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Harry Thomas Jr.’s Blame Game

Harry Thomas Jr.’s Blame Game

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Published by Hunter4ward5

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Hunter4ward5 on Jul 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harry Thomas Jr.’s Blame Game: Thomas ContinuesTo Blame Others For Any And Every Problem ThatArises
 Harry Thomas Jr. ought to look at himself before blaming a singleinstitution, company or individual for his collective problems.
(Washington, DC)-July 20, 2010-THESE DAYS, it seems our Harry ThomasJr. needs to blame someone for any and every problem that arises. Would youwant a man who always blames others for his errors, misrepresents himself, andnever takes responsibility for his actions to represent Ward 5? It really is areflection as to what kind of leader Harry Thomas Jr. truly is…ONE WHOALWAYS BLAMES OTHERS for his mistakes. Is this truly someone youwant to represent Ward 5?Although this is certainly understandable, for someone like Thomas who hasspent his career looking for scapegoats when he makes mistakes, his desire tocast blame can take our attention away from the problems at hand, hiscontinuous pattern of not taking accountability for his actions and blamingothers for his mistakes has come to light once again.Thomas illustrated this perfectly last week when the WashingtonCityPaper.comreported he pointed fingers at the feds who handle accounts receivables for student loans, stating that the $16,000 that he reportedly owes for student loansmust be an “administrative error”.He illustrated this again in June when the WashingtonCityPaper.com reportedthat Thomas stated that the five parking tickets that were issued to him inPrince Georges County between 1985 and1992must be a mistake because he previously paid all of the outstanding tickets, even though court records stateotherwise. Again, he pointed the finger at Prince Georges County when he blamed an “administrative error” as the reason for the speeding tickets beingreported unpaid, even though court records indicated that Thomas himself wasa no show for court on more than one occasion.Thomas illustrated this again, when in March the Examiner reported thatThomas ‘car was booted for not paying“four unpaid parking tickets, totaling$655and he “blamed Mayor, Adrian Fenty”.Thomas illustrated this once again when in March theWashingtonCityPaper.com, reported he clearly stated, "I have no earmarks,”.
Earmarks were prohibited by DC City Council, but somehow,Harry ThomasJr. got them through anyway. Thomas stated that the money was given toCYITC, CEO Ellen London-for distribution and he just “maderecommendations for groups we know that have done these types of services,and they have to apply like everybody else to that process." However, in aninterview, Ellen London said that the CYTIC did not open the Ward 5 moneyto bids, as it did for most other pools of city funds. And Thomas was influentialin the funding process. Bottom line, Thomas earmarked funds.All of these are a series of finger pointing incidents, one after another, by HarryThomas Jr. This is an example of the blame game run amok. Simply put, hisfinger-pointing is getting old and out of hand, and kids; this is an obviousteaching moment. Take Responsibility For Your Actions. The problem withthis tendency to cast blame is that it allows Harry Thomas Jr. to exculpatehimself from his personal fiscal responsibility. By blaming others, companies,individuals, etc. he thinks it seemingly absolves him of his role as a CityCouncilmember representing Ward 5 who should take accountability and beresponsible for his actions.Whether it’s his dysfunctional accounting, budgeting, misrepresentation or poor financial management, we ought to look at Harry Thomas Jr. first, and heshould look at himself first before blaming a single institution, company or individual for his collective problems.Thomas’ trend toward a more intense blame game is no doubt driven in part byhis increasing desire to avoid taking responsibility, and/or being accountablefor his actions. The question again is, citizens of Ward 5, do you want someonerepresenting you, who is always looking for a scapegoat? The incumbentshould stop looking for a scapegoat; instead, he should own up to his mistakeshonestly. He should take responsibility, as well as he should be accountable for his actions. If he had done so, he could have focused more on the major criseswe are facing together in Ward 5, such as the rising unemployment (15%), lack of jobs for Ward 5 residents, rising crime amongst our youth, the increase inHIV/AIDs rate (nearly 3%), just to name a few. “If you want someone who isnot looking for a scapegoat and who will focus on what we can do individuallyand collectively to stop the problems in Ward 5, one who will focus on NEWideas for the future of Ward 5, and finally one who will focus on Making Ward5 First, if you want to be a part of the movement of Making Ward 5 First, please log onto,www.delanohunter.com  NOW” said, Delano Hunter, Ward 5 City Council Candidate.

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