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Hr Objective Questions 173

Hr Objective Questions 173

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Published by Jayesh Chaudhari

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Published by: Jayesh Chaudhari on Jul 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.What psychological methodology does NLP stand for?2.David McLelland's motivational theory identified three principalmotivational needs which he said each of us possesses tovarying degrees, and which characterise our motivationalbehaviour; what are these three motivational needs?3.Which organisation produces the UK's ABC1C2 (etc) Social GradeClassifications Statistics?4.What does the selling acronym AIDA stand for?5.Who developed the 'Equity Theory' of job motivation in the1960's?6.What does the financial abbreviation P&L stand for?7.Who developed the ten stages of corporate life cycle, startingwith Courtship and Infancy and ending in Bureaucracy andDeath?8.The Ansoff matrix correlates what two aspects of businessdevelopment from the 'new' and 'existing' perspectives?9.In selling and communications, what do 'open questions'generally achieve?10.Albert Mehrabian researched and published a now widelyreferenced set of statistics for the effectiveness of spokencommunications; what three types of communication did heidentify and what percentages for each did he attach to eachtype in terms of the percentage of meaning (or understanding)that each communication type conveyed from person to personin his study?11.In business accounts and financial reporting, expenseswhich change according to scale of performance or usage ordemand are known as what?12.What is the name of Ingham and Luft's model and theorywhich deals with hidden and open areas of knowledge about aperson?13.The '360 degree' appraisal method collects feedback fromwhom, about whom?14.What are the four levels of learning evaluation defined inDonald Kirkpatrick's model?15.What is the correct ascending order of these human needsaccording to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Esteem, Safety,Belongingness and Love, Self-Actualisation, Biological andPhysiological?16.What part of our brains typically handles process-typefunctions, according to brain theorists such as KatherineBenziger?17.What does the accounting acronym FIFO mean?18.One of the most effective and efficient forms of marketingis abbreviated to the initials WOM; what is it?
19.Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains divides learningdevelopment into three main aspects: Cognitive, Affective andPsychomotor; what might these three aspects of personaldevelopment more commonly be called?20.Who wrote the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?21.The 'Big Five' personality dimensions, by which modernday psychologists believe every person's personality andbehaviour tendencies can be measured are commonlyabbreviated to the OCEAN acronym; what does OCEAN stand for?22.What are the four metaphorical terms used to describeproducts/services in Boston Matrix model according to marketshare and market maturity?23.The financial ratio which divides a company's 'liquid assets'by 'current liabilities' is known by what popular term?24.What three important things should be confirmed andunderstood before conducting a brainstorming ideas session?25.What does the SWOT stand for in SWOT analysis?26.What are the 'Four Functional Types' within Carl Jung'stheory?27.With what was the Kyoto Summit concerned?28.What are the four sequential stages of the 'consciouscompetence' learning model?29.What is the '1st Law of Cybernetics' (aka the 'Law oRequisite Variety')?30.What are the four main 'Temperament' types called withinDavid Keirsey's Temperaments personality theory?31.According to the Tannenbaum and Schmidt theory relatingto delegation and team development, what must be reduced inorder for the team's area of freedom (and growth) to increase?32.What does the financial term ROI stand for?33.Whose experiential learning theory comprises the learningstyles named: Concrete Experience (feeling); AbstractConceptualization (thinking); Active Experimentation (doing); andReflective Observation (watching)?34.Daniel Goleman was responsible for popularising anddefining what management and behavioural concept in hiseponymously titled (ie., the title is also the subject) 1995 book?35.What is psychometrics?36.What is the management technique that is commonlyabbreviated to MBWA?37.Large size hand-writing generally indicates whatcharacteristics in the personality of the writer?38.Since October 2004, UK employers must follow a minimumprocess of three-stages for handling disputes with employees,including disciplinary and grievance matters; what are the basicminimum three stages required?
39.Douglas McGregor defined two main styles omanagement; what did he call them and how are each of the twostyles typified?40.Bruce Tuckman's theory about team development useswhat four sequential rhyming words to describe the four stagesof a group's progression?41.What are Howard Gardner's seven (original) MultipleIntelligences?42.According to Herzberg's motivational theory, which othese are 'hygiene needs' (or 'maintenance factors') and whichare true 'motivators': work conditions, salary, achievement,advancement, work itself, responsibility, company car, status,recognition, and personal growth?43.What does VAK stand for in the learning styles theory?44.What does the business acronym IPO stand for?45.What does the PEST stand for in PEST analysis?46.What do 'open questions' typically begin with?47.What visionary management thinker wrote The Age OUnreason and The Empty Raincoat?48.What are the names of the (nine) Belbin 'team roles'?49.In marketing, what are the The Four P's?50.A lot of the traditional 20th century sales theory andtraining was influenced by the 1937 book 'How to Win Friendsand Influence People'; who wrote it?
1.What psychological methodology does NLP stand for? Neuro-Linguistic Programming2.David McLelland's motivational theory identified three principalmotivational needs which he said each of us possesses tovarying degrees, and which characterise our motivationalbehaviour; what are these three motivational needs?Achievement (n-ach), the need to achieve things;Authority/Power (n-pow), the need to have impact, influence andauthority; and Affiliation (n-affil), the need for relationships,interaction and acceptance among other people (or words tosimilar effect as these definitions)3.Which organisation produces the UK's ABC1C2 (etc) Social GradeClassifications Statistics? NRS Ltd (National Readership Survey)4.What does the selling acronym AIDA stand for? Attention,Interest, Desire, Action5.Who developed the 'Equity Theory' of job motivation in the1960's? J Stacey Adams6.What does the financial abbreviation P&L stand for? Profit andLoss (Profit and Loss Account)

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