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PEFC Newsletter 37 May 2007

PEFC Newsletter 37 May 2007

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Published by PEFC International

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: PEFC International on Jul 19, 2010
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The PEFCC Newsletter
is produced by the PEFC Council
(Registered as an asbl in Luxembourg No. 1999-61-02192
17 Rue des Girondins, L-1626 Hollerich, Luxembourg
Tel: +352 26 25 90 59
E-Mail: info@pefc.org Web Page: www.pefc.org
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes No 37 May 2007
PEFC has major market share inDutch markets
New PEFC ChinaPromotions Office
Interview with PEFCChina office Director Benson Yu
PEFC CouncilAnnual Review 2006
PEFC InformationCD in 100% PEFCcertified cases
PEFC seminar for Dutch and Belgiancompanies
New website section
Did You Know?’ 
Printers choosePEFC
How to find notifiedPEFC certifiers
PEFC Chain of Custody brochurefully revised
PEFC in ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’
Reports from thePEFC NationalMember Countries
New PEFC PromotionsOffice in China
A new PEFC promotioninitiative in China, a keyarea in internationalglobalization and trade, has beenlaunched complementing theexisting initiatives in the UK andJapan. Mr Benson Yu has beenappointed as the Director of theChina office (see interview in thisNewsletter). For details on theofficial launching of the new Chinapromotion initiative see the PEFCCouncil press release “
PEFC Expands Global Reach to China 
PEFC timber and paper in Dutch markets
A recent study on sustainable timber in the Dutch market revealedthat a significant market share of paper and timber products comesfrom sustainably managed forests. The study estimated that about63% of certified sawn wood and panel timber and at least 56% of certified pulpin the Netherlands in 2005 came from PEFC endorsed certification systems.The study calculated that PEFC certified timber and PEFC certified wood pulpeach accounted for more than one fifth market share of their overallconsumption in the Netherlands, making PEFC the leading forest certificationsystem in this import market. The study also revealed that in contrast to PEFCcertified pulp in the Netherlands, a larger amount of the PEFC certified timber entered the Dutch market without also being accompanied by a certificate. “Thefigures certainly reflect the fact that in 2005 only a handful of Dutch timber companies had a PEFC Chain of Custody certificate. An increasing number of responsible companies in the Netherlands opted for PEFC in 2006, so higher figures of PEFC for the timber segment can be expected today and in thefuture”, said Mr Ben Gunneberg, Secretary General PEFC Council. For further details seewww.probos.net.
PEFC CouncilAnnual Review 2006
The PEFC Council AnnualReview 2006 is nowavailable. The AnnualReview shows PEFC’sdevelopment and growthin the past year and howPEFC certified products haveincreasingly been recommended andused by governments, companies,trade unions, associations and other users. The PEFC Council AnnualReview 2006 is printed on PEFCcertified paper and can be downloadedat www.pefc.org > Documentation >Reports.
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of news, press releases, reports etc. see website above
No 37 – May 2007
PEFC:onlyEuropean?Based onmerelya handful of criteria?  Notfor Indigenous People? No  social dialogue…? 
If you think that the above is true, you might wantto check out the new
Did You Know?’
sectionon the PEFC Council website
www.pefc.org.This new section provides the facts behind anumber of incorrect assertions, including issuessuch as indigenous people’s participation; ENGOsupport of PEFC; social dialogue; who is entitledto use the PEFC logo and other current topics.
Revised brochure
‘Why you need a chain of custody’ 
The PEFC brochure “
Responsible procurement of wood-based materials from sustainably managed forests – why you need a chain of custody 
” has been fullyrevised and updated and now isavailable at www.pefc.org >Documentation > PEFC Brochures. Translationsin languages other than English will be availableshortly.
Looking for an accreditedPEFC certifier?
The new PEFC Council Interactive Database listsall certifiers who can perform the necessaryaudits for PEFC certification in a given country.By selecting a country and the type of certification (Sustainable Forest Management or Chain of Custody certification), you can get a listof the PEFC notified certifiers, who are eligible toundertake the certification in question. For countries without a national PEFC member organisation, such as the Netherlands, China,Hungary, Japan or Malaysia, the certifiers arelisted under the category heading “PEFCCouncil”. For further information on how tobecome certified, contact your national PEFCmember organisation or the PEFC Council.
PEFC Information CD
The new edition of the PEFC Information CD isnow available. The box for the CD (the DiscboxSlider case) was is of 100% PEFC certifiedcarton, produced by Stora Enso and in additionto its benefits on sustainability, is slimmer andlighter than the commonly used standard plasticcase.
New PEFC Council Information CD in the100% PEFC certified carton case
Contents include the PEFC Council AnnualReview 2006, explanations for companies on thePEFC’s Chain of Custody standard, PEFC’ssafeguards against wood from illegal logging(Controversial sources) and its options for recycled material and Non-Wood ForestProducts. Government recommendations for PEFC and independent studies are also includedas well as the current PEFC brochures, rules for the PEFC logo usage and the PEFC Council’sTechnical Documentation in digital form.The content of the CD is also available at thePEFC Council website and will be updatedregularly there atwww.pefc.org> Documentation> PEFC Information CD.
Seminar for Dutch and Belgianprinters and paper companies
A PEFC information seminar,
“Why PEFC certification is good for Business” 
will takeplace on 28
June 2007 in Westerlo, close to theDutch-Belgian border. The seminar will provideBelgian and Dutch companies with theopportunity to explore the potential of producing
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of news, press releases, reports etc. see website above
No 37 – May 2007
and marketing PEFC certified paper products.Representatives from companies who haveopted for PEFC certification will talk about their experiences and PEFC experts will present thelatest developments of PEFC around the world.The seminar will provide the opportunity for detailed questions and answers on the PEFCcertification process in general and Chain of Custody certification in particular. The seminar will be in English and participation is free of charge. For more information and registrationcontact:
Mr Bertrand Auquière / PEFC BelgiumTel. +32 2 223 4421Fax +32 2 223 4275Email: b.auquiere@woodnet.com
Assessment of ForestCertification Systems
Ten forest certification systems are currentlyundergoing the PEFC endorsement process.
and the
(the American TreeFarm Systems ATFS) have submitted their forest certification systems for PEFCendorsement and
for re-endorsement.Public consultation for the assessment of thesystems for 
Estonia, Gabon
Italy, Poland,Slovenia
and the
United Kingdom
has nowended.The assessment reports are being compiledand will be published on the PEFC Councilwebsite, following the Panel of Experts’ peer review; a recommendation by the PEFC Boardof Directors and a vote by PEFC members onendorsement or otherwise.Detailed information on all certification systemsendorsed or in the process of being assessedis available at the PEFC Council websitewww.pefc.org> Members&Schemes.
PEFC Council Global Statistics
PEFC/CountriesEndorsedcertifiedforest areaChain ofCustodycertificatesAustralia
8 541 296 4
3 374 000 276
248 789 75
762 657 2
73 128 057 44
1 531 239 14
0 3
Czech Republic
1 976 000 233
26 880 17
22 144 082 108
4 256 740 946
7 185 774 591
0 2
633 565 51
0 21
37 860 3
21 630 4
0 1
0 1
0 22
9 231 700 6
50 012 8
Slovak Republic
336 396 2
1 015 464 75
7 047 960 67
398 588 182
United Kingdom
0 369
USA-Canada (SFI)
54 376 769 0
196 325 461 3 127
The data above is updated regularly and is available on the
PEFC Statistics Interactive Database
atwww.pefc.org(6 April 2007).

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