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Published by kami099

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: kami099 on Jul 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Urdu Stock List
Item type AuthorTitleClass
 AdultFictionI URD F AdultFiction Aanchal, June 2004I URD F AdultFiction AASEBI KahaniyanI URD SUS AdultFiction Adab Arz, 2004I URD F AdultFiction Afsane jo mashhur hue /compiled by ArshadMalikI URD AF AdultFiction Akbar badshah aur Birbalki dastanen / Anil Kunvar KumaI URD F AdultFiction Alhamra bahtrin afsaneI URD F AdultFiction Alif lailaI URD F AdultFiction Asebi kahaniyanI URD CRIME AdultFiction Asri Urdu kahaniyan /selected by Joginder Pal; compilI URD F AdultFiction AURAT des des seauraton ki MuntakhibkahaniyanI URD F AdultFiction Azra: Azra ki vapsi /[translated from thePersian by MI URD F AdultFictionBansri nawazI URD AdultFictionBewaqoof chooha aur hathiI URD JF AdultFictionChar NoveletI URD F AdultFictionChilman nasheen / Amjad Mirza Baig andHassam BattI URD F AdultFictionDosheeza, June 2004I URD F AdultFictionDosheeza, May 2004I URD F AdultFictionEk chehra ek kahanir I URD F AdultFictionGhaddar I URD F AdultFictionGhazabnak mahbuba(translated by Abulkalam AzadI URD AF AdultFictionHairatnak kahaniyanI URD F AdultFictionHatim TaiI URD AF AdultFictionHazrat ali ul murtazaI URD 922.97 AdultFictionHindustan ke behtrinafsaneI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionJasoosi digest march2003I URD S/STORIES AdultFictionJasoosi Digest, April2004I URD F AdultFictionJasoosi Digest, June2004I URD F AdultFictionJasoosi digest, March2005I URD F AdultFictionJasoosi Digest, May2004I URD F AdultFictionJasoosi Digest, May2004I URD F AdultFictionJasoosi digest, May2005I URD F AdultFictionJinon aur paron kikahaniyanI URD JF AdultFictionKahaniyon ki kahkashan/ translated by AhmadZainuddinI URD F AdultFictionKalam-e-Tayyaba-mushkalat ka hal /compiled by MohammadI URD 297 AdultFictionKANZUL Iman Tafsir Noor ul IrfanI URD 297.122 AdultFictionKhawateen digest, June2004I URD F AdultFictionKhofnak kahaniyanI URD GHOST AdultFictionKhunkhvar haveli /compiled by MohammadImranI URD F AdultFictionKiren, December 2004I URD F AdultFictionKirn, June 2004I URD F AdultFictionMaafukul fitrat kahanianI URD F AdultFictionMaut ke sathiI URD F AdultFictionMera Teesra shohar I URD ROM AdultFictionMohabbat ke sab rangI URD F AdultFictionMYSTERY MagazineJune 1999I URD F AdultFictionNaey Ufaq, May 2004I URD F AdultFictionNaqabil faramosh afsane/ compiled by Nasir ZaidiI URD F AdultFictionNumainda Urdu afsane /[edited by Qamar Rais]I URD F AdultFictionPakeeza, December 2004I URD F AdultFictionPakistan: ek piyaz dorotiyan / edited byInayatullahI URD F AdultFictionPir ki beti kachcha kotha/ Arif MahmudI URD F AdultFictionPiyase / compiled byInayatullahI URD F AdultFictionSach chee kahaniyan,June 2004I URD F AdultFictionSachi kahaniyan June2006I URD F AdultFictionSachi kahaniyan March2006I URD F AdultFictionSachi kahaniyan May2006I URD F AdultFictionSachi kahaniyan, April2005I URD F AdultFictionSachi kahaniyan, June2005I URD F AdultFictionSachi kahaniyan, May2005I URD F AdultFictionSARGUZASHTI URD F AdultFictionSarguzasht, January2005I URD F AdultFictionSarguzasht, July 2004I URD F AdultFictionSarguzasht, June 2004I URD F AdultFictionSarguzasht, June 2005I URD F AdultFictionSarguzasht, November 2004I URD F AdultFictionSaughat / translated byShoaib AhmadI URD F AdultFictionShahkar almi afsaneI URD F AdultFictionShoa June 2005I URD F AdultFictionShua July 2003I URD S/STORIES AdultFictionSonia jadinagri meinI URD AdultFictionSuspense digest,December 2004I URD F AdultFictionSuspense Digest, June2004I URD F AdultFictionSuspense July 2003I URD S/STORIES AdultFictionTakabbur aur ta'ssub /Jane Austen / translatedby ShahI URD FAM AdultFictionTEEN Auratein TeenkahaniyanI URD F AdultFictionThe Makhzan : a uniquefirst ever omnibuscollection of I URD F AdultFictionUjalaI URDU AdultFictionUnknown titleI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionUnknown titleI URD CRIME AdultFictionURDU ke behtreenafsaney, [compiled by] Amar DehlviI URD F AdultFictionURDU Ke Tera AfsaneI URD F AdultFictionZARRIN TajI URD F AdultFiction'A¯lam,Siddi¯qLemp jala¯ne va¯le :afsa¯naun ka¯ majmu¯'ah / Siddi¯qI URD AF AdultFiction Aabadi,Raza AliJaan sahibI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Aafaqi,KhiyalRaj GharanaI URD GEN AdultFiction Aakash, Abdusatar  Shah margI URD GEN AdultFiction Aali, AttaullahBadal na KhwastaI URD 891.4397 AdultFiction Aarif,GurdayalSinghJahan ki khakI URD F AdultFiction Aashufta,M.STaqdeer kahan le ayiI URD AF AdultFiction Aashufta,M.S.Mamta ko jeenay doI URD GEN AdultFiction Aazmi,Gohar SultanaDar-o-Rasan ke badI URD F AdultFiction Abas, AzraRaste mujhe bulate hainI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Abasi, AfshanIntezar karte karteI URD ROM AdultFiction Abbas, AzraMain aur MusaI URD F AdultFiction Abbas,Khvaja AhmadUdas divarenI URD F AdultFiction Abbas,Rahman Aik Mamnuha mohabbatki kahaniI URD AF AdultFiction Abbas,Zaheer Koi hamsafar to mileI URD ROM AdultFiction Abdullah,Nighat Ab itiraf e shikast kiyakarnaI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,Nighat Ae Sitara Shab-e-ZindagiI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatBe simt justuju ka safar I URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatChandni ka safar I URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatDil e be qarar / Nighat AbdullahI URD AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatDil Phoolon ki bastiI URD ROM AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatDil phulon ki bastiI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatEk aam si larkiI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatIntezar-e-fasal-e-gulI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatIntizar-e-fazal-e-gulI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatKahan ruke hainmohabbat ke qafileI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatKanch ke gharondeI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatKeh dil bahut udas haiI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatKoi lamha gulab ho!I URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatMere naseeb ki barishenI URD AF AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatMere nasib ki barishen /Nighat AbdullahI URD AF AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatMohabbat ka hisar I URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatMohabbaton ke hidarmian /; Nighat AbdullahI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatMujhe ruthne na denaI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatRah takta hai shahr e janan / Nighat AbdullahI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatRaston ke sang rahiI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatSham dhalne se pahleI URD F AdultFiction Abdullah,NighatYeh dil ke mausamI URD F AdultFiction Abdul-Sattar,QaziHazrat-e-jaanI URD GEN AdultFiction Abdur Rauf Piyare Nabi Ki PiyariKahanianI URD 297.63 AdultFiction Abdur-raisChahat ek ibadatI URD F AdultFiction Abdussamad Aag ke andar rakh / AbdussamadI URD AdultFiction Abid,Syed AbidKasbiI URD F AdultFiction AbidaNarjisKaho mujh se mohabbathai / Abida NarjisI URD F AdultFiction AbidaNarjisMujhe apne dil menrakhna / Abida NarjisI URD AF AdultFiction AbidaNarjis.Tere hijr ka duba chand / Abida NarjisI URD AF AdultFiction Abidi, AliIrfanDil zaminI URD F AdultFiction Abidi,IkramHijab vali / Ikram AbidiI URD AF AdultFiction Abidi,Raza AliPiyari maI URD AF AdultFiction Abu Bakr,ShajauddinIk jan ka balidanI URD AF AdultFiction AbuJavad Ali ki LakshmiI URD GEN AdultFiction AbuJavad Anuph Garh se Farar I URD F AdultFiction ABU,Javad Anup Garh se Farar I URD F AdultFiction Abubakar,Rao, SEk jaan ka balidanI URD F AdultFiction ADEEB,MirzaMata-e-DilI URD F AdultFiction Adib, SSaghir Ru baruI URD F AdultFictionAdilSanpI URD CRI AdultFiction Adil, ArsalanNasihat amoz haqayatI URD AF AdultFiction Adil,SalahuddinKhushbu ki hijrat /Salahuddin AdilI URD AdultFiction Adnan,RukhsanaNigar Divar e sang se age /Rukhsana Nigar AdnanI URD AdultFiction Adnan,RukhsanaNigar Khushbu ka ghar koinahin / Rukhsana Nigar  AdnanI URD F AdultFiction Adnan,RukhsanaNigar Mere charah gar /Rukhsana Nigar AdnanI URD AF AdultFiction Adnan,RukhsanaNigar Zindagi ek roshniI URD F AdultFiction Adnan,RuksanaNigar ParasI URD AF AdultFiction Afaqi,Khayal Aurat kahani mardkahaniI URD S STORIES AdultFiction Aflak,NikhatPalkon se palkon takI URD F AdultFiction Afreen,Gulnar Phool aur wohI URD ROM AdultFiction Afridi, AfshanRang, khushbu, hava,badalI URD F AdultFiction Afridi,Sadia AzizIk chiragh roshan haiI URD AF AdultFiction Afridi,Sadia AzizYeh dil yeh sodaiI URD F AdultFiction Afridi,Sahdia AzizEk chiragh roshan haI URD AF AdultFiction Afridi,Tahir Teri ankhen khubsurathainI URD F AdultFiction Afzal,SaidaJungle ka phoolI URD F AdultFiction Afzal,ShaukatKhilti hai arzu ki kaliI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Afzal,ShaukatKhmare akhire shabI URD F AdultFiction AGHA, Ashraf Khana kharab ishqI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AkhlaqKhvab sath rehne doI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Ahmad, AminaIqbal Ajib shakhs haiI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AminaIqbal AkelaI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AminaIqbalMuskurai bahar I URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AminaIqbalParosanI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AmnaIqbal AkelaI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AmnaIqbalParosanI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, Ashfaq Aik hi boliI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AshfaqEk hi boliI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AshfaqSafar MainaI URD AF AdultFiction Ahmad, AshfaqShhlkot / Ashfq AhmadI URD GEN AdultFiction Ahmad, AshfaqSubhanay fasanay / Ashfa¯q AhmadI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Ahmad, AshfaqSubhanay fasanay / Ashfa¯q AhmadI URD AF AdultFiction Ahmad, AshfaqTilism hosh afzaI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AshfaqVida-e-jungI URD WAR AdultFiction Ahmad, AzimDaire ka jahanamI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AzimJalte gulabI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AzimJalte gulabI URD ROM AdultFiction Ahmad, Aziz AagI URD SPY AdultFiction Ahmad, AzizHavas / Aziz AhmadI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad, AzizHawasI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,Farzana Apni apni salibI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,Farzana Apni apni salib / Farzana AhmadI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,HumayunNirbasanI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,IshtiaqPurisrar MujrimI URD CRI AdultFiction Ahmad,MunazaJamilSachchi Kahaniyan(August 2007)I URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,MushtaqTareek ujaleI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,Nazir Majmua depti Nazir  AhmadI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,Nilam AhmadEk thi malikaI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,RajputIqbalBermuda triangleI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,RaziaFasihChar novelI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,RaziaFasihIntizr-i mausim-i gul /Raziyah Fas¯ih AhmadI URD GEN AdultFiction Ahmad,RiazJalte hathI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,ShamshadQissa tamam nahin huaI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,ShamshadRaushni ka admiI URD AF AdultFiction Ahmad,ShaqmoilNadiI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,SyedImtiazSahir ludhyanvi se bashir badar takI URD 891.4391 AdultFiction Ahmad,UmairaDorahaI URD AF AdultFiction Ahmad,UmairaHarf se lafz takI URD AF AdultFiction Ahmad,UmairaHasilI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmairaHusna aur Husn AraI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmairaIman, Ummid aur mohabbat / Umaira AhmadI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraDarbar-e-dilI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraHam kahan ke sachchetheI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraHarf se lafz takI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraHum kahan ke sachethayI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraIman umeed aur mohabbatI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraIman umeed aur MohabbatI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraIman umeed aur MohabbatI URD ROM AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraLa-hasilI URD ROM AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraMain ne khawabon kashajar dekha haI URD GEN AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraMain ne khvabon kashajar dekha haiI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraMan-o- SalwaI URD AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraMere pachas pasandidasceneI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraMere pachas pasandidasceneI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraMeri zaat zara be nishanI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraMeri zaat zarah be-nishanI URD GEN AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraPir e kamilI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraSaher ik istara haiI URD S/STOR AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraSeher eik isatara haiI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraZindagi gulzar haiI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,UmeraZindagi gulzar haiI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,VahidZino / Vahid AhmadI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,WahidZainuI URD F AdultFiction Ahmad,YasinYeh kiya jagah hai /Yasin AhmadI URD AF AdultFiction Ahmad,YasminSlaughter houseI URD F AdultFiction AHMED, AftabJasuson ka sheher I URD F AdultFiction Ahmed, Anwar Pehle se suni huwikahaniI URD F AdultFiction Ahmed, AshfaqHairat-kadeI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Ahmed, AzeemDairay ka jahannumI URD F AdultFiction Ahmed,IqraSaghir Baharoon ke sung sungI URD FIC AdultFiction AHMED,Ishtiaq Adha HeroI URD F AdultFiction AHMED,IshtiaqCamere ka qatilI URD F AdultFiction AHMED,IshtiaqDracula ka bhutI URD CRI AdultFiction AHMED,IshtiaqFraibi MujrimI URD CRI AdultFiction AHMED,IshtiaqJail mein QatalI URD CRI AdultFiction AHMED,IshtiaqKhazaney ka BhootI URD F AdultFiction AHMED,IshtiaqMaut ka IlaajI URD F AdultFiction AHMED,NMirat-ul-AroosI URD S STORIES AdultFiction AHMED,NMirat-ul-UrusI URD F AdultFiction AHMED,RaziaFasih Aabla paI URD GEN AdultFiction AHMED,RaziaFasihKALA Chor I URD GEN AdultFiction AHMED,RaziaFasihNiqaab PoshI URD F AdultFiction AHMED,RaziaFasihSadiyon Ki Zanjeer I URD F AdultFiction Ahmed,ShamshadShehar jungle huweI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Ahmed,UmairaWaapsiI URD AF AdultFiction Ahmed,UmeraIman umeed aur mohabbat / Umera AhmedI URD F AdultFiction Ahmed,Zaheer Bad-roohon ke sayeI URD SPY AdultFiction AhsanFatihi,NastaranLiftI URD F AdultFiction Ahsan,HafizIshq e balakhezI URD F AdultFiction Ahuja,SamiGumshudgi ka ishtihar I URD F AdultFiction Ahuja,SamiTiddi dal asmanI URD F AdultFiction Aivan,FazilatDukkhan di nagri vichsukkhan di barkhaI URD F AdultFiction Aizaz,Iffat GulRoshni aur rastaI URD AF AdultFiction AJEET,Kaur Faltu AuratI URD ROM AdultFictionAjit KauGoriI URD F AdultFiction Ajnalvi,Qamar Chah e babilI URD F AdultFiction Ajnalvi,Qamar Jang-e-MuqaddasI URD F AdultFiction AJNALVI,Qamar Muqadas MurtiI URD F AdultFiction AJNALVI,Qamar Nai DuniaI URD F AdultFiction Ajnalvi,Qamar Oor Khan ul-GhaziI URD F AdultFiction Akash,ImranHaidar TiyagiI URD F AdultFiction Akbar,Fahad Ayyash DeviI URD SUS AdultFiction Akbar,FahadCheekhti raatI URD GEN AdultFiction Akhtar, AyubMitti ke khavabI URD F AdultFiction Akhtar,GulNokhezTaen taen fishI URD AKH AdultFiction Akhtar,GulNokhezTaen taen fishI URD F AdultFiction Akhtar,M.KhalidKhoya huwa ufaqI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Akhtar,NaheedS.SaibanI URD AF AdultFiction Akhtar,NahidSultanaSuman poshI URD F AdultFiction AKHTAR,SBeti bhar sanpI URD F AdultFiction Akhtar,Wajid AliShahPari khanaI URD ROM AdultFiction Akhtar,YasminNishatPremkatha ka ant na koiI URD F AdultFiction Akram,Nasir Darida badanI URD F AdultFiction Akram,RaisMohammadKhalid bin Valid seSultan Tipu takI URD 920 AdultFiction Akthar,WaheedKharasan ka uqabI URD F AdultFiction Al Qadri, ArshadZulf-o-Zanjir I URD F AdultFictionALAM, MBin biahi maanI URD S STORIES AdultFictionALAM, MBin Biayhi MaanI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MahbubBin biyahi maanI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MahbubBin biyahi manI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MahbubHavalat meh talaqI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MahbubLine par laashI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MahbubPiyar ka papiI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MahbubRaat, rail aur ruqeI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MahbubSuhaag ka khoonI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MahbubTaviz, ungliyan aur anguthiI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MashiulGhoramasudI URD F AdultFiction Alam,MehboobSuhag ka khunI URD F AdultFiction Alam,ShahzadManzil ke aas pasI URD F AdultFiction Alam,ShahzadiManzil ke aas pasI URD S/SORIES AdultFiction Alam,ShazadiYe london hayI URD FAM AdultFiction Alamgir,HasanZamaniKagzi hai perhanI URD F AdultFiction ALCOT,LNanhi bibianI URD FAM AdultFiction Aleem, AqleemSangtrashI URD F AdultFiction Ali, AishaNazDil asir e khayal hai tera/ Aisha Naz AliI URD AF AdultFiction Ali, AishaNazDil asir e khayal hai tera/; Aisha Naz AliI URD F AdultFiction Ali, AishaNazSulagte gulab / AishaNaz AliI URD AF AdultFiction Ali, AishaNazTere ishq men / AishaNaz AliI URD AdultFictionAli, FaizNadamat ke ansu / Faiz AliI URD AF AdultFiction ALI,Hakeem Asghar Purisrar Uloom ka Mahir I URD F AdultFiction Ali, HijabImtiazKali haveliI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Ali, HijabImtiazWo Baharein yeKhazaenI URD F AdultFiction Ali, ImanPakistan ki lokkahaniyanI URD F AdultFiction ALI,ImtiazBachchon ke liye IslamiKahaniyanI URD JF AdultFiction Ali,KhalidBhanvar / Khalid AliI URD AF AdultFiction Ali, MIrfanManto ke 30 shahkar afsaneI URD F AdultFiction Ali, MMushtaqMohabbat ko gawahrakhnaI URD ROM AdultFiction Ali,MaimunaKhurshid Ae junun dasht hai kihmanziI URD AF AdultFiction Ali,MaimunaKhurshid Ae junun dasht hai kihmanzil / MaimunaKhurshid AliI URD F AdultFiction Ali,MamunaKTeri rah main rul gayiwayI URD F AdultFiction Ali,MohammadMushtaqKabah ke sanamI URD F AdultFiction Ali,Muzaffar MohammadQiston mein mautI URD SUS AdultFiction ALIGI, Anvar BichchooI URD GEN AdultFiction Aligi, Anwar Reach ke asrar I URD SUS AdultFiction Alim, AqlimNaq bhavabI URD GHOST AdultFiction Alim,ShamimMera paigham mohabbathaiI URD F AdultFiction Alim,ShamimSitaron se age / Shamim AlimI URD AF AdultFiction Aliqi, Anwar SherniI URD GEN AdultFiction Aliya,HiraYeh dil yeh pagal dilmeraI URD F AdultFiction AL-JABBAR,RazaChand ki kishti ka akelaMusafar I URD ROM AdultFiction AL-KHAIRI,RashidMajmua Rashid al-khairiI URD S STORIES AdultFiction Al-kheri,RashadNovel afsaneI URD FAM AdultFiction Allam,MehboobTaveez unglian aur anghotiI URD F AdultFictionAlmaasMusa bin Nusir I URD F AdultFictionALMAAS,Sultan Tippu ShaheedI URD F AdultFiction ALMAAS,M.AMalka-e-BokharaI URD F AdultFiction ALMAAS,M.ANoor JahanI URD F AdultFictionAlmasSultan shahabuddinghauriI URD F AdultFiction Almas, M AFalastinI URD F AdultFiction Almas, M. AHaijaj bin Yusuf I URD F AdultFiction ALMAS,M. ANAWAB Bahadur Haider  Ali KhanI URD F AdultFiction ALMAS,M.A Ameer Taimur Gorgan.Part 1I URD F AdultFiction ALMAS,M.A Ameer Taimur Gorgan.Part 2I URD F AdultFiction ALMAS,M.ABaghdad Jalta RahaI URD F AdultFiction ALMAS,M.AMangolI URD F AdultFiction ALMAS,M.AMongolI URD F AdultFiction ALMAS,M.AZarqaI URD F AdultFiction Al-Nisa,RashidIslah al nisaI URD ROM AdultFiction Alqadri,MohammadTazkira tajdar-e-golrasharif I URD 920 AdultFiction Altaf FatimaChalta Musafir Part 2 / Altaf FatimaI URD F AdultFiction Altaf Fatimadastak na do / Altaf FatimaI URD F AdultFiction Altaf,FatimaKhavabgar I URD F AdultFiction Altaf,FatimaKhwab gar I URD F AdultFiction Altaf,ShaukatRanaBhanvar I URD F AdultFictionAltamashDastan iman-faroshon kiI URD F AdultFictionAltamashDastan iman-faroshon kiI URD F AdultFictionAltamashDastan iman-faroshon kiI URD F AdultFiction Alvi, FaridNasim Alao ke phulI URD F AdultFiction Alvi, FaridNasim Allao ke phoolI URD F
 AdultFiction Alvi,KanizZohraHaveliI URD F AdultFiction Alvi,M.HaqSonay ki talashI URD SUS AdultFiction Alvi,MazharulHaqKhanqahI URD SUS AdultFiction Alvi,MazharulHaqLavaI URD SUS AdultFiction Alvi,MazharulHaqLavaI URD ROM AdultFiction Alvi,MazharulHaqLavaI URD SUS AdultFiction ALVI,Mazhar-ul-HaqShehar Main SehraI URD F AdultFiction Alvi,MazhuralHaqKhoon khawar I URD SUS AdultFiction Alvi,TabassamMohsinTehrimI URD FAM AdultFiction Ambrin, AminaQila fangrigan ke holnakasrar I URD GHOST AdultFiction AMEEM,HKhushk QatreI URD FAM AdultFiction Amin, AminaIdeal / Amina AminI URD AF AdultFiction Amin, AmnaMohabbatI URD F AdultFiction Amin,Iftekhar Major rahat rescuemissionI URD CRIME AdultFiction Amjad, AmjadIslamYeh AfsaneI URD F AdultFiction Amjad, AmjadMirzaJhute log / Amjad Mirza AmjadI URD F AdultFiction Amjad,Mirza AmjadTanhaiyanI URD F AdultFiction Amjad,RasheedRasheed Amjad kemuntakhib afsanay /compiled by AhmedI URD F AdultFiction Amjad,SajidBeshakhI URD ROM AdultFiction AmritaPritam,1919- Amrita Pritam ke 40sadabahar afsane / Amrita Pritam ;I URD AF AdultFiction AmritaPritam,1919-2005Ek shahr ki maut / Amrita PritamI URD F AdultFiction AmrohviShabnam,IkramRishton ki diwar I URD F AdultFiction Anayat-UllahHikayet October 1999I URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Anbalvi,Nazeer Ek adeed ek kahaniI URD AF AdultFiction Anbalvi,Nazir Baat se baat takI URD 297 AdultFiction Anbalvi,Nazir Chand aur titliyanI URD F AdultFiction Anbalvi,Nazir Ek quol ek kahaniI URD F AdultFiction Anbalvi,Nazir Phoolon wala rastaI URD AF AdultFiction Anbalvi,Nazir Sunehri kirenI URD AF AdultFiction Anisulhaq,QaziMasiha ki mautI URD F AdultFiction AnjumMurtazakaun kaise gayaI URD 954.91 AdultFiction Anjum,Muhammad FaruqTapishI URD F AdultFiction Anjum,NasimNurkI URD F AdultFiction Anjum,Ozair  Aadmi ki basti meinI URD F AdultFiction ANJUM,SafiaMouj-e-TanhaI URD F AdultFiction Anjum,ShafiqMain mainI URD F AdultFiction Anjum,ShafiqMain mainI URD F AdultFiction Anjum,ShafiqVajudI URD F AdultFiction Ansar, Anjum Achcha lagta hai / Anjum Ansar I URD AF AdultFiction Ansar, AnjumChandniI URD F AdultFiction Ansar, AnjumKoi jugnu ho!I URD F AdultFiction Ansar, AnjumNa jana shahr e dil seI URD F AdultFiction Ansari, Anwar  AhmadZindagi ki talash meinI URD F AdultFiction Ansari, AzizGibranTazadI URD F AdultFiction Ansari,HayatullaHayatulla Ansari kebehtarin afsane /Hayatulla AnsariI URD F AdultFiction Anvar  AligiBaseraI URD F AdultFiction Anvar  AligiKhali ghar / Anvar AligiI URD F AdultFiction Anvar  AligiPurri auratI URD F AdultFiction Anvar  AligiSherni /; Anvar AligiI URD F AdultFiction ANWAAR, AleegiHosh RubaI URD FAM AdultFiction ANWARSAJJADKhushyon Ka BaghI URD F AdultFiction ANWAR,RajaJhute Roop ke DarshanI URD F AdultFiction ANWAR,SirajKali DuniyaI URD F
AdultFictionAQLIMALIMMaut ke Saudagar. Vol.4I URD CRIME
 AdultFiction AQLIM ALIMNag bhon. Part 2I URD S STORIES AdultFiction ARIFSAHARNI Tariki ke badI URD S STORIES AdultFiction Arif,SahiraShahr e tamannaI URD F AdultFiction ARIF,Sulaiman Aur muhasara toot gayaI URD S STORIES AdultFiction Arrehman, AminSahra ka safar I URD F AdultFiction Arsalan, Abu AliManhus khopriI URD GHOST AdultFiction Arshad,BanoBano ki kahaniyanI URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Arshad,MulkMohammed Afsane jo mashhoor huwayI URD F AdultFiction ASGHAR, AzraPat jarh ka akhri pattaI URD F AdultFiction Asghar,MohammadShahzadMafadat ki jang /Mohammad Shahzad Asghar I URD F AdultFiction Asher,Masud Apna ghar I URD F AdultFiction Ashfaq, AhmadMan Chalay ka saudaI URD 891.4392 AdultFiction ASHFAQ, AhmadTilsam hosh-afzaI URD F AdultFiction Ashfaq,Sanobar Bilakhir hamsafar thahreI URD F AdultFiction ASHK,UpendranathShehr me ghoomta AinaI URD GEN AdultFiction Ashraf, AghaEik Raat kai AfsaneI URD F AdultFiction ASHRAF,M.AMaraja Ranjit Singh aur in ki ahyashiaI URD F AdultFiction Ashufta,M. S. Akhri station / M.S. AshuftaI URD AF AdultFiction Ashufta,M. S.Dil ne badnam kiya /M.S. AshuftaI URD F AdultFiction Ashufta,M.SSuhag ka kanganI URD AF AdultFiction ASHUFT A, M.STum koun ho?I URD FAM AdultFiction Ashufta,M.S.Dil ne badnam kiyaI URD F AdultFiction Ashufta,M.S.Taqdir kahan lay aaiI URD F AdultFiction Asif,KhanSafiran-e-HaramI URD AF AdultFiction AslamRahiGalgamashI URD F AdultFictionAslam, MKhawab-e-jawaniI URD F AdultFiction Aslam,RahiDehshat ke berhiyeI URD SUS AdultFiction Aslam,RahiSaqlia ke mujahidI URD F AdultFiction ASRAR,Nisar  AhmedEik AuratI URD S STORIES AdultFiction Atif,ParvinBol meri machli / Parvin Atif I URD AF AdultFiction Atif,ParvinMain meli piya ujleI URD F AdultFiction Atir,Iftikhar  AhmadShabbe nirwanI URD F AdultFiction ATIYAPERVEENYeh Rishte Dil keI URD F AdultFiction Awan,FazilatDukhan di nagri vichsukhan di barkhaI URD F AdultFiction AWAN,SalmaSheebaI URD F AdultFiction Awan,SalmaTanhaI URD FAM AdultFiction Awan,SalmaTanhaI URD ROM AdultFiction Awan,SalmaTanhaI URD F AdultFiction AWAN,Z.HMehekI URD FAM AdultFiction Ayaz,Shaikh AvarahI URD F AdultFiction AYYAZ,Maqsood Anokhi BaraatI URD JF AdultFiction Azad,IdreesSultan Shamsuddin AltamashI URD AF AdultFiction Azad,IdrisIbn-e-attashI URD F AdultFiction Azad,IdrisQartajnah / Idris AzadI URD F AdultFiction Azad,IdrisSultan MohammadFatehI URD F AdultFiction Azad,IdrisUndalas ke qazzaqI URD F AdultFiction Azad,Mojeer  Ahmad Andhere ka karbI URD F AdultFiction Azam,NaziraKhvab badosh /; Nazira Azam.I URD F AdultFiction AzizMerathiDil lagi se divangi tak / Aziz MerathiI URD F AdultFiction Aziz,Ghazala Ain se aurat / Ghazala AzizI URD AF AdultFiction Aziz,GhazalaIman ummid raushniI URD F AdultFiction Aziz,Nasin Aik murdey ki aap beetiI URD F AdultFiction AZMI,Khan SRoohani Digest February1999I URD S STORIES AdultFiction Azmi,Khan S.Roohani Digest October 1999I URD S/STORIES AdultFiction Azmi,NighatEk bar kahoI URD F AdultFictionBnoQudsiyah Amar belI URD F AdultFictionBABER,Zaheer Deeda-e-Baidar keKhawabI URD F AdultFictionBADAYUNI,ShauqMalka MareekhI URD F AdultFictionBaghdadi,Nasir MaslubI URD F AdultFictionBahari,SamaraGardab-e-ArzooI URD AF AdultFictionBaig,Mirza Amjad Aiyna khanaI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza Amjad Atish e zar I URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadBaz gashtI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadChilman nasheenI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadDrop sceneI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadHusna gariftaI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadIbn ul hawisI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadKam Zarf I URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadKhuddar / Mirza AmjadBaigI URD AF AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadPas e ainahI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadZar parastI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza AmjadZer o zabar / Mirza Amjad BaigI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza Athar Be afsana / Mirza Athar BaigI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza Athar Ghulam baghI URD F AdultFictionBaig,Mirza Athar Sifar sa aik takI URD F AdultFictionBaig,MirzaHamidGumshuda kalmatI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionBakhsh,MianMohammadSaif-ul-mulkI URD 891.439 AdultFictionBaloch, T.SDhundka saveraI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionBALWANT SINGHEk mamuli larkiI URD FAM AdultFictionBalwantSingh,1903-Rat, chor aur chand /Balvant Singh ;translated from tI URD F AdultFictionBanoQudsiaChahar chamanI URD GEN AdultFictionBanoQudsiaKuchh Aur NahinI URD F AdultFictionBanoQudsiaSaman vajudI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionBano,IqbalTujhe har jagah pukaraI URD AF AdultFictionBANO,QudsiaDusra QadamI URD S STORIES AdultFictionBarar,SalikJamilLamheI URD F AdultFictionBarelvi,IkramHasrat e tamir I URD F AdultFictionBarni, AzizIntiqamI URD F AdultFictionBarni, Aziz,1952-Tohfah / Aziz BarniI URD F AdultFictionBarojardi, Ali Asghar DarindaI URD SUS AdultFictionBashir, AhmadDil bhatke gaI URD F AdultFictionBASHIR,Neelam AhmadJugnuon ke QafleI URD F AdultFictionBashir,Nilam AhmadJuganuon ke kafleyI URD F AdultFictionBasu,PurabiJochhana karechhe ariI URD F AdultFictionBatt, Azra Anke mor pehI URD F AdultFictionBatt, AzraVadi e khauf I URD F AdultFictionBatt,Mohammad AsimDastakI URD AF AdultFictionBatt,Nisar  AzizNagri nagri phiraMusafir I URD F AdultFictionBatt,RaziaDarlingI URD F AdultFictionBatt,RaziaJitI URD F AdultFictionBatt,RaziaMuamale dil ke / RaziaBattI URD F AdultFictionBatt,RaziaReshamI URD AF AdultFictionBATUL,FatimaBarg-e-gulI URD F AdultFictionBatul,TahiraShab e intezar dhalti haiI URD AF AdultFictionBatul,TahiraShab e intezar dhalti haiI URD F AdultFictionBEDI,Ek chadar melli siI URD ROM AdultFictionBedi,Rajinder SinghBaqiyat-e-bediI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionBedi,Rajinder SinghEk chadar maili siI URD AF AdultFictionBedi,Rajinder SinghGaram coatI URD F AdultFictionBEDI,Rajinder SinghKahaniyanI URD F AdultFictionBEDI,Rajinder SinghRajinder Singh Bedi ke AfsaneI URD F AdultFictionBedi,Rajinder Singh,1915-1984Kahaniyan / Rajinder Singh BediI URD AF AdultFictionBegumRahatRahat ka dastarkhvan /Begum RahatI URD 641.5954 AdultFictionBehl,Renu Ankhon se dil takI URD F AdultFictionBELA, AbdaalZerlabiI URD S STORIES AdultFictionBELA, AbdalRang pichkariI URD GEN AdultFictionBerdhan,Kalpana Aurtain aur dosreyduthkarai howay logI URD F AdultFictionBerelwi, AkramTaiz hawa main patteI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionBetab,KrishanLamhon ki dastanI URD F AdultFictionBHARATI,DuttHarjaiI URD F AdultFictionBHATACHARIYA,Barinder Shama Jalti RahiI URD F AdultFictionBHATACHARY,Barendar Shama jalti rahiI URD F AdultFictionBHATTACHARIYA, Berinder Lok RajI URD F AdultFictionBhatti, Abdurrab Akhri bisatI URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabBad ruhI URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabBarg e khazanI URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabBay patwaar I URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabBe patvar I URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabJanfaroshI URD AF AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabKarbI URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabKulhariI URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabQaidiI URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabQaidiI URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabVeranaI URD F AdultFictionBhatti, AbdurrabZanjir I URD F AdultFictionBhatti,MumtazHussainRuh ka rog / MumtazHussain BhattiI URD F AdultFictionBhatti,ShaguftaFasley aur chahaten /Shagufta BhattiI URD FIC AdultFictionBhatti,ShaguftaMur aa ke mul na jaen /Shagufta BhattiI URD F AdultFictionBhatti,ShamimChinese lazzat kadahI URD 641.59545 AdultFictionBhutaralvi, AbdurazaqMaut ka manzar maahwale hashro nashar I URD 297.23 AdultFictionBhutti, AbdulRubBadroohI URD F AdultFictionBhutti, Abdur-RabKulhariI URD F AdultFictionBilgirami,ZakiaRah guzar I URD F AdultFictionBilgirami,ZakiaSarab e zindagi / ZakiaBilgiramiI URD F AdultFictionBilgrami,ParvezTarik khandar I URD F AdultFictionBilgrami,ParvezTarik khandar I URD F AdultFictionBilgrami,ZakiyaBandhanI URD F AdultFictionBILQISJAHANNiqabI URD F AdultFictionBilqisKanwalSip / Bilqis KanvalI URD F AdultFictionBILQISRIAZMasihaI URD F AdultFictionBilqis,Riyaz Asman talayI URD F AdultFictionBint E Asim,SimaMohabbat fateh azamI URD AF AdultFictionBint E Asim,SimaMohabbat fateh azamI URD F AdultFictionBintulislamPain bagh / BintulislamI URD F AdultFictionBlati,William PKhaufnak asaibI URD SPY AdultFictionBokhari, Afra Ankh aur andheraI URD F AdultFictionBokhari,HumaKaukab Akkhan cham chamvasian / Huma KaukabBokhariI URD F AdultFictionBokhari,HumaKaukabEk thi larki Zoya / HumaKaukab BokhariI URD AF AdultFictionBokhari,HumaKaukabKisi khuvab ke yaqeenmeinI URD F AdultFictionBokhari,HumaKaukabMahi Mahi kokdi mainI URD F AdultFictionBokhari,HumaKaukabMahi mahi kokdi mainI URD F AdultFictionBokhari,HumaKaukabZindagi mere liyegunbad be dard teriI URD AF AdultFictionBokhari,Mansur Shahkar afsaneI URD AF AdultFictionBokhari,SamraDhale chand dil ke par I URD F AdultFictionBokhari,SamraDil da desI URD F AdultFictionBukhari,F. ZShahkar tawaif kahanianI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionBukhari,FarahzohraShahkar tawaif kahaniyanI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionBukhari,HumaKaukabEk umar ke talsim mainI URD F AdultFictionBukhari,JavedKhaufnak kahaniyanI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionBukhari,JavedPurasrar shaitanI URD SUS AdultFictionBukhari,KokabBitay pal ka sayaI URD AF AdultFictionBUKHARI,Muzaffar Peach dar peachI URD F AdultFictionBukhari,SyedMohammadMoazzamJavedMalumat-e-Quran-e-MajidI URD 297.122 AdultFictionBUSHRAREHMAN Afsana Admi haiI URD F AdultFictionBushraRehmanBahishtI URD F AdultFictionButalia,Urvashi Avazen jo sunai nahindetinI URD F AdultFictionBUTT, ATipu SultanI URD 954 AdultFictionButt, Azra Ana ke morh peI URD F AdultFictionButt, AzraPanchvan mausamI URD DET AdultFictionButt,Mohammad ADairaI URD F AdultFictionButt,Razia Aadhi kahaniI URD F AdultFictionButt,Razia AagI URD F AdultFictionButt,Razia AinaI URD F AdultFictionButt,Razia AmmanI URD F AdultFictionButt,Razia AmmanI URD F AdultFictionButt,Razia AneetaI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaBandhanI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaBeenaI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaBichhrhe lamheI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaBinaI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaBismaI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaChahaten kaisiI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaDarlingI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaDarlingI URD ROM AdultFictionButt,RaziaDil aur pathar I URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaDookh sookh apnayI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaFaslayI URD ROM AdultFictionButt,RaziaGul BanoI URD ROM AdultFictionButt,RaziaIdealI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaIdealI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaMehruI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaMein kaun hounI URD ROM AdultFictionButt,RaziaMoamale dil keI URD ROM AdultFictionButt,RaziaMusarraton ka shehar I URD GEN AdultFictionButt,RaziaMusarraton ka shehar I URD ROM AdultFictionButt,RaziaNailaI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaNasur I URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaNimmoI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaNorinaI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaPaon ki zanjir I URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaQurban jaoonI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaRabiI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaReetaI URD ROM AdultFictionButt,RaziaReetaI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaReshamI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaRoopI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaSangdilI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaShabboI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaShainaI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaShainaI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaSheikhooI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaSheikhuI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaSheikhuI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaWaqt waqt ki baatI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaWatan Ki BetiI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaWrong number I URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaZara si kotahiI URD F AdultFictionButt,RaziaZindagiI URD F AdultFictionCamus, AlbertBeganaI URD F AdultFictionCattergi,S.ChandraDevdas / Narinder NathSozI URD F AdultFictionChahal, ArshadBiyar GaliI URD F AdultFictionChaman, Amir HussainNaya editor I URD GEN AdultFictionCHAND,PremPrem Chand ke AfsaneI URD F AdultFictionCHANDANI Amar taraI URD F AdultFictionChandar,KrishanChandi ka ghaoI URD FAM AdultFictionChandar,KrishanChiryon ki alif lailaI URD F AdultFictionChandar,KrishanGhaddar I URD F AdultFictionChandar,KrishanKrishan ChandarkeBehtreen AfsaneI URD F AdultFictionChandar,KrishanMom ki chatanI URD F AdultFictionChander Krishan.Zindagi ke mor par I URD F AdultFictionCHANDER,KrishanMohabat bhi QayamatbhiI URD F AdultFictionChander,KrishanZindgi ke mor par I URD F AdultFictionChander,KrishenKrishen chander ke dasbehtereen afsaneI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionCharteris,LeslieSarfaroshI URD SUS AdultFictionChase,JamesHadley,1906 -1985Dam e fareb / JamesHadley Chase ;translated by Syed AI URD F AdultFictionChaudary,LubnaNazir Tum bin jiya na jaeI URD AF AdultFictionChaudhari, AbdussamadFarzand aur firdausiaI URD F AdultFictionChaudhari, JavedZero Point 1I URD 891.4394 AdultFictionChaudhari, RukhBhigi palken hanstekhvab / Rukh ChaudhariI URD AF AdultFictionChaudhari, RukhDasht e dilI URD F AdultFictionChaudhari, RukhSahilon Ki GeetI URD AF AdultFictionChaudhari, RukhSukut e shab ke ratjageI URD F AdultFictionChaudhari, RukhTitleon ko chu kar I URD F AdultFictionChaudhari, SadiHamidEk nukta e iman / SadiHamid ChaudhariI URD F AdultFictionChaudhari, ShahidNazir Jinnat ka ghulamI URD F AdultFictionChaudhari, ShaziaMere sahir se kuch kahoI URD F AdultFictionCHAUDH ARY,Samran AtlasI URD F AdultFictionCHAUDH ARY,SamranHirniI URD F AdultFictionChaudhar y, ShahidNazir Watan ki beti fatimafatima saghriI URD GEN AdultFictionChaudhur y, ImranTere pas hai ik hissaI URD ROM AdultFictionChaudhur y, Javed Akhtar Harf e duaI URD F AdultFictionChaudhur y, ShaziaMain bhala kaun hunI URD F AdultFictionChaudhur y, ShaziaMein bhala kaun hounI URD F AdultFictionChaudhur y, ShaziaNikhar gae hain gulabsareI URD F AdultFictionChaudhur y, ShaziaShahr e dil ke darvazeI URD F AdultFictionChauhadri, RukhTitliyon ko chhu kar I URD F AdultFictionChauhdari, AbdulsamadFarzand aur firdusiaI URD F AdultFictionCHEKHOV,Khizan Men Bahar I URD F AdultFictionChima,Nasir  AhmadRiksona ka qila aur dusreafsaneI URD S/STORIES AdultFictionChishti,Mohammad AzamMerajI URD 891.4391 AdultFictionChristie, AgathaMaut ke khatutI URD F AdultFictionChristy, AgathaQatil clubI URD CRIM AdultFictionChughtai, AsmatTehri Lakir I URD F AdultFictionChughtai,Ismat Aik qatra khunI URD F AdultFictionChughtai,IsmatBhaabhiI URD F AdultFictionChughtai,IsmatEk qatra khoonI URD F AdultFictionChughtai,IsmatLehaf I URD S/STORIES AdultFictionChughtai,IsmatLihaf : : Ismat Chughtaike muntakhib afsane;Ismat ChuI URD F AdultFictionChughtai,IsmatMasoomaI URD F AdultFictionChughtai,IsmatTeen NovelI URD ROM

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