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PEFC Newsletter 34 General Assembly November 2006

PEFC Newsletter 34 General Assembly November 2006

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Published by PEFC International

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Published by: PEFC International on Jul 19, 2010
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The PEFCC Newsletter
is produced by the PEFC Council
(Registered as an asbl in Luxembourg No. 1999-61-02192
17 Rue des Girondins, L-1626 Hollerich, Luxembourg ¦ Tel: +352 26 25 90 59 ¦ E-Mail: info@pefc.org ¦ Web Page: www.pefc.org
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes
No 34 - November 2006
PPEEFFCCCCoouunncciill GGeenneerraallAAsssseemmbbllyyIIssssuuee 
Chairman’s Reception at the WorldForestry CentreChairman’s report – ExtractsKeynote speech by Peter Seligmann,Conservation InternationalNew Guide for the Avoidance ofcontroversial timberNew Non Wood Forest Products GuideEuropean Tissue Symposium becomesExtraordinary Member of PEFCBridging document for ITTO guidelinesElection of new Chairmen and Board ofDirectorsPEFC Council honours outgoing PEFCFounding, First Vice Chairman andDirectorsChanges to PEFC CouncildocumentationEndorsement of the Austriancertification systemField trip to certified forests
Special General Assembly Issue
Forest Certification Systems meetfor PEFC Annual General Assembly
Guest speakers, invited guests, representatives of internationalorganisations as well as PEFC Council Extraordinary Membersand national delegates of the 31 member countries gathered forthe 10th PEFC Council General Assembly in the World ForestryCentre in Portland, Oregon (USA). During the three daymeeting from 26 to 28 October 2006, the participants met forworkshops, elections and decisions on PEFC’s future andparticipated in and received first hand experience of certifiedforests in Oregon. Details of the General Assembly andsurrounding events are covered in this PEFC CouncilNewsletter Special.A representative from the paper industry recently said that“PEFC is the next big thing.” And indeed the demand fromusers of forest certification and businesses especially in thepaper sector is enormous, and growing rapidly.What is the secret behind these developments? Of coursethere is the commitment of companies and users to theresponsible procurement of timber and paper. Government andcorporate procurement policies explicitly specify PEFC certifiedproducts. Producers of responsibly sourced raw materials havestarted or are in the process of labelling all their PEFC certifiedproducts with the PEFC logo.But there are also other factors that decisively contribute to thecurrent developments: Two years ago PEFC had about 50million hectares, now we are close to the 200 million mark, afourfold increase. Forest certification within the PEFCframework has become a global movement and PEFC is thecommon “currency” between the national forest certificationsystems, assuring compatibility and equally high standards inthe international market place.
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by Ben GunnebergSecretary General
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of news, press releases, reports etc. see website above
No 34 – November 2006
Key note speech by PeterSeligmann from ConservationInternational
Mr Peter Seligmann, Co-founder, Chairman ofthe Board, and CEO of ConservationInternational addressed the participants of theGeneral Assembly.
Peter Seligmann, Conservation International, speakingat the PEFC Council General Assembly in Oregon
In his speech, Mr Seligmann underlined theimportance of forest certification and the use ofcertified products to promote the sustainablemanagement of forests.Future challenges included how to increase thearea of sustainable forest management. Theinclusion of small land owners and local peoplesin forest certification as well as making the effortsrelevant to issues such as carbon trading werecited.Mr Seligmann emphasised forest certification’scapacity to reach out to society and at the sametime ensuring the well being of local peoples.The real challenge for the environment in generalwas to involve everyone and he congratulatedPEFC for its successful involvement of allstakeholders in its processes. He underlined thatco-operation not confrontation is the methodConservation International uses to reach itsenvironmental goals.Mr Seligmann has led Conservation Internationalfrom its days as a small group with lofty ideals toan international conservation leader withactivities across more than 40 countries on fourcontinents.For information on Conservation Internationalvisitwww.conservation.org.
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The availability of certified wood has increaseddramatically and now accounts for 25% of theworld’s industrial round wood production, theoverwhelming majority of it PEFC certified.We receive requests from companies from allover the world, who want to become PEFCcertified, and more national initiatives, ENGOsand associations in the forest, timber and papersector are seeking to participate in the PEFCCouncil’s activities.In Asian markets, for example, enterprises havestarted to see the market advantages of PEFCand increasingly choose a PEFC Chain ofCustody certification. The decisions taken by theGeneral Assembly, including the incorporation ofthe ITTO benchmark study results; the new guidefor the Avoidance of timber from ControversialSources and the incorporation of Non WoodForest Products in PEFC certification, willcontribute to advance the development of PEFCto meet customer requirement for the promotionof sustainable forest management.Ben GunnebergSecretary GeneralPEFC Council
The next PEFC Council GeneralAssembly will be held in Munich,Germany from 4 to 6 October 2007.
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of news, press releases, reports etc. see website above
No 34 – November 2006
PEFC General Assembly 2006
Extracts from the Chairman’s Reporton activities in 2005 / 2006
In last 12 months PEFC hascontinued to expand withmembers in currently 31countries. PEFC’s certifiedarea globally has increasedby almost 65 millionhectares, a growth of morethan 50%, and the numberof PEFC Chain of Custodyholders has increased bymore than a fifth. PEFC israpidly approaching themark of 200 million hectaresof PEFC certified forests,with more than 18,000 PEFClogo users and more than2,800 certified enterprises.
Growing Awareness andcall for PEFC
PEFC continues to be theworld’s largest resource ofcertified wood and more andmore governments haveissued procurement policiesand statements, whichinclude PEFC certifiedproducts. In the past yearalone this has includedBelgium, Japan, Denmark,the United Kingdom and theEU Parliament.ICFPA, the InternationalCouncil of Forest and PaperAssociations has issued aStatement on Sustainabilityand the European ToyManufacturers, called for theuse of PEFC, to name but afew. There is a growingdemand for PEFC certified paper and a greaterawareness of PEFC with TV and newspapercoverage in most countries.PEFC has particularly been praised for its socialcriteria as the example by a German tradeunion’s foundation for sustainability and socialsociety, shows.
PEFC Publications
Two new PEFC Position Papers have beenpublished, on,
Tribal and Indigenous people,local people, local communities and forest dependent communities 
and on a
Phased Approach to Forest Certification 
.PEFC published its first Annual Review for 2005,showing PEFC’s global situation and activities.Documentation on the Avoidance of timber fromControversial Sources, the inclusion of ITTO inPEFC and a new option for Non Wood ForestProducts have been developed.
 PEFC membership
We have received a joint new membershipapplication from two joint timber certificationcouncils in Russia and an application forExtraordinary Membership from ETS, theEuropean Tissue Symposium. (See furtherdetails in this Newsletter)
PEFC seminars
The National Secretaries meeting in Spainprovided the opportunity for the exchange ofideas, presentations and training. Subjectsincluded financing, fundraising, market access,technical issues and promotions.Chain of Custody seminars with the involvementof the PEFC Council have taken place in Japan,Belgium and the UK further increasing PEFC’spresence and visibility in the market place, andsimilar events were organized at national level inother countries.
PEFC endorsement
Certification systems submitted or undergoingendorsement or re-endorsement during the yearincluded: Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia,France, Gabon, Germany, Lithuania, Norway,Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, the UK, US/Canada(SFI) and Switzerland being re-instated to theendorsed status.Henri Plauche Gillon, Chairman PEFC Council
PEFC CouncilFounding ChairmanHenri Plauche Gillon
“PEFC Council is rapidly approaching the 200 million hectares mark.During the last 12 months,there has been a tremendous growth of PEFC in certified area and certified businesses as well as a rapidly increasing choice of PEFC by private and governmental users of forest certification.” 

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