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Day 3 - Mist

Day 3 - Mist

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Published by inkofours

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Published by: inkofours on Jul 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beeeeep.I opened my eyes and glanced to the nightstand on my right. The digital clock wasflashing 11:00AM.I was sitting on Jake’s bed, leaning against the headboard. My eyes felt heavy, but mymind refused to rest. To my left, Jake was snoring peacefully with his mouth slightlyagape. Bless him. He had this amazing ability to just switch off whenever he wanted to.Even in the midst of watching a live basketball match.I had woken up earlier in the dawn, having dreamt of some significant past memories.But as always, nothing good ever came in my way. Even this seemingly simple andinnocent dream brought bad news.Based on the book Jake pulled out from his drawer (written by a
Dr Inzayne),
dreamsinvolving shamans and
following the pick-up of an object were a sign thatthe ownership of the magic inside had been transferred – in this case, to me. Somehow Ibroke Anapey’s spell.
.And to add to my misery, this guy also wrote:
In rare occurrences, traces left by the previous owner on the object weretransferred as well. After conducting some research, we found that subjectswho experienced this had one thing in common: dreams of momentous eventsin their lives, generally in the first few days after securing the object. Therehas been much speculations as to what the dream meant, but the most  plausible explanation is that it signifies rebirth of the previous owner. What’sbeing re-created differs with each object; it could be memories, abilities,
wisdom, habits, the combination of any of the aforementioned suggestionsand so on and so forth.
What a load of bull. Not only it’s ludicrous, but how was I supposed to take the words of aguy with the name
seriously?But Jake took his words at face value. Just because he had a
in his name. God.Didn’t Jake know that there’s only a fine line between genius and insanity? To defend his beloved Doctor, Jake sacrificed his beauty sleep and spent hours surfingonline this morning. I didn’t go back to sleep as well. Although I was already mentallyprepared for the worst, the thought of possessing shaman’s magic still rattled me.As Jake google-d for empirical evidences, I laid on the bed and let my imaginations runwild. I thought of the dream first. Sean. Mom. I wondered where they went afterlife.Certainly Sean went to Heaven. He was too pure for Hell.Hell. Eddie, bleeding profusely.
with its shaman. The shamans war. Anapey. The secret of magic ritual. The object.Okay, I could accept the existence of shamans and their magic. And
Perhaps the pen was indeed one of the magical objects. And there’s this possibility of mepossessing shaman’s magic because of it. But parts of a dead person being reborn
? That’s just creepy.Say, this
was not insane after all – who was the pen’s previous owner? It couldbe anyone. The agent; this house’s ex-owner; its ex, ex-owner; one of their guests.. Ohmy, there were just too many suspects.I voiced out my thought to Jake and suggested the possible suspects, but he ignored me.He was totally engrossed in whatever’s on his screen.I got off the bed and wandered around his room. There was nothing interesting for me toread. All his books were too
for me. I peered over his collection of DVDs,which were genre-classified and arranged alphabetically in his TV cabinet. Hmm. I hadwatched most of them. Time for him to update his collection. Too lazy to explore outside of the room, I took the fountain pen from Jake’s
special item
case and sat on the bed. It was made from wood – I didn’t know what, but it lookedexpensive – and gold coloured steel clip. Very simple, but posh.Around half past eight, Jake gave up. He yawned and the moment his head touched thepillow, he’s dead to the world. Until now.I spun the pen around my fingers. Man, it’s so hard to do a Sonic. I had practised formonths, but still not much improvement. Felt rather frustrated, I pushed the pen with toomuch force and it flew. Straight to Jake’s temple. It hit him real hard.He jerked awake and rubbed his temple. “What was
?” he said with a grimace.“Oops. Sorry, dude. Accident happens,” I said. I tried to look as apologetic as I could, buthis expression was too funny. I had to stifle a laugh.I retrieved the pen from underneath the pillow and started to spun it around again. Jakestopped rubbing his temple and stared at me in horror.“Why, what’s wrong?” I asked.

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