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PEFC Newsletter 13 December 2002

PEFC Newsletter 13 December 2002

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Published by PEFC International

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: PEFC International on Jul 19, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 The PEFCC Newsletter
is produced by the PEFC Council
(Registered as an asbl in Luxembourg No. 1999-61-02192)
17 Rue des Girondins, L-1626 Hollerich, Luxembourg ¦ Tel: +352 26 25 90 59 ¦ E-Mail: pefc@pt.lu ¦ Web Page: www.pefc.org
General Assembly Synopsis
By Ben Gunneberg, Secretary General
The sixth PEFC CouncilGeneral Assembly was heldin Luxembourg, on 22November with delegatesfrom 18 of the membercountries; potential newmembers from 8 countries;and invited observers fromseveral other countries.
Left: members from Denmark, Czech Rep., Canada and BelgiumRight representatives from Brazil, Australia and Andorra
New Members
Seven new members were elected by theGeneral Assembly and one on a provisionalbasis pending official registration of the NationalGoverning Body as a legal entity. This nowbrings to 25 the total membership covering thefollowing areas: Europe, Eastern Europe, NorthAmerica, SouthAmerica, Asiaand Australasia.(See newmembersreport).
Representatives from Chile, Luxembourg, Australia, Chile
The new members are:
– Australian Forest Standard Ltd
– INMETRO on behalf of CERFLOR
– Estonian Forest Certification Council
– PEFC Luxembourg asbl
– Malaysian Timber Certification Council
– Slovak Forest CertificationAssociation
PEFC Lithuania
is currently in theprocess of formal registration and pendingconfirmation of this has been provisionallyaccepted as a member of the PEFC Council.To date, 13 of the national certification standardshave already completed the assessment processand had their schemes endorsed. The schemesnow account for over 46 million hectares and 424Chain of Custodies – a number that is risingdaily. The other member schemes are at variousstages of development and will be seekingendorsement and mutual recognition under thePEFC umbrella in due course.
Some of the Members of the Board at the General Assembly
New Extraordinary Member
The European Network ofForest Entrepreneurs(ENFE) was elected as anExtraordinary Member of theCouncil.
Dr Edgar Kastenholz, Secretary General ENFE
The Network enables information dissemination,between members within the Network, andbetween the Network and opinion formers, toenable co-ordination of actions necessary for theeconomic development of small and mediumenterprises in forestry. Its Executive comprisesrepresentatives from Finland, Sweden, Ireland,United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.
ews Special
Special - Dec 2002
Promoting Sustainable Forest Management
 PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of National Governing Bodies see website above
Existing Extraordinary Members of the PEFC Council:
European Confederation of WoodworkingIndustries (CEI Bois)
Confédération des Propriétaires Forestiers (CEPF)
Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI)
European Landowners' Organisation (ELO)
European Network of Forest Entrepreneurs (ENFE)
European Timber Trade Association (FEBO)
Fédération Européens Communales Forestiers(FECOF)
Union of European Foresters (UEF)
Union of Silviculturalists of Southern Europe (USSE)
 Note: Extraordinary Members have no voting rights, astheir member organisations can participate at nationallevel, along with all other stakeholders. Extraordinarymembers contribute and actively participate in all debatesin the PEFC.
Totally Revised Technical Document
The major topic under discussion at the GeneralAssembly was the proposed changes to the TechnicalDocument, which were adopted by the members. Therevision process was lengthy, having begun in April2001 with an independent evaluation by a respectedconsultant (see Newsletters 10, 11 and 12) ofcriticisms levelled at the PEFCC and incorporatedexperiences gained both nationally and internationallyby the Council in the three years since it wasestablished. The aim of the process was tostreamline, clarify and simplify the PEFC Councildocumentation through restructuring the documents(see diagram) and clarifying procedures.The process included an independent consultantsreport posted on our website for comments andextensive international consultation with stakeholders,including a workshop for members. Over 90% of theindependent consultant’s recommendations havebeen addressed and implemented in the revisedPEFC Documentation. The other 10% concern longerterm issues which currently have no relation to thedocumentation, such as carbon certification andorganisational issues such as improving internalcommunications which are dealt with elsewhere.Amongst the issues addressed in the documentationare clarification of terms and definitions which havebeen placed in a new annex and are applicable to thewhole documentation; clarifications on requirementsfor implementing regional and group certification;clarifications on standard setting processes andrevisions including the provision of pilot testing;clarification of certification and accreditationprocedures to ensure compatibility with nationalaccreditation organisations represented by theInternational Accreditation Forum, and newprocedures for the assessment of revised schemesincluding the involvement of a Panel of Experts toensure quality assurance amongst other things.The fully revised documentation is now available onthe PEFCC WebPages (
Structure of the PEFCC Documentation
Continuing Globalisation of the PEFC Council
After the formal meeting there was an opendiscussion session with participants to discuss issuesand challenges concerning the continuingglobalisation of the PEFC Council. The viewsexpressed by participants at this session, andsubsequent written submissions, will be consideredmore fully by the Board of Directors in their discussionon this and related issues in the near future.Proposals will then be presented to members fordiscussion and decision.
Below: (front row) representatives from Slovak Republic, Malaysia,Lithuania, Luxembourg, USA and UK
provide details on implementationof normative issues presented in therespective annex
GL for group certificationestablishment of nationaDescription of the certificationprocess, certification bodies,accreditationInternal Rules for the PEFCRegistration System
PEFC Council Statutes
GL for application andendorsement
GL for chain of custodyverification
GL for national WGGL for standard formulation
Memorandumc Pan European C&I for SFM
 d International ILO Conventions
- Core ILO Conventions
- Other Conventions
Annex 1:
Terms and Definitions
Framework on theelements of thePEFC Scheme
Annex 2:
Rules forStandard Setting
Annex 6:
Certification andAccreditation Procedures
Annex 5:
PEFC LogoUsage Rules
Annex 3:
Basis forCertification Schemes andtheir Implementation
Annex 4:
Chain of Custody Certification of Wood
Annex 7:
Endorsement of National Schemes and theirRevision
Reference Documents
Describe reference base of PEFC
include the normativerequirements
 PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management For more info: www.pefc.org (
For full details of National Governing Bodies see website above
Above: representatives from Australia, UEF, Sweden, Brazil,Belgium and Italy attending the Chairman’s Reception.
New Brochures Launched
Three new brochures have been launched by thePEFC Council and are available from your NationalGoverning Body. They outline sustainable forestmanagement, its certification and responsibleprocurement of wood-based materials. The brochuresare currently available in English, and can bedownloaded from our website. A French and Germanversion will follow shortly. Thereafter further languageversions are planned including, Dutch, Finnish,Spanish and Swedish. If you are interested in orderingcopies or participating in the development of furtherlanguage versions, contact your national PEFCcontact or the communications co-ordinator at thePEFC Council.
General Brochure Chain of Custody Leaflet
For more details please contact  your National Secretary or PEFC CouncilTel: +352 26 25 90 59. Email: pefc@pt.lu
Other News
PEFC Chairman to visit GABON to discussfeasibility of Pan African Forest CertificationSystem
The African Timber Organisation, in co-operation with the French DevelopmentCorporation, has invited Mr HenriPlauche Gillon, as Chairman of thePEFC Council to give a presentation attheir two-day conference on thefeasibility of establishing a Pan AfricanForest Certification System following astudy by independent consultantsIndufor Oy.The Chairman will also take the opportunity to visitsome of the local forests and to share experiences ofthe past three years of the PEFC with the hosts.
Schemes Endorsed by PEFCC
Hectares Certified
Austrian Forest Certification Scheme 3.924 000Belgian Forest Certification SchemeCzech Forest Certification Scheme 1.752 944Danish Forest Certification SchemeFinnish Forest Certification Scheme 21.910 000French Forest Certification Scheme 689 345German Forest Certification Scheme 6.100 151Latvian Forest Certification Scheme 17 019Norwegian LFS Certification Scheme 9.352 000Spanish Forest Certification Scheme 86 679Swedish Forest Certification Scheme 2.203 531Swiss Q Label Holz Scheme 64 572UK Certification Scheme for SFM
TOTAL 46.100.242
 News from the National Governing Bodies
The views expressed here are the views of themembers and do not necessarily reflect the viewsof the PEFC Council
First certification takesplace in Czech Republic
Regional forest certification trulybegan in the Czech Republic on September 30
,2002. An international auditing firm Bureau VeritasQuality International accredited in accordance with theCzech Forest Certification Scheme has carried out thefirst certification. The certificate was issued for a 5-year period. The formal handing over of the first 6confirmations of participation in forest certification tookplace on November 19
at Hradecké mestské lesy,a.s., in the presence of several journalists.

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