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Milstein Criminal Justice Policy Forum: Connecting Counter-Terrorism And Community Policing

Milstein Criminal Justice Policy Forum: Connecting Counter-Terrorism And Community Policing

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Published by BizLeaders
Remarks by Sir Ian Blair Introduction by Howard P. Milstein

April 18, 2006

Remarks by Sir Ian Blair Introduction by Howard P. Milstein

April 18, 2006

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: BizLeaders on Jul 19, 2010
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Remarks bySir Ian BlairIntroduction by Howard P. Milstein April 18,2006
    M    I    L    S    T    E    I    N
     C    R    I    M    I    N    A    L    J    U     S    T    I     C    E
    P    O    L    I    C    Y    F    O    R    U    M
Citizens Crime Commission
Since 2002, the CitizensCrime Commission of New York City has presenteda series of Criminal JusticePolicy lectures sponsored byEdward L. and Howard P.Milstein through the MilsteinBrothers Foundation. Eachevent features a nationally,or internationally, prominent speaker who addresses theCommission on such issues as crime, criminal justice orterrorism. The formal remarks are followed by a question-and-answer period. Each meeting is open to the media. Attendance is limited to 150 invited guests drawnfrom the top ranks of the New York City business andlaw enforcement communities. Each lecture is printedand distributed to top business, civic and law enforce-ment leaders. The Citizens Crime Commission of New York Cityis an independent, non-profit organization working toreduce crime and improve the criminal justice systemin New York City. The Commission is supported by thebusiness community; its board of directors is drawn fromtop corporate executives and members of major lawfirms. The Commission was established in 1978.Howard and Edward Milstein are prominent New Yorkbankers and real estate owners. They have a long recordof working with the New York City criminal justice systemto create and support innovative programs. They are alsoactive in national crime prevention issues.
Introduction byRichard Aborn
want to thank you all for coming. And Iwant to start tonight as I start many of these events with a thank you – actuallyanumber of thank yous. I first want to startwith Tom Moran who can’t be with ustonight. As you know Tom Moran is the CEOof Mutual of America. Tom has time andtime and time again – arranged for us to be inthis space. Mutual of America is an incredi- bly generous organization and Tom, himself is an incredibly generous man. So I thanhim on behalf of the Crime Commission.Ialso want to do another thank you. But before I do that I want to start off this eventwith an observation. It’ll come as no shock to anyone that the theme of the talk tonightis about terrorism and counter-terrorism.And when I think about that issue at a very broadlevel, not at an operational level, butatavery broad level, I think it’s really aboutthree things. Three core values if you will.The first corevalue is about courage. It’sthe courage that is spoken about in this townand in London very frequently; but cannot be said enough: The courage of so manypeople that charged into the burning towersonSeptember 11th and charged deep intothe Underground in London during the hor-rible bombings there. These brave individu-als charged into those structures not know-ing what else might be coming, men andwomen in uniform who, without hesitation,risked their own lives to help others. Peoplethey did not know and they did it at a timewhen probably every fiber in their body wasscreaming, “I want to go the other way.” Butthey charged in and they would do it againandagain. We owe an eternal gratitude tothose people, an eternal gratitude.1

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