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Not Built to Be Broken Chapter 6 Excerpt: Amnesia of the Soul

Not Built to Be Broken Chapter 6 Excerpt: Amnesia of the Soul

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Published by Kassandra Vaughn
Here's an excerpt from my latest book, 'Not Built to Be Broken.'
Here's an excerpt from my latest book, 'Not Built to Be Broken.'

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Published by: Kassandra Vaughn on Jul 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Excerpt from
Kassandra Vaughn
 There is a disease of the mind that revolvesaround three words: “Not good enough.” This mental virus can originate from anynumber of places. Maybe you were raised byan overly critical parent. Perhaps you’remarried to a perfectionist spouse or you workfor an obsessive-compulsive boss. No matterwhat the starting point, the “not goodenough” syndrome continues on in your life,not because someone said or did somethingto make you feel inadequate but becauseyou believed them. What’s worse is that thevictim of “not good enough” abuse takes onthe role of perpetrator and now you do it toyourself before anyone even gets the chanceto.So many push for acceptance. We strive tobe liked. It’s the rat race for approval in aworld where not everybody’s going to likeyou. In fact, it so often happens that the
person who was thrilled with you a fewweeks ago is irritated with you today. Toallow someone else’s stamp of approval to sodefine your level of self-confidence that youchoose to operate from a place of “I have toearn your respect, love, etc” is to make thatother person’s opinion of you more importantthan your own knowing of who you are.“Not good enough” is an amnesia of the soul,a forgetting, on so many levels, of who youreally are. If, for a moment, you could stopand bring to your remembrance that yourconception was miraculous, your birth lifealtering, your destiny designed for greatnessand your power absolute, you would quicklydismiss the “not good enough” thoughts.But a trained mind has to be retrained. If you’ve spent the last twenty years trying to“prove” yourself, reprogramming thosetendencies is not going to happen overnight.If you want to eradicate the “not goodenough” mental virus, the first thing youhave to do is stop giving it places to replicatein your life. There are three main waysthrough which replication occurs: 1) thought,2) belief, and 3) action. Negative thoughts
about your abilities promote the feeling of being “not good enough.”When you wake up in the morning, look inthe bathroom mirror and focus your thoughtson the bags under your eyes, the recedinghairline or the pimple forming on your face,what you’re doing is thinking thoughts aboutwhat’s wrong with you… and you just wokeup. Negative thoughts trigger more negativethoughts. It’s a domino effect that can occurwithout you ever noticing that you do it. These thoughts are a breeding ground forthe “not good enough” virus and your bestdefense is to be conscious of your thoughtsand focused on shifting them from negativeto positive.A negative thought, with continuedrepetition, will result in a limiting belief. Thisis the second breeding ground for the “notgood enough” virus. Any time you use oneexperience as a predictor for the next, youare setting up a belief about future events.For example, you go into a job interview andbomb. One person might say “It was onebad interview. The next will be better.”Another person, one who is infected with the“not good enough” virus will say “I messed

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