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PEFC Newsletter 15 May 2003

PEFC Newsletter 15 May 2003

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Published by PEFC International

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Published by: PEFC International on Jul 19, 2010
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The PEFCC Newsletter
is produced by the PEFC Council
(Registered as an asbl in Luxembourg No. 1999-61-02192)
17 Rue des Girondins, L-1626 Hollerich, Luxembourg ¦ Tel: +352 26 25 90 59 ¦ E-Mail: pefc@pt.lu ¦ Web Page: www.pefc.org
International Conference onCriteria and Indicators (CiCi)
Delegates attending the CiCi conference
The report of the InternationalConference on Criteria andIndicators held in Guatemalain February (see issue 14) is now available onhttp://www.fao.org/DOCREP/005/Y8694E/y8694e00.htm#TopOfPage Among the conclusions and recommendations itis interesting to note that certification has beenacknowledged as one of the many applications ofthe criteria and indicator processes. Conclusion 1states
Criteria and indicators have manyapplications. They serve as a framework for setting goals, monitoring sustainable forest management and national forest programmes,certification, assisting strategic planning and communicating on progress made to policymakers and the public, among other uses.Criteria and indicators also help build bridgesbetween stakeholders”
In additionconclusion 21 states
Criteria and indicators provide a framework for manycurrent certification schemes. Certificationcan also serve in some cases as a toolsupporting development and implementation of criteria and indicators.”
International meetings and Dialogue
 By Ben Gunneberg, Secretary General
Along with the expansion of PEFC membership toinclude applicant schemes for mutual recognitionoutwith Europe, comes that requests for morePEFC presentations and attendance atconferences and workshops. Presentations onPEFC have been made in Libreville, Gabon, therecent ITTO marketing meeting in Panama andalso at a Certification Coalition meeting inMontreal, Canada. PEFC has also had a presenceat the International Criteria and Indicators (CICI,see separate article) conference in Guatemala, theFAO Committee on Forestry (COFO) in Rome andthe UNFF meeting in Geneva as well as the 4
 Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forestsin Europe (MCPFE), Vienna. PEFC was alsopresented in Eastern Europe at the UNECE/FAOorganized meeting on “Strategies for the Sounduse of Wood” in Romania and also at theSt.Petersburg Forest Academy in Russia. Inaddition at the recent National Secretaries trainingdays (see separate item) in Germany, schemerepresentatives from the USA and Australia wherepresent. The Chairman and Secretary Generalintend to visit Chile and Brazil in the early autumnthis year to meet with national forest certificationscheme representatives and stakeholders.International dialogue continues and the PEFCCouncil representatives have met withrepresentatives of World Business Council forSustainable Development (WBCSD), to discussthe Forests Dialogue’s efforts to facilitatediscussion betweendifferent forestcertificationschemes. TheForest Dialogue wasconvened in 1999 byWBCSD, the World
No.15 – May 2003
TM PEFC/01-00-01
Promoting Sustainable Forest Management
More PEFC labelled products increasinglyavailable for more info see National Reports
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of National Governing Bodies see website above
Resources Institute (WRI) and WWF, involving awide range of stakeholders from both developedand developing countries – forestrepresentatives, labour, academics, the WorldBank, and NGOs with the secretariat being runby the Yale University's Global Institute ofSustainable Forestry. It covers a whole range ofissues such as certification; illegal logging andcorruption; intensification of forest managementand a vision for the future of the Globe’s forests.TFD has launched a dialogue between thedifferent forest certification systems with the firstmeeting having taken place between a widerange of stakeholders in Geneva in October lastyear (seehttp://research.yale.edu/gisf/tfd/ ) . Asecond TFD organised and mediated meeting,took place between the CEOs of six of the mainforest certification schemes, with the goal ofhelping to foster and support leadership withinthe forest certification movement through buildingrelationships based on trust and seeking areas ofcommonality, collaboration and sharedlearning. Ben Gunneberg was present for thePEFC Council and found the meeting to be veryconstructive and positive. A similar meeting hasbeen organised by the FAO near Rome in Juneand 12 representatives of schemes andintergovernmental organisations will participate.The PEFCC welcomes all constructive efforts tobuild a better understanding of the different forestcertification schemes and hopes that throughthese the benefits provided by the forestcertification movement will be better understoodand appreciated by the various stakeholders andthus assist in the further promotion of thecertification of sustainable forest management.
PEFC National SecretariesMeeting
National Secretaries from 15 member nationalforest certification schemes and PEFC Councilsecretariat staff met for two days at the Eberbachmonastery in the Rhineland on 5-6
May 2003.Participants used this annual event to exchangeideas, share views and experiences on currentissues encountered in different countries andexplored their relation with the PEFC Council’sinternational experiences. Technical, political,communications, administrative and strategicissues were covered. Participants wereintroduced to the new revised and improvedPEFC registration system; examined revisedchain of custody requirements and discussedPEFC logo usage issues. Not to beunderestimated was the informal opportunity forsecretaries from different regions of the world toshare views, successes and difficulties on a oneto one basis for which the quiet retreat in theformer monastery provided an ideal backdrop.PEFC Germany, who kindly hosted the event,also arranged a roundtable discussion onincreasing the acceptance of PEFC in theGerman market place with Germanretailer/publisher environmental representativesfrom OBI, Otto-Versand and Axel-SpringerVerlag as well as the former chairman of theEconomic Chamber of FSC Germany.
A full list of the national secretaries and their contactdetails is available on the PEFC website.
left to right
) Jaroslav Tymràk (PEFCC), Dietmar Hagaeur (Austria), Bertrand Auquière (Belgium), AntonioBrunori (Italy), Paula Salazar (Portugal), Auvo Kaivola (Finland), Elizabeth Gill (Norway), Tanja Olsen(Denmark), Luis Rocharte (Portugal), Stéphane Marchési (France), Aiste Ulozaite (Lithuania), Ben Gunneberg(PEFCC Secretary General), Folke Stenstrom (Sweden), Dirk Teegelbekkers (Germany), Mike Virga (USA),Hannu Valtanen (PEFCC Vice Chairman), Pavel Hes (Czech Rep).
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of National Governing Bodies see website above
Nominations for PEFCCouncil Board Elections
Applications are now invited for nominations forthe position of Chairman, the two Vice Chairmanand 10 Board members to be elected at the nextGeneral Assembly in Luxembourg 31st October2003. The revised statutes, adopted at theGeneral Assembly last November, require thatthe Board should reflect the major interestedparties who support the PEFC, the geographicaldistribution of the members, the diversity of theirannual cutting categories and an appropriategender balance. Board members are appointedfor a three-year period and one third of the Boardwill be eligible for re-election in any one year. Ifyou are interested, please contact your nationalPEFC Governing Body for further details.
Employment Opportunity
Professionally qualified and experiencedCommunications Expert sought for positionbased at the PEFC Council’s International Officein Luxembourg. The ideal candidate will have aproven track record of developing, andsuccessfully implementing communicationstrategies in a rapidly changing environment fororganisations working internationally. He/she willbe highly motivated, innovative and creative witha passion for promoting sustainable forestmanagement through forest certification.A salary commensurate with experience isoffered, and the appointment will be for an initialtwo- year period with scope for extension.Applications should be sent to Mr BenGunneberg, at the PEFC Council Secretariat by9th June 2003. A more detailed job descriptioncan be obtained from pefc@pt.lu
Some of the participants at the MinisterialConference on the Protection of Forests.
28-30 April 2003, Vienna, AustriaMinisters responsible for forests from 41European countries and a representative of theEuropean Community as well as representativesof 4 non-European countries and 24 internationalorganisations gathered at the MCPFE in Viennato discuss the future of the protection andsustainable management of forests in Europe.PEFCC representatives were also present.
Above: The Chairman and Secretary GeneralAttending the Ministerial Conference on theProtection of Forests in Europe Meeting held inVienna on 28-29 April 2003.
As a successful outcome of the Conference, thecountries and the European Community signedthe Vienna Declaration "European Forests – Common Benefits, Shared Responsibilities" andadopted five resolutions tackling cross-sectoralco-operation and national forest programmes,economic viability of sustainable forestmanagement, social and cultural aspects, forestbiological diversity as well as forests and climatechange.Readers will recall that the PEFC Council isbased, amongst other things, on the outputs ofthe ongoing MCPFE and is therefore studying thepractical implications of the latest documentationto help bring the PEFC documentation into linewith them for future assessments of nationalforest certification schemes.All documents relating to MCPFE can bedownloaded from the MCPFE official websitewww.mcpfe.org.

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