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PEFC Newsletter 03 October 2000

PEFC Newsletter 03 October 2000

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Published by PEFC International

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Published by: PEFC International on Jul 19, 2010
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This electronic newsletter is issued three to four times a year and  provides member countries of PEFC with the opportunity to present a short update to each other on the progress of certificationactivities in their own words. The newsletter can also be distributed  further a field to interested parties. You can of course also visit theweb sites of members for the latest information, e.g. press releases,national newsletters etc by clicking on the relevant country symbolon the home page of the official PEFC web site(www.pefc.org). Back copies of newsletters and press releases can be obtained fromthe web site.
New Schemes Endorsed
Welcome to the third PEFCC newsletter. The last four months havebeen very busy for the PEFCC in its promotion of sustainable forestmanagement. As those of you who regularly visit our web site(www.pefc.org
)will already know, the PEFCC has unanimouslyendorsed two more national forest certification schemes, following arigorous assessment procedure. These are the German ForestCertification Scheme (31
July 2000) and the Austrian ForestCertification Scheme (6
September 2000). These schemes join thethree Nordic scheme already endorsed (see newsletter 2) and already2.3 million hectares have been independently certified in Germany,with 550,000 hectares expected to be certified in Austria within thenext few weeks. This takes the total hectarage of forests certified toschemes endorsed by the PEFCC to 23.5 Million (see table below).The articles within this newsletter, written by each nationalgoverning body member, provide more details.
Summary of Certified Hectares of PEFCCEndorsed Forest Certification Schemes
Scheme Endorsed by PEFCC Hectares Certified(Millions)
Austrian Forest Certification Scheme 0German Forest Certification Scheme 2.30Finnish Forest Certification Scheme 15.00Norwegian Living Forests Standards andCertification Scheme5.00Swedish Forest Certification Scheme 1.20
TOTAL 23.50
New SchemesEndorsed
Summary of CertifiedHectares of PEFCCEndorsed ForestCertificationSchemes
Mutual RecognitionProceedingsavailable on Website
Chain of Custody
Poland Seminar
 Annual GeneralMeeting Notice
New Applications forMembership
Logo Usage Licences
PEFCC MemberOrganisations
 news andinformation
Contact Informationfor NationalGoverning Bodies
Published by:The Pan European ForestCertification Council,17 Rue des Girondins, Hollerich,L-1626, LuxembourgTel: +352 26 25 90 59Fax: +352 26 25 92 58E-Mail: pefc@pt.lu  Website: www.pefc.org
 PEFCC Newsletter
Pan European Forest Certification Council
Registered as an asbl in Luxembourg No. 1999-61-02192
No. 3 (October 2000)
Mutual Recognition
In June of this year, forest certificationexperts gathered at the first-ever globalseminar on mutual recognition, which wasorganised by the PEFCC. Part sponsoredby the European Commission, this eventbrought together many forest certificationschemes, other initiatives and experts toexplore and discuss the requirements formutual recognition between variousexisting and developing schemes.The proceedings of this seminar can bedown loaded from the PEFC website(http://www.pefc.org/mutualframe.htm). It was generally agreed that in order to buildon the numerous contacts made betweenparticipants and the positive constructivedialogue and exploration of ideas; furtherseminars should be held. In order to buildconfidence between the participants, it wasfelt that different organisations should hostfuture seminars, which would build on thisone. PEFCC intends to continue to engagein constructive dialogue at futureseminars, amongst other occasions, and wehave been informed that the next eventwill be organised by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) andothers to take place in Brussels on the 29
 of November.
Chain of Custody
As most of you know, Annex 6 of ourTechnical Document outlines the rules forthe verification of the chain of custody.This needs, of course, to be certified by anindependent third party and manyorganisations do this throughincorporating the rules and demonstratingthe procedures via the ISO and EMASprocesses. This reduces costs and allows amore holistic and integrated approach tothe management of all processes within anenterprise. However what happens if youare a small enterprise, which is notinvolved in ISO or EMAS processes? Howdoes the PEFCC ensure that it stays loyalto its guiding principles of credibility,open access and non-discrimination?PEFCC pioneered the concept of RegionalCertification for sustainable forestmanagement. Similarly PEFCC is of theview that all enterprises should haveaccess to credible, transparent andaffordable chain of custody certification.Small to medium sized enterprises, likewoodland owners, should not be lumberedwith bureaucratic expensive mechanismsthat discriminate against them. So theconcept of group chain of custodycertification has been developed. Anexample of this is in Austria, where achain of custody system was developedwhich will allow many smaller enterprisesto have their chain of custody certified in acost effective manner, without riskingcredibility. This is an example of thepractical pragmatic approach PEFCC takesto promote the use of timber fromsustainably managed forests.Some interesting questions have beenraised over the use of the different chainsof custody required by differentinternational schemes. We hope that anindependently commissioned study to beundertaken by Indufor Oy to investigatethe similarities and differences betweenthese will help towards answering some of these questions and provide useful pointersfor the ongoing debate on mutualrecognition.
Seminar in Poland
PEFCC is organising a seminar inconjunction with the Polish State ForestryService to help the various stakeholders inPoland to develop their own nationalforestry standard and certification scheme.Part funded by the European
Commission’s General Directorate for the
Environment, this bespoke seminar will
provide stakeholders in Poland anopportunity to share and exchange viewswith those who have already developedschemes, or thosewho are in the finalstages of preparingtheir schemes. Arange of speakersfrom countries in economic transition andfrom northern and central Europe willpresent their experiences and chain of custody and labelling issues will also beaddressed. This seminar will take place atthe end of October at one of the ForestryTraining Schools south of Warsaw.PEFC representatives from Finland andthe Czech Republic were asked, andprovided presentations on their schemes attwo seminars organised by the FinnishForestCertificationCouncil forinterested partiesin Russia in St Petersburg and Moscow inSeptember.
AGM Dates
PEFCC members and extraordinarymembers should note that the 4th GeneralAssembly will take place in Luxembourgon Friday 26
January 2001. Invitationswill be sent out nearer the time. Pleasealso note that the PEFCC Board of Directors meets on the 5
December toprepare items for the agenda and so anyissues members would like dealt withshould be sent to me by the 20
New Applications formembership
An application has been received fromPEFC UK Ltd to jointhe PEFC Council as afull member. The Boardof Directors arerecommendingacceptance of the application and memberswill be asked to vote on it at the GeneralAssembly in January.Similarly, anapplication for theextraordinarymembership categoryfrom the EuropeanFederation of Community Forests (FECOF) is beingrecommended for acceptance in January.
PEFCC Logo Usage Licences
The PEFC Council has now issuedcontracts and licences to the members toallow them to issue sub-licences on behalf of PEFCC in accordance with the logousage rules as outlined in Annex 7 of thePEFC Technical Document. This meansthat fairly soon now you will be able to seethe first certified products bearing thePEFC logo. The first logo usage sub-licence will be issued by PEFC Finland onthe 12
of October, and will shortly befollowed by others in Austria, Germany,Norway, and Sweden.Each logo user will have a registrationnumber, which will allow customers andmembers of the public to identify them andtheir chain of custody or forest managementcertificate. A software program has beendesigned which will allow pertinent detailsof licence holders to be placed on theInternet site at a national and alsointernational level. It is envisaged thattraining courses for those not yet familiarwith the software will be held in Decemberwith the first data going on line early nextyear. In the meantime, information onlicence holders can be obtained from thenational governing bodies.
View of the PetruseValley, Luxembourg

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