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My Two StepBro's...

My Two StepBro's...

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Published by lyla edwards
not my story!!! this is a girls named Blayze from wattpad's... i had it downloaded and thouht 'hey i bet the people on scribd would like to readit.' soooooooooo hear it is....

not my story!!! this is a girls named Blayze from wattpad's... i had it downloaded and thouht 'hey i bet the people on scribd would like to readit.' soooooooooo hear it is....


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Published by: lyla edwards on Jul 19, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Two Stepbrothers Both Love Me, and Want to Share Me…With Each Other.Written By: Samantha Bryson
PROLOGUE10 months ago, Summer Yarison died leaving her husband and daughter behind. Her husband, Henry Yarison, has been seeing a woman named Hannah for a while anddecided to marry the beautiful, middle aged woman. Hannah already had two fatherless boys of her own. Daimen, and Dustin. While the two were on their honeymoon, a fewweeks later, Dustin and Daimen were sent to stay with their new stepsister at her apartment.Chapter One~*Sapphire's POV*~"I think she's hot." i heard a husky voice say."SHH! Shut up! She'll wake up." a second one said. The first voice laughed."So you dont think she's cute?""No, i do! But...mom and...dad said to keep her asleep until she wants to wake up." i jumped awake upon hearing "mom and dad". I turned to see two of the sexiest guys iveever seen. They jerked, startled when i jumped, but relaxed. I came to my senses andrelized...hey! There are two strange boys in my house! My mini-apartment, but still!"Who the hell are you!?" i screamed. The first boy, who was very well built with dark  brown hair and hazel eyes smiled at me."Um...Sapphire...your father told you to call them as soon as you woke up." he saidhanding me a house phone. "And by the way, im Daimen. This is my brother Dustin."Daimen said pointing to the other boy. He seemed older but just as smexy. He had black tuggable hair that was slightly messy, gorgeous hazel eyes with grey flakes, and a smalldiamond stud in his left ear.I grabbed the phone and called my barely-there dad. My dad was never home and if theywere, they never talked to me. They fill my bank account, buy me gifts and leave mealone."Hello, Henry Yarison speaking." my dad answered"Hey dad...its me." i mumbled."Oh! Hey Sapph, how are you?""Confused. There are two guys in my house without an invite and they told me YOU saidto call you...""Oh, so you met Daimen and Dustin!""Yeah" i answered. "who are they?" i heard my dad take a deep breath."Umm...Sapph honey? I...i got married." i almost dropped the phone."What! Already! Mom only died--""Ten months ago! I need to move on, and i did. I married a woman named Hannah
Vemble. Daimen and Dustin are her sons. They will be living with you and will be your step-brothers!" i couldnt speak. My dad got married behind my back?! And sent two boysto me?"Are you ok?" Dustin asked with concern. I nodded my head and continued to talk to mydad."Ok fine. I cant believe you didnt tell me! Anything! I'll host the two boys, but im notforgiving you." i said while hanging up. When i had set the phone down, i turned back tothe boys."So your my bros..." i said."STEP bros." Daimen smiled. Dustin nudged him and coughed. Daimen looked at Dustinknowingly and smiled."So how old are you babe?" Daimen asked"Babe? I'm 16 and 5/8ths...you both?" i said.They laughed at my "5/8ths" part."I’m turning 17 in 5 weeks and Dustin is 17 and 7/9ths." Daimen snickered. Oh god, hehad the hottest smile! Yet Dustin had those sexy dimples! I could see Daimen and Dustin both had fit bodies, but Dustin's was the sexiest. Lightly tan, 8-pack, huge biceps, andsolid chest. Daimen had more of a healthy tan, lean sexy legs, toned arms and a muscular six-pack. I was drooling over these two hotties that were my new brothers."Hey babe, i know we're hot...but i feel kinda violated" Dustin winked. I snapped out of itand rolled my eyes."Ha! You wish i was staring a you. And why do you keep calling me babe? We'resiblings." i said with a hint of sadness. Daimen and Dustin noticed this. Daimen reachedto me and stroked my face. His touch sent tingles all through my body."We call you babe...cause ur our babe." he whispered huskily into my ear. I melted andalmost leaned onto him, but controlled myself. Damien's hand trailed from my cheek,down my neck, to the side of my breast. I shivered and held in a moan.~*Dustin’s POV*~I watched as Daimen began to test our new little sister. She was beautiful. Mid-length brown hair, brown eyes, cute small face, large round breasts, and long sexy legs that wereshown by the bootie shorts she was wearing.Daimen’s hand trailed to her breast, rubbing the side softly. I growled inwardly with lust.I needed her in me! Daimen moved to her waist, then legs. He moved his hand to theinside of her legs and trailed upwards. Just as he was about to reach her probably wetcenter, he crept back down her leg. Sapphire was breathing sharply and heavily. I smiledas i knew what she was thinking.I took Daimen’s shoulder and pulled him back for a second. Daimen smiled and looked athis watch."Its almost noon...lets go eat." he said turning around and heading out of the room. Ioffered my hand for Sapphire to take. She slowly took it and got out of her bed. Once shewas on her feet, i smiled at her."Ok, you should get dressed. When you're done, we will go out and you can give us atour." i said sternly yet friendly. Sapphire nodded and let my hand go to find clothes. As i
was leaving the room she called to me."Dustin?""Yes?""Isnt it wrong? I mean...i felt something i shouldnt have when Daimen touched me... Or when you look at me." i chuckled and walked up to her, snaking my arm around her waist, i leaned her back and set two of my fingers on one of her nipples, rubbing it lightlyand teasingly. Sapphire started breathing heavily again, and a small moan escaped her lips."Do you like this?" i asked. "Do you want more? From me? Daimen?....both?"Sapphire seemed to distracted to answer. Se kept moaning softly and gasping. My guessis that she's a virgin and hasnt had experience with males. I leant in and kissed her cheek quickly."If you like it, its not wrong. Now babe, gwt dressed and meet us downstairs." i smirkedleaving Sapphire sitting on the floor, dumbfouned and gasping softly.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 2~* Daimen's POV*~I sat in the small living room, waiting for Sapphire and Dustin. We tottaly hit the jackpot.Sapphire is beautiful, and innocent. I always thought that when people said "love at firstsight", they were being stupid. That you cant love someone at first sight. But i take allthat back! Sapphire is my love at first sight. And im sure she's Dustins too. Speak of theDevil..."Hey D." Dustin said coming from Sapphires room. I smiled"Haha. So whatcha think?" i asked casually. Dustin raised an eyebrow."About Sapph?""No idiot, about my ass!""Just wondering, geez. She's perfect. I think...i might love her...already... And i barelyknow her."Dustin mused. I shook my head."We know a bit about her. Her- i mean...OUR dad told us all he knew.""Which wasnt much. She's alone here. Almost all the time." i nodded at Dustin."Yeah. But now, we're here to socialize and be big bros." i smiled. Big bros? I dont wantto be her brother! I want to be her boyfriend! Apparently Dustin thought the same thing."I wish we werent her brothers. Then i wouldnt feel so guilty about touching her." hewhispered."Well, im not guilty!" i chuckled, wondering why i felt so "open and happy" about this.The Sapphire came out of her room, in a not too fitted t-shirt, skinny jeans, and open toeheels. Her silky brown hair was in a loose ponytail, with a long peice of bangs on theright side of her face, framing it. She was even prettier than when she woke up!Dustin was checking her out as well."Um...should we go? We can take my car.." Sapphire started, but I cut her off."No, we'll take my car. A 2010 Infiniti g37 Convertable." i boasted. Dustin rolled hiseyes, and Sapphire smiled."Ok, we can go to Rubies Pancake House. I'll tell you how to get there." she said as weleft the house. When we got into my hot car, Sapphire began backseat driving."Left. LEFT. YOUR OTHER LEFT! Now turn at this light...OH GREAT! You missed it!

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