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ROUTE Chapter 6 - CCNP ROUTE (Version 6.0)

ROUTE Chapter 6 - CCNP ROUTE (Version 6.0)

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Published by AS2205

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Published by: AS2205 on Jul 20, 2010
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 Close WindowAssessment System1. Assessment Selection 2. Assessment Settings 3. Take AssessmentTake Assessment - ROUTE Chapter 6 - CCNP ROUTE (Version 6.0)Time Remaining:
Which BGP routers will become peers and share routing information?BGP routers that are configured with the same
commandBGP routers share routing information with all routers in the same AS by default.BGP routers that are configured with the
commandBGP routers that are configured with the same
Refer to the exhibit. BGP sessions are established between all routers. RTC receives route updates for network from autonomous system 300 with the weight attribute set to 3000. RTB also learns about network from autonomous system 200 with a weight of 2000. Which router will be used by RTA as a next ho
reach this network?RTB because of the lowest weightRTB because of the slow 64 kb/s link RTB because of the shortest AS_PathRTC because of the highest weightRTC because of the longest AS_PathRTC because of the T1 link 
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?The neighbor at is an external peer.The neighbor at is an internal peer.RTA is going to advertise that it is part of AS 300.RTA is going to advertise network to its neighbors if or its subnets are in the IP routingtable.
 Refer to the exhibit. Router R2 is currently unable to access network Based on the information inthe exhibit, which configuration would fix the problem?R1(config)#
router bgp 65100
network mask
router bgp 65100
network mask
router bgp 65100
no synchronization
router eigrp 1
no auto-summary
Which two statements are key characteristics of BGP? (Choose two.)It uses cost as its metric.It is a link-state routing protocol.It is a policy-based routing protocol.It uses bandwidth and delay as its metric.It is an advanced distance vector routing protocol.It provides interdomain routing between autonomous systems.

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