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Global Talk Q2 Web

Global Talk Q2 Web

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Published by Morne Gouws

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Published by: Morne Gouws on Jul 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SYSPRO Asia Pacificrounds up
the cost savings
In this issue: SYSPRO helping you achieve a healthy Return on Investment
Keeping a
tight reinon inventory
looks long term
with SYSPROHayward Gordon usesSYSPRO to
reduce costs
CEO’s message
Helping you
achieve ahealthy ROI
he world of information technology is
one of
rapid and frequent change, oftencreating a sense of uncertainty. Thedemands on enterprise software are not thesame as they were five or even two yearsago. Amid all these fluctuations, SYSPROis keeping abreast of technology trends.We have worked with mid-market enter-prises since our inception, and we know andunderstand this section of the market. We willcontinue to ensure our solutions meet yourneeds.As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, SYSPRO6.1 offers significant functional, businessand industry-specific enhancements. Thisincludes business process modeling, enter-prise performance management, workflowfor automated processing, end-to-end sup-ply chain management and development ofthe cloud hosted SYSPRO SaaS (Software asa Service) offering.There’s more though – in addition to allthose good things, with SYSPRO 6.1 we areable to help our customers achieve a healthyreturn on investment (ROI) – more so thanever before. This is partly due to modulessuch as Inventory Optimization and WorkflowServices, and partly due to our focus on Leanprinciples.The Lean philosophy is all about collabora-tion and working as a single unit in the mostefficient manner to achieve the businessobjective – which is ultimately to reducecosts and increase profits. A key Lean initia-tive is to reduce inventory levels while improv-ing service levels.In fact, the basic goal of Lean manufactur-ing is to get more done with less by minimizinginventory at all stages of production, shorten-ing the product cycle times from materials tofinished goods and eliminating waste.SYSPRO supports the Lean initiativethrough the use of technology built on andaround a solid end-to-end business solu-tion. Technology facilitates automation inthe manufacturing arena of the businessby replacing manual transaction process-ing with bar-coding solutions; this has theimmediate effect of reducing waste andimproving efficiency. Introducing rules-basedscheduling tools can vastly improve through-put, reduce bottlenecks and better utilize theshop floor.We all know the issues surrounding inven-tory are highly complex, and that organiza-tions are starting to understand more aboutthe link between inventory and achievingcost savings. By getting to grips with the roleinventory plays in the value chain, compa-nies can ensure that it adds value to theorganization, rather than representing costalone. By optimizing your inventory to addvalue in the most effective and efficient waypossible – thereby saving costs – your organi-zation can improve profitability and competi-tiveness. Inventory optimization also improvesthe organization’s ability to provide perfectorder fulfillment and manage a demand-driven supply chain.In theory, inventory is held to balance varia-tions in demand with time lags and variationsin supply. Demand draws value, and invento-ry, through the supply chain. As supply chainsare often long and complex, it is difficult tomatch the dynamics of different parts of thesupply chain so that the flow of goods andmaterials is smooth and without waste. Large
SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 7 No.2
Phil Duff – CEO, SYSPRO
manufacturing batch sizes, long or unreliablelead times, infrequent shipping cycles, largeminimum order quantities, demand that is dif-ficult to predict and poor quality can all addto inventory that accumulates throughout thesupply chain without adding value.On the other hand, having the right amountof inventory can improve service levels andadd turnover and profitability. Ideally, inven-tory optimization should be done across thesupply chain.SYSPRO 6.1’s built-in Inventory Optimizationmodule provides the tools and processes tooptimize inventory by tracking and manag-ing the parameters that shape inventory andits causes. This module also includes the toolsto determine the impact of changing theseparameters on service levels, stock-holding,delivery performance, and manufacturing orprocurement performance.I mentioned SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS)earlier – this module comprises a flexibleand customizable workflow engine for mod-eling business processes. Using a graphicalinterface, it puts control in the hands ofusers to design and visualize workflow proc-esses for specific business process needs.The software is based on Microsoft WindowsWorkflow Foundation and is fully incorpo-rated into the SYSPRO product, meaning thatworkflow processes can be initiated from any-where in the SYSPRO product. The advantagesof a Microsoft .NET-based workflow solutioninclude greater flexibility, improved processcontrols and easy development of associatedprograms to augment business processes.While we are on the subject of costsavings, I would like to point out that whileother enterprise software vendors are addingto the technology stack that their customersmust adopt, SYSPRO understands that youare looking for reduced complexity andownership costs. To achieve this, SYSPRO isreducing the technology stack that organiza-tions need to manage. This strategy includesadopting Microsoft Windows as the onlyplatform for SYSPRO in the future. With a singleproduct, single platform focus, the reductionof the SYSPRO technology stack will deliverexponential benefits to customers, channelpartners and the development community.This edition of Global Talk focuses on howto achieve cost savings with your ERP system,and we are proud to present case studieswhich showcase how SYSPRO’s various fea-tures have helped our customers in theseareas.
SYSPRO 6.1 offers significantfunctional, business and industry-specific enhancements. This includesbusiness process modeling, enterpriseperformance management, workflowfor automated processing,end-to-end supply chainmanagement and developmentof the cloud hosted SYSPRO SaaS(Software as a Service) offering.
SYSPRO Global Talk I Vol 7 No.1

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