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PEFC Newsletter 33 October 2006

PEFC Newsletter 33 October 2006

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Published by PEFC International

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Published by: PEFC International on Jul 19, 2010
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The PEFCC Newsletter
is produced by the PEFC Council
(Registered as an asbl in Luxembourg No. 1999-61-02192
17 Rue des Girondins, L-1626 Hollerich, Luxembourg ¦ Tel: +352 26 25 90 59 ¦ E-Mail: info@pefc.org Web Page: www.pefc.org
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes No 33 October 2006
European ToyProducers TreatPEFC and FSCequally
PEFC praised for itssocial criteria
Shopper’s Guidesrecommend PEFC
PEFC grows inAsian markets
PEFC MarketingInitiative in Belgium,France, Luxembourg
PEFC promotions inthe paper sector
Banks, enterprises,industry groupscommit themselvesto PEFC paper
Danish State Forestto be 100% PEFCcertified – Ministerrecommends PEFC
PEFC CouncilStatistics
Reports from thePEFC NationalMember CountriesThe Federation of the European Play Industry FEBI has confirmed itscommitment to certification of Sustainable Forest Management. In a recentopen letter FEBI President, Mr Thomas Berfenfeldt, emphasised the importanceof certified wood for the production of toys and announced that “
FEPI officially and formally declares that the hereafter both certifications meet in an equal manner the basic requirements and should therefore receive identical treatment on a non-discriminatory basis: FSC: Forest Stewardship Council PEFC: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes.In fact, they are both systems that ensure environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests. FEPI therefore strongly recommends the utilisation of both systems to consumers, forest managers, policy makers, businesses and the public on a non-discriminatory basis.
” For details on FEPI seewww.fepi-play.org.
Stiftung Soziale Gesellschaft – Nachhaltige Entwicklung 
, a Foundation forSocial Society - Sustainable Development of the German trade union IG BAU,has praised PEFC for its social criteria.The foundation tested ten different eco-labels in Germany in the areas of food,cut flowers as well as timber and construction materials. PEFC and FSC bothreceived the same overall ratings and rated as “good” regarding social issues.However PEFC was especially praised for its high social criteria, namely itsdemand to offer places to train in companies, which, according to the foundationis only specifically required by PEFC. The focus of the assessment was issuesof social sustainability. The results of the study will be published in due course.For details on the foundation seewww.stiftung-soziale-gesellschaft.de.
European Toy ProducersTreat PEFC and FSC equallyPEFC praised for its social criteria
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of news, press releases, reports etc. see website above
No 33 – October 2006
Governmental Shopper’sGuides recommend PEFC
 Two new Shopper’s Guides by the Belgiangovernment give equal preference to PEFC andFSC certification.The governmental guide for consumersstates that “
if you choose sustainable timber, you basically have the choice between two labels in Belgium, FSC and PEFC. Both are a guarantee of timber coming from sustainably managed forests.” 
The governmental Guide for PublicProcurement Makers states that
the following systems have been judged as complying with the criteria: FSC and PEFC, two systems which are also present in the Belgian market.” 
The two shoppers guides are available in French.A the end of last year the UKGovernment published the DEFRA
Shopper’s Guide to Green Labels 
equally listing PEFC and FSCcertification. The UK governmentalshopper’s guide is available atwww.defra.gov.uk/environment/ consumerprod/shopguide/index.htm
PEFC grows in Asian markets
 PEFC is registering a growingdemand for PEFC certification inAsian markets. The first PEFCChain of Custody certificate inMalaysia has now been awarded to TaannPlywood SDN BHD.
PEFC promotions in the papersector
 Due to the continued strong interest in PEFCcertification, PEFC’s seminar series for printers,paper merchants, publishers, paper producersand other companies in the paper sector isongoing and continuing to prove popular. Aseminar for Belgian and Dutch companies in thepaper sector, held in Brussels at the end ofSeptember 2006, was very well received by theparticipants.
Companies from the paper sector at the PEFC seminar
Similar events will take place in Tokyo and in co-operation with the Japanese Green PurchaseNetwork GNP, on 12 October 2006 (in Japanese)and in London on 17 October 2006 (in English).For more details and registrations please contactMr Haruyoshi Takeuchi at +8 13 6202 7645,h.takeuchi@pefcasia.org(for Japan) andMrs Hilary Khawam at +44 1689 819902,hilary.khawam@pefc.co.uk(for the UK).
Belgium, France andLuxembourg cooperate inPEFC marketing activities
 PEFC organisations in Belgium,Northern France and Luxembourghave launched a joint initiative toinform timber and papercompanies about the benefits ofbecoming PEFC certified. A new informationsheet was developed for French speakingregions, titled “
PEFC, la marque qui donne l’avantage à mon entreprise! 
” (PEFC, the brand,which gives the advantage to my business). AFlemish version of the sheet is currently beingprepared. An electronic version of the brochure isavailable atwww.pefc.org > Documentation >PEFC Brochures.
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of news, press releases, reports etc. see website above
No 33 – October 2006
PEFC paper chosen for Annualand Sustainability reports
 An increasing number of enterprises, banks andholdings are using PEFC certified paper todemonstrate their commitment to the sustainablemanagement of the world’s forests. They havedecided to have their Annual, Sustainability orCorporate Social Responsibility reports printedon PEFC paper.Some recent examples include:The
2005 Annual Report andthe Sustainable Development Reportwhich says that
"most of the bank’s publications are printed on Novatech paper – ISO 14001, EMAS, Nordic Swanlabel certified paper bearing a PEFC Certificate – or on Cyclus recycled paper." 
group consortium 2005 AnnualReport which says that
“the Annual Report 2005 is printed on PEFC certified paper. International PEFC certification guarantees compliance with the rules of sustainable forestry and monitoring until the final distributor.” 
Deutsche Post
Annual Report 2005,says: “
Deutsche Post World Net supports the use of paper from sustainable forestry. The report is manufactured from 100% PEFC certified pulp.” 
The European producer of energy andprovider of energy related services
“supports the use of paper from sustainable forestry.
RWE’s CorporateResponsibility Report 2005
“is printed on paper made of 100 % PEFC-certified pulp.” 
BOSCH und SIEMENS HausgeräteGmbH’s
report on“Environmentaland Corporate Sustainability 2005
“is printed on ZANDERS Mega matt.This paper is certified in accordance with PEFC rules (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes).” 
Annual Report 2005, theconsortium which covers luxury goodbrands such as GUCCI, Yves SaintLaurent and Stella McCartney andretail chains such as Conforamasays: “
This document was printed on matt Magnpaper, using white, chlorine-free wood pulp, also from forests managed for sustainable growth (27% certified under PEFC).” 
The global enterprise for power andautomation technologies
’sAnnual Report 2005, Sustainabilityreview, “
is printed on paper made from elementary chlorine-free (ECF)pulp in mills which are certified to ISO 14001.Over a quarter of the wood used for this report comes from forests certified by PEFC.” 
, the international company for systems,equipments and services of electricitygeneration and rail infrastructure, haspublished its Corporate ResponsibilityReport 2005/06 “
on PEFC certified ALEGRO paper.” 
, the international group forsustainable solutions in electricity,gas, energy services, water andwaste management, had the 2005SUEZ Activities and SustainableDevelopment Report “
printed on a coated woodfree paper that is 100% chlorine-free,recyclable and biodegradable. The paper was fabricated in European factories that are certified ISO 9001 (based on quality criteria) and ISO 14001 (based on environment criteria). The paste used in its fabrication was obtained from trees grown in European forests having received PEFC certification, indicative of sustainable forest management.” 

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