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Increasing Throughput through Condensate Pump

Increasing Throughput through Condensate Pump

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Published by QAI
Increasing Throughput through Condensate Pump: A presentation by QAI

Increasing Throughput through Condensate Pump: A presentation by QAI


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Published by: QAI on Jul 20, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© QAI India Limited. All rights reserved
A presentation byQAI
Innovation Case Study: Steam Condensate Pump Product Design 
Innovation Case Study: Steam Condensate Pump Product Design
Project Objective:
To find product design specific technological solutions to increase the discharge rateof Steam Condensate Pump
Steam Condensate Management
Organization and Industry:
Leading international supplier of pumps
Case Background:
 As an energy saving practice, many organizations that use steam for process controlor heating take considerable effort to recover the subsequent hot condensate. This condensate (hotwater) is returned to the boiler, where it is heated and pressurized to the system requirements. Whencondensate leaves the steam trap, it contains approximately 20% of the heat energy transferred in theboiler to generate steam. Vertical displacement pressure powered pumps are a popular technical systemused to pump the condensate back to the boiler.Figure, below shows the internals and workings of a vertical displacement pressure powered pump.Figure: How the Pressure Powered Pump (PPP) WorksOne of the challenges faced by manufacturers of PPPs is that while the pump is in the filling stroke, nocondensate is being pumped to the boiler. Adding multiple PPPs leads to increased utilization of the spacewhich is not available at sites since PPPs are typically installed in low space areas where manualintervention is kept at the minimum and the environmental conditions are also harsher The current project has been undertaken to find out technological solutions to increase the discharge rateof the vertical displacement PPP.
Confidential ©2008 QAI Asia1
Innovation Case Study: Steam Condensate Pump Product Design 
Challenges facing the organization
The team lacked a structured process for guiding the thinking process to generate innovative productdesign solutions that are cost-effective and implementable.Past attempts at product design were unable to meet all criteria set by management: cost effective, easeof implementation, and increased throughput rate. The ideas generated by the team were either leadingto increased complexity of the product or increased costs.
Project Success criteria defined by Management
Management was exploring a structured approach to innovation that was low on complexity withoutcompromising the rigor and effectiveness. The following criteria were defined for evaluation of the ideas1.Cost of implementation should be low2.Ease of Implementation3.Maintainability in the long run should be easy4.Solution should result in a high satisfaction score from the user of the pump.
s Consulting Approach
The project was executed in the three phasesshown in the figure.1.Information Gatheringa)The primary objective of InformationGathering phase is to1.Understand the MainParameters of Value from acustomer perspectivei. Main Parameters of Value (MPV) are those attributes for product or service thatwill have the greatest significance in the customers purchasing decision.ii. Innovation requires a precise understanding of value: the who, what, when,where, how, and why of the customer 
s need. It then means getting that valueto them without complexity creeping in.
Confidential ©2008 QAI Asia

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