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How to Terminate an Employee Book Version A

How to Terminate an Employee Book Version A

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Published by dbogs2000
Simple steps to termianting an employee
Simple steps to termianting an employee

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Published by: dbogs2000 on Jul 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Terminate an EmployeeUnfortunately, from time to time we are thrust into situations in whichan employee needs to be terminated from employment. Poor workperformance, chronic bad attitude, and breaking company rules are just some of the situations that cause employers to take correctivesteps.In many instances, it is appropriate that the employee has been giventimely feedback and given an opportunity to change the behavior. Insome cases the employee is terminated without warning. These casesare typically due to more severe violations of policy, ethics, or someother form of negative conduct or poor judgment. Your role is to ensure that certain results are being met. Whensomeone fails to do that in his or her job, due to a lack of skills,abilities, performance or bad judgment, you must keep in mind thatyou are fulfilling your duty for the betterment of the company.If you are at that point with the employee and there is no other remedyavailable to you, then the following advice should be used.1. Contact HR and obtain support. This step may lead you to becomefrustrated as more and more questions are asked, but remember thatHR is only trying to protect you and the company from any form of legal repercussions and to insure fair treatment of all parties involved.Before you make this step or take any actions, insure that everythinghas been fully documented as this information will be needed tosupport your position and save you time later on.2. Contact your supervisor and keep them aware of your action stepsand your communication and concurrence from HR.3. Set up a time to conduct the meeting with the employee and decidewho else you wish to have present. Another manager or HRrepresentative should always be present, especially if terminating apotentially hostile employee. Sometimes an individual may twist yourwords or make false accusations about what was said or how it wassaid. Some HR representatives also believe that it is best to include abalance of genders in the meeting.In all fairness to the employee, terminate as early in the workweek andday as possible. Be prepared with all paperwork and employee contact

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