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LW Cosmic Rays

LW Cosmic Rays

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Published by koochimetal

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Published by: koochimetal on Jul 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Ray Attunements
 LightWorker™ Series
Channelling and Manual
by Chris “Qan Dek” Comish
 Layout by Jens Søeborg
 Ray Attunements (LW™ Series)
Rev. Chris Comish, an American, who lived in Bavaria, Germany with hisGerman wife, recently developed this Lightworker™ system before hisascension 09-09-09 at 11:11 PM. His inspiration for the system wasthrough the works of Joshua David Stone. Joshua David Stone’s bookshave shown the path of Light to millions and are read by many aroundthe world.Chris was an ordinary person most of the time but also a person with ahigh spiritual vibration. He was an energy healer trained in Usui, KarunaKi, Shamballa Multi-Dimensional, Lavender Flame, Imara, Kundalini,Medicine Buddha, Light of Zapharel, Lightarian™ Reiki and Rays. He wasalso a Master Essene healer and an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.
Chris is workingfrom the inner planes of Shamballa now the Ascended Master Qan Dek.
LightWorker™ Miscellaneous Attunements
Abundantia Demeter Empowerment (Jens "Tehuti" Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series)Angelic Pink Rose Empowerment (Andrew Brocklebank) (LightWorker™ Series)Angels of the Heart Empowerment (Carol Ann Tessier) (LightWorker™ Series)Aphrodite's Birth Empowerment (Jens "Tehuti" Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series)Axiatonal Lines Reconnection (Chris “Qan Dek” Comish) (LightWorker™ Series)Breathe of Bliss (Andrea "Aridanne" Fetsko) (LightWorker™ Series)Brighid Empowerment (Nan Fahey & Jens Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series)Bùdài (Hotei) Initiation (Jens "Tehuti" Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series)Buddha's Bliss Attunement (Lee "Golden Eagle" Newman) (LightWorker™ Series)Cosmic Alignments (Tawan Chester) (LightWorker™ Series)
Cosmic Ray Attunements (Chris “Qan Dek” Comish) (LightWorker™ Series)
Galactic Center Energy Attunement (Wulf "Jedami" Dietzel) (LightWorker™ Series)Ganesha Triple Empowerment (Jens "Tehuti" Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series)Gilgamesh Empowerment (Alasdair Bothwell Gordon) (LightWorker™ Series)Golden Heart of Usui (Jens "Tehuti" Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series)Fusion Reiki (Rev. Dr. Jason Storm) (LightWorker™ Series)Joy of Being Attunement (Lee "Golden Eagle" Newman) (LightWorker™ Series)Lai Life Elixir Attunement (Wulf "Jedami" Dietzel) (LightWorker™ Series)Magic Touch of Reiki (Roger T. Hill) (LightWorker™ Series)Majestic Trees Attunement (Gail M. Schumann) (LightWorker™ Series)Masks of Mexico Attunement (Lee "Golden Eagle" Newman) (LightWorker™ Series)Milky Way Home Galaxy Empowerment (Wulf "Jedami" Dietzel) (LightWorker™ Series)Planetary Ray Attunements 1 (Chris “Qan Dek” Comish) (LightWorker™ Series)Planetary Ray Attunements 2 (Chris “Qan Dek” Comish) (LightWorker™ Series)Power-Break Empowerment Client’s Manual (Tawan Chester) (LightWorker™ Series)Power-Break Empowerment Teacher’s Manual (Tawan Chester) (LightWorker™ Series)Protective Healing Symbol (Melanie “Shivanie” Pfetzinger) (LightWorker™ Series)Seven Flavours of Vril (Wulf "Jedami" Dietzel) (LightWorker™ Series)Seven Ray Attunements (Jens Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series)Spiritual Transmission Initiation (Wulf "Jedami" Dietzel) (LightWorker™ Series)Usui Precepts Empowerment (Jens "Tehuti" Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series)Wordwide Net of Light (Sabine van Tellingen) (LightWorker™ Series)
 Ray Attunements
This is the third manual in a series of 3 – consisting of:1.
Planetary Ray Attunements 1 (7 attunements)2.
Planetary Ray Attunements 2 (5 attunements)3.
Cosmic Ray Attunements (8 attunements)The attunements are inspired by Joshua David Stone and the basic attunement by Chris“Qan Dek” Comish, but you have to attune each one of the energies yourself, so that thesingle energy will come directly from the source.
 The Cosmic Rays and the Great Beings of Light 
There are cosmic versions of the planetary rays. The cosmic rays are sourced from theGodhead at the Creator level and then filtered through each level (cosmic, multi-universal,universal, galactic, solar) and then down to Earth. There is not much information on thecosmic rays, since humanity has only been accessing the rays since the late 1990s.The cosmic rays are not yet grounded into Mother Earth, asmost of humanity is not yet ready for them. Attuning yourself to the cosmic rays is extremely important to accelerate yourpersonal ascension process and that of the entire planet. Eachattunement to the cosmic rays grounds the energies into yourbeing as well as the Earth. When enough of humanity hasgrounded the cosmic rays, they will begin permanentlyanchoring into the center of Mother Earth, accelerating thebeginning of the Golden Age.Since very little is known about the rays and more about their sources, the backgroundinformation here will concentrate on the Great Beings of Light who are the masters of thecosmic rays.
Helios, our Solar Logos
Helios is the being who embodies the entire solar system, just asSanat Kumara is the being who embodies the entire Planet Earth.Sanat Kumara and the planet Earth would be a chakra within thebody of Helios.Helios is anchored in the sun and is in charge of the evolution of theentire solar system. Seven Solar Logoi are assisting Helios in thecenter of our sun. Helios is the source of the solar ray of copper-goldlight.
 Vywamus, the higher self of Sanat Kum
 It was Vywamus who started the Tibetan Foundation with Djwhal Khul.This is a glorious being of cosmic intelligence. Humanity is lucky to havehis guidance so readily available on Earth. Vywamus no longer has aphysical body but exists as Light. He is considered to be a masterpsychologist. One of Vywamus’ main jobs is to help humanity clear thesubconscious mind of misconceptions and faulty beliefs and patterns.

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