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Liberty Screenplay

Liberty Screenplay

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Published by Robert Timsah
A screenplay dedicated to the new Teaparty movement.
A screenplay dedicated to the new Teaparty movement.

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Published by: Robert Timsah on Jul 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LibertyByRobert TimsahWGAW Registered Robert Timsahborobbie2@gmail.com
FADE IN:1 EXT. TOWN - DAYSUPER: A FUTURE TEXAS.The town has no modern cars and most modern buildings areabandoned or destroyed, replaced with simple huts. The townhas the look of a time long ago. A few townsfolk walkaround, most wearing rags and lightly threaded clothes.Two men arrive on horseback in the Civilian Police Forceoutfit. As townsfolk notice them, some scurry in fear.The Civilian Police Force uniform is black, with a redbelt. They also wear a red and white Beret. A golden badgein the shape of a circle with the letters C.P.F. imprintedon it is worn above the left breast.On the right is MAXWELL PERCIVAL (30’s). A big, strong andwell-built warrior with a rough face and beard. On the leftis LANDON LYGOON (20’s) who is tall and handsome in hisuniform. He carries with him an air of arrogance andcontempt. Maxwell has a large spiked mace in his belt, whileLandon sports a sword in his.LANDON LYGOONGod, that smell! These towns shouldbe burned along with all the trash.(yells)Terrorist sympathizers!Maxwell flashes a dirty look at Landon, which Landonnotices.LANDON LYGOON (CONT’D)I forgot, you sympathize withthem. You forget where oursympathy got us, Maxwell?MAXWELLWe’re just here to find him,Landon. We do that, then we go.LANDON LYGOON(in a loud theatrical voice)Yes sir, lord Maxwell Percival!They stop in front of a small home. A dirty old man millsaround out front. Landon gets off the horse and approacheshim.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.LANDON LYGOON (CONT’D)What are you doing here, old man?OLD MAN(to Landon)Do you have any gold dust, food,silver? Can you spare anything son?LANDON LYGOON(to the old man)You can only use United Statesdollars and coins. Gold and silverare outlawed, don’t you know? Nowget going before we bring you in.Maxwell gets off his horse and stands near Landon andsurveys the town.OLD MAN(to Landon)Dollar’s don’t buy nothinanymore.Do you have anything else?LANDON LYGOONNo! Now do you know who’s in thishouse here, huh old man?OLD MANAh, to hell with you..The old man begins to stagger off, but before he can, Landonkicks him violently to the ground. Several people from thetown watch on with hatred. Maxwell goes to the man on theground.OLD MAN (CONT’D)(to Landon)You should be ashamed!Maxwell helps him up and proceeds to give him some smallsilver coins.OLD MAN (CONT’D)(to Maxwell)Oh, God bless you son.The old man walks away as fast as he can.LANDON LYGOONWhat the hell, Maxwell!(CONTINUED)

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