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Published by Valerie
Storing beans is simple! Find all the information you need here!
Storing beans is simple! Find all the information you need here!

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Valerie on Jul 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bean there. Done that! Beans R US! Bean meaning to eat more Beans!
 What’s a Legume?
Legume is the name of the family under which all peas, beans and lentils fall. Technically anything under these 3categories can be called a legume. All these plants have pods with tidy rows of seeds inside. Legumes are morecommonly called beans! Legumes are a class of vegetables. Legumes can be eaten fresh, canned, frozen or dried.There are over 25 different types of dry peas and beans.
 Common Beans
Baked Beans
Canned, with spices and sauce, great as a side or in Chili
Chili Beans
Canned, with chili spices, sometimes meat is also added
Pork & Beans
Canned, cooked with pork and spices, great as a side
Black Beans
Medium-sized, oval bean with black skin. Slightly sweet flavor and are used in soups, with rice, and inmany Mexican, Caribbean, & Latin dishes. Also great to add to ground beef as a meat extender.
Kidney Beans
Also called Mexican red beans, are large & kidney-shaped with strong flavor and soft texture. Used insoups, mixed bean salad, taco salads, chili, Creole dishes and traditional rice & beans.
Pinto Beans
Medium-sized, oval beans with a spotty beige and brown color. They turn completely brown when cookedand are used to make refried beans and other Mexican bean dishes.
Navy Beans
Small, white, oval beans with mild flavor and powdery texture. Used in baked beans, soups and stews.
Garbanzo Beans
Also called chickpeas, are medium-sized, round beans that are beige in color. Nutty flavor and firmtexture. Used in soups and salads, hummus, minestrone soup and Spanish stew.
Black eyed peas
Medium-sized, oval beans that are cream colored w/a black dot. Sharp flavor and smooth texture. Usedin salads, casseroles, fritters, bean cakes, curry dishes, and southern dishes with ham and rise.
Disc-shaped seeds. 2 kinds, small brown or large yellow. Used in side dishes, soups & stews.
Also known as green soy beans. Can purchase frozen in the pods at Maceys or Costco. Excellentsteamed or boiled, and then squeeze out of pod. Great for side veggie & snack, on salads & pasta!
Soy Nuts
Also known as Soybean seeds, roasted soybeans. Used as a snack, a garnish to salads. Add to trail mix.
 How healthy are dem beans?
Food Pyramid recommends 2-3 servings per day of beans or meatMake your choice with more beans, peas, nuts and seeds for a healthier you! (½ c. beans = 1 serving beans)
Low in fat, Low in Sodium, No saturated Fat or cholesterol!
Excellent source of protein and fiber
Contain iron, zinc, calcium, selenium and folate, and Rich in antioxidants, Vitamins B5 & B6, potassium
Helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases - heart disease and diabetes, mellitus, obesity and cancer
 Dry Legumes versus canned:
Canned beans are fast and easy to use. They are already re-hydrated thus no water needed!
Many canned beans are high in sodium. To avoid this rinse thoroughly or buy “no added salt”.
Dry beans store longer and take up less space, yet you do need water for re-hydrating!
Dry beans take longer to prepare, but not a big deal if you remember to soak overnight!
 Expiration Dates:
Dry beans - can store for 30+ years in a dark cool place
(the older they are the longer you must soak them)
Canned beans - generally last 1-3 years, check the expiration dates on the individual cans!
Dry Beans – You can purchase in #10 cans at the dry pac, or in bags & buckets at the grocers. If youpurchase in plastic bags be sure to store them in buckets to prevent bug infestation!
Canned Beans – Keep them handy so you can rotate them!
 Success when eating Legumes:
Choose the easiest form!
Use canned, precooked beans to simplify recipes (no soaking needed). Keep thepantry stocked with a variety of canned legumes for a quick addition or side dish to any meal!
Power up recipes!
Add dry or canned beans and peas when preparing casseroles, stew and sides. Makechili more interesting with combining pinto, black and kidney beans!
Serve satisfying Soups!
Attract your family with split pea, lentil, minestrone or white bean chili. Use pureedbeans to thicken soups and sauces!
Spice up your Menus!
Southwest flair! Offer black bean enchiladas, refried beans, or tacos w/pinto beans!
Make it fun!
Call baked beans COWBOY beans! Chili could be Chuck wagon Chili. Etc. Instead of a tostadocall it Taco pizza, a flat shell, refried beans, hamburger, black beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes.
Use colorful garnishes!
Kidney beans are beautiful in taco salad, or on any salad! Edamame is a brilliantgreen! Black beans add great contrast to your refried bean burrito & chili!
Salad Bar Sundays!
Enjoy the textures and colors of beans. Have a salad bar & offer red kidney beans,black beans, green Edamame beans, yellow lentil beans, and then of course fun sunflower seeds or peanutsand cheese & veggies & wonderful low sugar dressings! Have you tried the spray dressings?
Bring Back the Classics!
Pair baked beans as a side dish with oven-baked chicken!
After School Snacks!
Corn chips w/bean dip. Flour tortillas with refried beans and cheese. Edamamebeans are fun to pop out of their shells & kids love them. Trail mix with soy nuts and peanuts mixed between andcraisins & pretzels! Tortilla w/ cheese, black beans & salsa!
Healthy substitute for meat:
Add some black or kidney beans to your ground hamburger once it is cookedand then you can decrease the amount of meat (which means you also decrease the amount of fat & cholesteroltoo!) Great in taco & burrito meat! Sprinkle some beans in your shepherds pie too!
Try a new legume each week.
Taco Salad with Kidney beans, Refried beans on burritos & double tacos,White beans in White Chili, Variety beans in Taco Soup, etc. (see recipes)
 Combating the Gas Problem:
Legumes can lead to the formation of intestinal gas. Here are ways to reduce the gas-inducing quality of legumes.
1. If you’re new to beans start with a small amount and increase gradually, this will help immensely!2. Discard the soaking water before you cook. Some of the gas-producing food particles gets absorbed in the water – drain andrinse!!! Never cook in the water they have soaked in!3. Simmer beans slowly/longer until they are tender. This makes them easier to digest.4. Add a pinch or 1/8 tsp. of baking soda while cooking or to the soaking water. In addition to removing gas causing sugars italso helps to reduce the cooking time.
 Cooking Your Legumes:
Bean wanting to cook some beans!
1 cup of dry legumes = 3 cups after they’ve cooked
Begin by washing & sorting beans and discarding any which are discolored or badly formed.Check for debris from the package such as small rocks or twigs and discard them. (this step is easily donein a strainer)
Quick Cook
: Add 1 cup of dry beans to 5 cups of hot water and heat to a boil. Boil for 2-3 min. and thenremove from heat. Let the beans sit covered for at least 1 hour. The longer they are soaked, the less gasthe beans will produce. Drain water & now cook them in your meals.
Soak in water for about 6-8 hours or overnight. Drain water and then cook them according torecipe or directions on your bag of dry beans. Beans cook more quickly after soaking overnight.
Crock Pot:
Add 1 c. beans to 5 c. water in the crock-pot and cook on low overnight.
Cooking Length:
Every crock-pot can cook a little different, and every bean needs a little more or lesstime to cook, so – BE Patient! It will only take one time to figure it out, then you’ll be a pro!
Various spices and herbs
can be used to enhance the flavor of beans including: onion, tomatoes, salt,chilies, cumin, coriander, garlic, cayenne, turmeric, etc. The seasonings should be added during the last
1Month /Person
(in lbs)
 1 Year/Person
(in lbs.)
# InFamily
Amount for1 Year forentireFamily
30+Dry beans
(black, kidney, etc.)
2.5 3030+Dry lima beans 0.4 530+Dry soy beans 0.8 1030+Dry split peas 0.4 530+Dry lentils 0.4 530+Dry soup mix 0.4 5
Total Amount for Beans:
5 lbs.
60 lbs.

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