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Published by Dowlish

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Published by: Dowlish on Jul 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Right. For better or worse I have to get this off my chest. Some of you wont like it, but hell, if 
you can’t write what you think we might as well all give up and go home. The simmeringcivil war I mean between what I will call the Bennett/Butler “dissenters” and the
Griffin/Dowson party leadership that shows no sign of abating.Starting with Simon Bennett bringing the main BNP web site down shortly before the election
and Eddy Butler’s call for reform and new leadership shortly after. Questions about the
concentration of so much power within the BNP in one persons hands and questionabledecision making skills at the top. The recurring theme of the somewhat opaque accountingprocedures and always in the background, the (apparently) shady, Rasputin like Mr Dowson.One thing I do know and what any reasonable person will clearly understand is that there isALWAYS another side to the story. It might not make much difference. Sometimes the otherside of the story adds very little. Sometimes it sheds new light on what initially appeared to berock solid truths.You might not like to admit it but no matter what you think, if you are only reading one side
of the story you are not in a position to judge. It’s an uncomfortable thought for some but all
the questions now being asked about the party need a more reasoned response than is nowbeing offered.If the truth shows the party leadership in a bad light, then so be it. Learn, take the necessary
steps and move on. If it definitely proves Bennett’s guilt, or that Butler is a fraud, or fully
vindicates the decision making process and probity in the top echelons of the party, and showsJim Dowson to be a saint, fine. End of story. No lingering doubts.Simon Bennett. Petulant, stupid, arrogant, selfish, a prima donna: possibly. Or maybe justpushed into desperate actions? Was he really left to face the music alone directly after theMarmite gaffe? Was his web stuff really being stolen? His own version of events surroundingthe web saga is compelling.
He hardly covered himself in glory, it’s true. Releasing the address details of Green Arrow fo
rexample (which, worse still, subsequently turned out to be those of his mother) hardly putshim in a position to claim the moral high ground. It is a despicable act, surly one of the
“unforgivable curses”.
But it does not mean that everything he writes is wrong.The whole BNP website saga of just before the election stinks. Simon Bennett admits that hetook the site down, but claims that he brought it back up again after 10 minutes. That much isclear, but the events of the 48 hours after that are not clear. At least not to me.As soon as I read about the site being down, the first thing I did, probably like loads of others,was go to and see for myself. As far as I can remember the site was still up. In any case I
didn’t get directed to Bennett’s site,
and as far as I can recall only later did I see the BNPholding page. The article in the Times, which is where I first read about the site being down,also indicates that the site was down for a short time before being brought back up.
Was it really that Arthur Kemp et al tried to migrate the site to a new server in the meantime
and failed? I don’t believe we have all the facts, so I don’t believe I can judge.
Innocent until proven guilty. That is one of the key principles of British justice and it applies just as much, perhaps even more so, to people who are hated. Otherwise justice descends intomob rule.And one big, big, question: how the hell was this dispute ever allowed to escalate to the levelit did? Where is the conflict resolution? Is there anybody in the leadership that takesresponsibility for this sort of thing? And if not why not? Or is it automatically allowed todescend to a scrap, and the man who can piss the furthest wins?Since then there has been a storm of claims and accusations aimed at Bennett. One of thelatest being that he created the site and all the peripheries based on an off the peg Wordpressdesign that cost two shillings and sixpence and he has been fleecing the members ever since.If true it would surly bury Bennett. Ironically, if true, it also gives credence to those who
claim that the party’s financial and personnel management is seriously up the duff, becausehow could this possibly be allowed to happen?. If it’s not true, along with other claims that
are being made...... well the consequences for the party are devastating.
As for Eddy Butler’s call for new leadership and reform: what’s so radical about that? It
happens in political parties.And the BNP Truth Chronicles blog? Is this an official party response to Bennett/Butler?Am I honestly supposed to believe that Eddy Butler is a Searchlight stooge? So, he once
switched parties. So did Winston Churchill, get over it, it’s a normal part of the intellectual
process. Is Bennett really mentally deranged and a far leftist collaborator? Where is the proof?If Bennett was a crook and a swindler, how did he manage to get away with it for so long?Same question regarding Eddy Butler and searchlight.Are the people behind this blog also the same people we hope to persuade the British peopleare capable of managing affairs of state? Is this blog to be representative of justice BNP style?Jesus Christ people do me a favour, think of the bigger picture. PEOPLE ARE WATCHING,AND WHAT THEY ARE WITNESSING IS NOT IMPRESSIVE.Convince me in logical calm language, with reasoned arguments, not smears, rumours andhalf-
truths. Don’t shout at me, talk to me. I expect calm and dignified leadership. What I’m
getting is pre-
 pubescent crap. If I read one more article starting with “Simon Be
nnett, far left/ 
searchlight/ mental/ lunatic criminal.....” I’m switching off. It reminds me too much of thearticles in the mainstream press that start “Nick Griffin, Nazi/fascist/racist bigot....” They
have no content either.As a relatively new member
of the party, I’m now in my fourth year, it never ceases to amazeme that in some circles this is still considered a normal way of doing business. If it wasn’t so
damaging it would be hilarious. Out there in the parallel universe that others call real life,Britain is being murdered, the whole of Western Europe is going down the pan, and we arestill calling each other names.
I wonder if we’ll grow up in time?
I bet the reds (the real reds that it, not the imaginary ones lurking in the heads of some of the
 party top) can’t believe how generous we are being to them. On their sites they are relaxing,talking of a summer of football, beer, and “watching the fash ripping lumps out of eachother”. Or is it chunks, I can’t recall which?
We all have a responsib
ility to make sure that doesn’t happen. Don’t wait for the other side to
blink first. Take some responsibility and do it now.
I won’t hold my breath on that one. Too many entrenched positions have been taken and
bridges burnt. Stupid. I sometimes get the feeling that some people within the party hierarchy
actually like being on the fringes of politics. It’s where they feel safest.On the 28th May, Nick published the “New Model Army” article which I initially found to be
very reassuring. I say initially because the second, third and fourth readings give rise to somequestions. This is not unusual; you can do it with almost any text. Large parts of it are stillreassuring.Nick wrote of professionalization. It has certainly gone a long way if you read about thechanges in working practices and the physical apparatus that has been put in place. This is tobe applauded. But professionalization also applies to management and leadership structuresand responsibilities within an organisation. The relation between the leaders and the led. Theparty leadership currently has an inordinately strong position.
He also wrote of “airing concerns” and “open debate”. Unfortunately the recent response has
not convinced me that either is truly possible. A guarantee of a fair hearing would have beennice. I accept that the BNP is subject to infiltration attempts that other parties do not face andthe party has to be mindful of that, but is everybody who falls foul of the leadership disturbedor an enemy of the state or a red? It seems to be a common trend. And very convenient.Nick has also announced his intention to stand down as leader in three years time, two yearsof this is needed to push through the modernisation process. A fully modernised party willthen be handed over to the new leader who will then have a year or so to gear up for theEuropean and General elections. In principle not a bad idea, but even here questions arise.Operation Overlord took one and a half years from inception to implementation and that wasthe biggest invasion of its kind in military history. Why then does it take two years tocomplete the modernisation process within the BNP, a relatively small political party?If you know what you need to do, do it. Six months tops. Implemented by 1st January 2011. It
can be done, I’ve witnessed it in organis
ations far bigger than the BNP.And why is it that Nick need to do this? Surly it would be better for the authority andreputation of a new leader if he or she modernised and reformed the party on taking over,outfitting it for the new challenges we face.
My own feeling is that Nick has taken the party as far as he can as leader. I’ll be generous and
say that the rather authoritarian leadership style was necessary to keep the party in one piece
and to get us to where we are now. I wasn’t involved, I can’t
easily judge. Besides which we
can’t do anything about that now. And whatever is said about his leadership style, more than

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