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PEFC Newsletter 08 October 2001

PEFC Newsletter 08 October 2001

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Published by PEFC International

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Published by: PEFC International on Jul 19, 2010
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The PEFCC Newsletter
is produced by the PEFC Council
Registered as an asbl in Luxembourg No. 1999-61-02192)
17 Rue des Girondins, L-1626 Hollerich, Luxembourg Tel: +352 26 25 90 59 E-Mail: pefc@pt.lu Web Page: www.pefc.org
Summary of Schemesendorsed by PEFC Council 
 HectaresSchemes Endorsed by PEFCC Certified (millions)
Austrian Forest Certification Scheme 0.55Czech Forest Certification Scheme 0.00Finnish Forest Certification Scheme 21.90French Forest Certification Scheme 0.00German Forest Certification Scheme 4.92Latvian Forest Certification Scheme 0.00Norwegian living Forest Standardsand Certification Scheme 9.1Swedish Forest Certification Scheme 1.67Swiss Q Label Holz Scheme 0.04
TOTAL 38.18
From the above it is clear that our end of yeartarget of 40 million hectares is within reach.
Swiss scheme endorsed by the PEFC Council 
Swiss Q Label Holz Scheme 
Following a recommendation from the Board of Directors and a postal ballot of the PEFCmembership, the PEFC Council has nowendorsed the Swiss Q Label Holz scheme.The membership took this decision following arigorous assessment of the scheme against thePEFC requirements by independent consultants,Form Ecology Consultants.The table above shows the nine national forestcertification schemes that have been endorsedby the PEFC Council.
Consultants appointed toundertake assessment process
Spanish Certification System for SFM
UK Certification Scheme for SFM
Independent consultants, Indufor Oy have beenappointed to undertake an assessment of theSpanish Scheme against the requirements of thePEFC Council, while FORM EcologyConsultants have been appointed to make anassessment of the UK Scheme.Both schemes are currently available for publicconsultation on the PEFCC WebPages byclicking on the country symbol of Spain or UKon the members’ section on the front page of the PEFCC Website (www.pefc.org)
The Belgian Forest Certification Scheme
is also undergoing assessment and a finalreport from the consultant is expected soon.
PEFC Study Tour (Austria)
Environmental and nature protection organisationsof National PEFC Governing Bodies have beeninvited to attend a study tour taking place in Austriaat the end of November. The aim of this meeting isto facilitate an exchange of ideas, views andexperiences relating to forest certification issues,between ENGOs supporting the PEFC Scheme.
Other Features in this issue
National Secretaries Training Day------Page 2Study Tour-------------------------------------------2Praesidium Tour------------------------------------2Reports from National Members-------------3-5
No. 8 - Oct 2001
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management(
For more info: www.pefc.org
 National Secretaries Training Day
The National Secretaries from Austria, Belgium,Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy,Norway, Spain, Sweden and USA met together inPrague, Czech Republic recently to compare anddiscuss issues of common interest.In addition they gained useful training in the newPEFC logo software programme and were shown apreview of the logo registration database WebPageswhich are about to be launched on the PEFCwebsite and a possible WAP application for mobilephone users. There was also a presentation of marketing issues and a final session allowed adiscussion of various operational issues, raised bythe National Secretaries.
Charles Bridge, Prague
 Review of PEFC Process
As part of our continuous process of review,the PEFC Council has agreed to commissionindependent consultants to carry out a fullreview of the PEFC process, structure anddocumentation and to bring forward theirrecommendations for further improvement.
 Date for your diary
The next General Assembly of the PEFC Councilwill be held in Luxembourg on Thursday 24
 January 2001
 Praesidium Tour
The Praesidium (comprising the Chairman, HenriPlauche Gillon; 2 Vice Chairmen,Hannu Valtanen and ChristianBrawenz; and Secretary General,Ben Gunneberg) recentlyundertook a 10 day tour of Canada and USA.The tour included visits to Montreal, Vancouver,Washington and Santa Rosa where they met withForest Products Association of Canada (FPAC),CSA, Canadian Woodlot Owners, American Forestand Paper Association, representatives of Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and AmericanTree Farm System (ATFS), and American WoodlotOwners.The Praesidium were shownsome CSA certified foreston Vancouver Island andgiven the opportunity to meetwith a public advisorycommittee for a CSAcertification.The trip provided a useful mutualexchange of ideas and views andhas helped further a betterunderstanding between the various certificationscheme and the PEFC representatives. Readers willrecall that CSA, SFI and ATFS are all members of the PEFC Council and it is expected that some of these schemes will be submitted for assessmentagainst the PEFC Council requirements within thenext few months.
American Tree Farmers with Hannu Valtanen (4
from right)and Christian Brawenz (3
from left)
Henri Plauche Gillonwith Jean-Pierrre Martel
PEFC Newsletter
- Promoting Sustainable Forest Management(
For more info: www.pefc.org
 Reports From The PEFC National Governing Bodies
In this section, each of the PEFC membershas the opportunity to present a brief reporton the current state of play in their country.The views expressed here are the views ofthe members and do not necessarily reflectthe views of the PEFC Council
Some of the National Secretaries attending the recent Training Day.
Clarification of  Procurement Policy byUK Government
Following the forum meeting held in London on15
August, we were relieved to learn that supportfrom industry allowed us to sign the contractdocuments which would initiate the independentscrutiny of the U K Scheme for Sustainable ForestManagement coupled with the U. K. WoodlandAssurance Standard. The evaluation is to be carriedout by FORM Ecology Consultants from theNetherlands.Because of this development, it has been decided topostpone the first A.G.M. of PEFC UK, until afterthe evaluation has been completed, and a new datewill be announced.At the Association of Professional ForestersConference in Loughborough on 17/18th of September, a topic for debate was “Certification- isit working?” The presentations provokedconsiderable discussion, and the statement by B&Qthat they were putting the FSC logo on plastic bagsimported from China, because they were lessexpensive than those made from paper, causedcomment! The Forestry Commission were alsochallenged to put their house in order by ensuringthat the state forests were certified to the UKWASby auditors accredited so to do.Of considerable importance is a paragraph in a letterfrom Mr Elliot Morley MP, the Forestry Ministerfor England, responding to a question asked at ameeting with him on 31st July. “As you know, theGovernment wishes to promote the selection of legally harvested timber grown in sustainablymanaged forests. That is why central Governmentand their executive agencies must now include thisrequirement in their contracts for timber and woodproducts. However, all public sector ContractingAuthorities have to comply with EuropeanDirectives and International trade agreements whichhave been created to avoid unfair discrimination. Ican confirm that these Directives and agreements donot allow buyers to demand a particular voluntarycertification scheme or a preferred source of supplyor a preferred country of origin. We are consideringhow best to improve the DEFRA guidance that willhelp buyers implement this policy. Currentguidance appears in the Wood section of the GreenGuide for Buyers on the DEFRA website.”This is an extremely helpful statement onprocurement policy within the UK, and is preciselythe guidance we were seeking.
 Len Yull
E-Mail: johngunn@timber-growers.co.uk 
Unfounded criticism of  NORWAY’s Forest Owners Federation by WWF
During the autumn, WWF-Norway has taken anextreme stand and declared that the NorwegianForest Owners’ Federation (NFOF) - one of thefounding members of PEFC - is conducting adetermined campaign to prevent Norway having aself-sustaining stock of wolves in the future. It isfurthermore asserted that this does not accord withthe Living Forests Standards and a policy of environmentally responsible forestry.The NFOF rejects their criticism of the positiontaken by the forest owners’ organisation on thewolf-culling issue, in a letter to WWF-Norway.In its letter to the WWF, the NFOF writes that theLiving Forests Standards do not provide anyguidelines for the management of predators or other

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