStatistics
New guidelines clarifyroles & responsibilitiesof Panel of Experts
New Logo Usage Rulesto be adopted Revisionof PECF's InternationalChain of Custodyprogresses
PEFC celebrates moveto Geneva, raisesawareness of SFM
PEFC exhibits atworld's largest book fair
European Commissionaccepts PEFC;stresses need forconsistent green publicprocurement policies
New faces at PEFC
PEFC endorses UScertification scheme,welcomes PEFCNetherlands as newmember
Assessment ofnational certificationschemes
Reports from the PEFCNational MemberCountries
Governance Review guides PEFC's future
After extensive public stakeholder consultation, PEFC announced thepublication of its governance review earlier this summer.In doing so, it followed up on its first recommendation, which advised theorganisation to make the document publicly available to validate itscommitment to transparency.The board has now carefully considered the action points suggested in thepaper, and the Secretariat has been given the mandate to implement some ofthe more operational elements listed in the review.At the same time, PEFC is in further consultation withits members and other stakeholders to evaluate theimplementation of other elements in due course.One of the most essential changes recommended bythe Governance Review is the establishment of a"Stakeholder Forum", and PEFC is currently in theprocess of modifying its statutes for consideration atthe General Assembly, which will take place inCanberra, Australia, later this month.The Stakeholder Forum will become an essential element in PEFC'sgovernance and is being created to provide stakeholders, with whom PEFChas until now not been able to engage with successfully, with rights andresponsibilities in the organisation.Following the recommendations in the review, this
upon approval by theGeneral Assembly
will include right of agenda, voting rights, and the right topropose candidates to the board.Further details will be communicated pending the approval of the StakeholderForum by the General Assembly.The complete governance review can be downloaded atwww.pefc.org>Documentation > Reports.
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management (
For further information about PEFC and full details of news, press releases, reports etc. see www.pefc.org
No 42
October 2008
PEFC Council Global Statistics
(as of 30
September 2008
updated data available at pefc.org)
CountriesEndorsedcertified forestarea (ha)Number ofCoCcertificatesAustralia
7 884 291 30
2 039 236 261
261 664 142
1 069 334 9
76 844 915 114
Canada - SFI
36 144 033 0
718 877 17
0 25
Czech Republic
1 883 149 198
206 075 29
0 3
20 719 735 116
3 901 263 1 019
7 310 085 645
0 3
0 1
0 4
0 12
657 124 109
0 97
0 2
0 1
26 202 12
0 2
0 1
0 70
New Zealand
0 5
7 537 102 15
PEFC Council
0 0
0 1
0 9
0 1
Slovak Republic
1 199 648 10
1 075 826 138
7 500 927 84
354 043 115
0 830
9 977 841 0
22 558 739 90
Total 209 870 112 4 221
New guidelines clarify rolesand responsibilities of Panel ofExperts
One of the unique features in the forestcertification world is PEFC's Panel of Experts.The panel peer-reviews evaluation reports ofnational schemes and assesses and providescomment on the quality and robustness of theindependent evaluations.Experts from a broad range of backgrounds,including forestry, certification and accreditationprocesses, NGOs (including social andenvironmental interests), and market access,examine the evaluation reports.The Panel of Experts is a mandatory componentof the (re-) endorsement process, and each peer-review, including the names of the experts, areincluded in the evaluation reports and publiclyavailable on the PEFC website.The new guidelines, published this summer,provide procedures governing the appointmentand work of the Panel of Experts.The guidelines are available at pefc.org >Documentation > PEFC TechnicalDocumentation
New Logo Usage Rules to beadopted in October
PEFC has completed the revision of its LogoUsage Rules. This revision aimed at ensuringthat the needs of customers and consumers aremet without affecting the robustness of thedelivery of claims.Following extensive stakeholder consultations, apublic consultation this summer providedadditional input. PEFC expects the revised rulesto be adopted at the General Assembly later thismonth.Full documentation is available at pefc.org >Public Consultations > PEFC Logo Usage Rules
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management (
For further information about PEFC and full details of news, press releases, reports etc. see www.pefc.org
No 42
October 2008
Revision of PEFC'sInternational Chain of Custodyprogresses
PEFC has started the revision of its InternationalChain of Custody, a process that is expected tolast two years. Supported by two global publicconsultations, face-to-face meetings and in-depthinterviews involving a wide range of interestedstakeholders, the working group has identified anumber of issues related to market needs andexpectations. The second phase is about to start,with the intention of completely revising the chainof custody by the end of 2009. PEFC appreciatesall comments received and encourages allinterested stakeholders to engage in thisprocess.Full documentation is available at pefc.org >Public Consultations > PEFC Logo Usage Rules
PEFC celebrates move toGeneva, raises awareness ofSFM
Celebrating its move to Geneva, PEFCInternational recently invited local journalists andstakeholders to a press conference about theimportance of sustainable forest management inthe context of sustainable development.PEFC Secretary General Ben Gunneberg andMike Clark, Chairman of the world's largest forestcertification organisation, talked about "ForestCertification: The importance of sustainableforestry in tackling societal challenges". In theirpresentation, they highlighted that:
globally, forest ecosystems play a key role inaddressing climate change by absorbingcarbon dioxide from the atmosphere andstoring it in growing vegetation and soil.However, deforestation alone currentlyaccounts for 18% of global emissions ofcarbon dioxide
an estimated 1.6 billion people depend onforests for their livelihoods worldwide. Yetevery year, the world loses more than 14.5million hectares of natural forest
an areabigger than the size of Greece
many of the world’s most endanger 
ed andexotic animals depend on the forests for theirsurvival
60 million indigenous people depending onforests for their subsistence.Sustainably managed forests contributepositively to tackling societal challenges.
Giventhat only 10 percent of all forests are certified asbeing managed sustainably and the importantrole that forests play, there is a sense of urgencyto fully utilize the possible contribution thatforests can make.Forest certification is the only market-based toolverifying that forests are managed sustainably; inaddition certification is a means to raiseawareness and to intensify and contributepositively the debate.PEFC, which built its benchmark requirements onglobal, democratic, multi-stakeholder andconsensus-driven intergovernmental processesand agreements that enjoy worldwideacceptance, offers an inclusive approach toforest certification that ensures an optimalbalance between environmental, social andeconomic values.

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