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The Influence of Classical Music

The Influence of Classical Music

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Published by Priya Upadhyaya
Music - For everyone.
Music - For everyone.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Priya Upadhyaya on Jul 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The influence of Classical music
Can you hum this song? ³ Tum paas aaye« yun muskuraaye« tumne najaane kya sapne dikhaae´ Ofcourse, this is the title track from one of the greatest hits of bollywood ± ³Kuchkuch hota hai´. Have you ever dug deep into your inner passion of music to knowmore about this song? You may end up only till the singer, music director, but whatabout the tune, the mood, the feel? CAUGHT YOU! Will you ever believe that thissong has been composed on a very rigid and one of the traditional ragas of Carnaticclassical music called Shankarabharanam? Oops! Confused?? But this is how you endup when you start researching for the roots of each and every film song you hear.India is a land of rich cultural heritage and tradition. Music is one among thoseintegral gems. Better known as Gandharva Vidya ± music is a sheer joy and anexperience gifted by Goddess Saraswathi herself. The Indian classical music hasbeen broadly classified in two catagories. :Hindustani classicalCarnatic classical.Every singer or music director or even the lyricist firstly thinks about the scene, theplot and next comes the basic raag or a melodious sequence of notations suiting thesituation. Finally they take up the words to give a bundle of hits which we thencherish by listening to those.Let me give you another try, for instance ± ³Kehta hai mera yeh dil piyaa«Koi hai koi hi nahi«´ Bingo! Right guess. This is a famous number from the movie ³Jeans´. Can youatleast now make any kind of R&D to figure out in which raag has this song beenset? I¶m sure you¶ll give up again. This is called raag ³Bhimpalas´ in Hindustani andraag ³Abheri´ in the carnatic form.Now I can feel your enlightening mind thinking about the importance of classicalmusic and can also observe the inner regret for not increasing your classical know-how and guilt for not respecting it.Its true that this is our age which make us go GaGa behind those which may justlook attractive but is not so in its core. This understanding has to be nurtured be outelders whom we just neglect and term then as boring and old fashioned. But justshake up your conscience and ask whether ³Are you an Indian?´ If yes then why notlearn the authentic aspects of our culture and then turn towards the so called ³contemporary arts´ which we sophisticatedly and luxuriously term as Classy?Thanks to the present page 3 popularity. This all conveniently adds up for theexisting cliché.To put it in a different way, we have great stalwarts and legends like R. D. Burman,Ilayaraja, A. R. Rahman, Ismail Durbar and many others who have created a historyafter their name and deed. Do you think life was just a cakewalk for them? Theycould¶ve just been like one of us like listening to rock, jazz and many as such andstopped it there. But they knew they were different, they tried something different

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