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Published by Tala Buco

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Tala Buco on Jul 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Sample Membership Renewal Reminder Notice (use HSLANJ stationary)]To:HSLANJ membersFrom: Susan PistolakisMembership SecretaryRe:Renewal Reminder NoticeHSLANJ has not received your check and application form for the coming year (state year). Please see attached membapplication and remit your payment as soon as possible. The deadline for payment is August 1
.Please send application and payment to the following address:Susan Pistolakis, Medical LibrarianMedical Center of Ocean CountyInformation Resource Center 425 Jack Martin Blvd.Brick, NJ 08724Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.Article IVMembers’ MeetingsBatch Representatives – Members of each particular batchshall be represented by their appointed or elected Batch Representative or hisAlternate. Batch representatives and, in their absence, their respectivealternates, shall be entitled to attend all meetings and shall be authorized to actfor and in behalf of the graduating batch which he represents, including theright to vote for the trustees and officers of the Association. Voting by proxyshall not be allowed. For this purpose, the Association, through the Secretary,shall maintain an official list of batch representatives and their respectivealternates, which list shall be periodically updated upon receipt of a writtennotice from any particular batch of any change in their batch representative or Section 2. Annual Meetings – The annual meeting of the members shall be held at the principal office of the Association on the third Wednesday of March of each year, unless the same falls on a holiday, in which case theannual meeting shall be held on the fourth Wednesday of March of thatSection 3. Regular Meetings – All regular meetings shall be held on thethird Wednesday of every month at the principal office of the Association,unless written notices of such meetings should fix another day and place withinSection 4. Special Meetings – Special Meetings of the members may becalled as the need thereof arises by the Board of Trustees or the President or upon petition of a majority of the general membership as represented by the batch representatives and/or their alternates.Section 5. Quorum – No election for Officers and Members of the Boardof Trustees, appointment of an honorary alumnus or amendment of these By-laws shall be valid unless approved during a members’ meeting where at leasttwenty five (25) batches are present through their respective batchrepresentatives or represented by their respective alternates.Section 6. Notices – Written notices of the time and place for meetings of the members and for the election for members of the Board of Trustees shall begiven personally or by facsimile or electronic mail to all batch representativesand alternates at least two (2) weeks before the date set for such meeting. The
notice of every special meeting shall state briefly the purpose or purposes of theSection 7. Minutes – Minutes of meetings shall be kept and carefully preserved as a record of the business transacted at such meetings. Minutes of each meeting shall be prepared within three (3) working days from the date of Section 8. Order of Business – As much as practicable, the order of  business at any regular meeting shall be as follows:Reading and approval of minutes of the previous meeting;Reports of the officers and committees, if any;STANDING RULESDecember 2008Definition of Communist Affiliation1. A person shall be deemed to be “affiliated with Communist or other totalitarianmovements” if that person (a) is a member of the Communist party or other totalitarianmovement, (b) has taken substantial action in support of such movements over and above mereadvocacy of their underlying philosophies, or both (a) and (b).Definition of Corrupt Influences2. A person shall be deemed to be “identified with corrupt influences” if that person has been convicted of, or served any part of a prison term resulting from conviction of, a felony, for ten years after such conviction or after the end of such imprisonment, unless prior to the end of such ten-year period such person’s citizenship rights, having been revoked as a result of suchconviction, have been fully restored.Definition of a Member 3. A person shall be deemed to be a “member” if that person qualifies for membership asstated in Article IV, Section 1, of the Constitution and has either (a) paid yearly dues within theimmediately preceding two years or (b) submitted a valid signed payroll deduction form for Association dues which has not been terminated.Definition of a Member in Good Standing4. A member shall be deemed to be in “good standing” if that member has either (a) paidyearly dues within the immediately preceding twelve months, or (b) submitted a valid signed payroll deduction form for Association dues, and who has not voluntarily withdrawn frommembership, nor has been excluded from membership. Negotiated Agreements5. The Secretary shall forward a copy of each negotiated agreement made by theAssociation to any member of the bargaining unit who requests such a copy and whose rights asa unit member are directly affected by such agreement. The Secretary also shall maintain copiesof all such agreements, which copies shall be available for inspection by any member or by anyemployee whose rights are affected by such agreement.Election Protest6. Any member of the Association may file a protest alleging violations of the nominationand election procedures. The protest must (a) be in writing, (b) contain a clear and concisestatement of the facts alleged to constitute violations of the nomination and election(c) contain a statement of the relief requested and (d) be presented to the Election Committee.The Election Committee shall render a written decision and transmit a copy to the protestor andthe Executive Committee. The protestor may appeal the decision of the Election Committee tothe Executive Committee by presenting a written appeal to the President at least ten workingdays prior to the annual December meeting. If the Election Committee does not render a writtendecision within three working days of receipt of the protest, then the protestor may appealdirectly to the Executive Committee by presenting said protest to the President at least tenworking days prior to the annual December meeting. Within one week of either such appeal, the
 protestor shall be notified of the time and place of a special meeting of the Executive Committee,at which meeting the protestor will be afforded an opportunity to be heard. A 2/3 majority voteof the members of the Executive Committee present and voting shall be necessary to sustain theelection protest. The protested election shall be presumed valid pending final resolution by theExecutive Committee.Exclusion from Office7. Any member of the Association may file a request to exclude any member, hereinafter, inthis Rule, to be referred to as the affected member, from office in the Association for the reasonsstated in Article III, Section 2(E) of the Constitution. The request to exclude from office must(a) be in writing, (b) contain a clear and concise statement of the facts alleged to be sufficient toexclude from office and (c) be presented to the Election Committee. The Election Committeeshall render a written decision explaining the basis for exclusion or non-exclusion and transmit acopy to the requestor, the affected member and the Executive Committee. If the ElectionCommittee does not render a written decision within two weeks of receipt of the request, then therequestor may appeal directly to the Executive Committee by presenting said request to thePresident. A decision for exclusion may be appealed by the affected member to the ExecutiveCommittee by presenting a written appeal to the President within two weeks of such decision.Within one week of either such appeal, the affected member shall be notified of the time and place of a special meeting of the Executive Committee, at which meeting the affected member will be afforded an opportunity to be heard. A 2/3 majority vote of the members of theExecutive Committee present and voting shall be necessary to sustain the request to exclude.Election Apportionment8. For purposes of election apportionment and election voting, dues-paying members fromthe Central Reexamination Unit and the Patent Training Academy, or their organizationalsuccessors, shall be considered to be members in the discipline (Electrical, Mechanical,Chemical) in which they are assigned to examine. (September 2008) Nomination Procedures9. The Election Committee shall make a Call for Nominations in October of Associationelection years and shall specify the period during which nominating petitions will be accepted. Notwithstanding any action of the Election Committee, nominating petitions will be acceptedduring the last full week in October. (December 2008)10. Nominations for an Officer shall be by petition stating the Office sought, acknowledginga willingness to serve over the nominee’s signature and signed by at least 15 members in goodstanding.11. Nominations for an Area Delegate shall be by petition stating the organizational areasought to be represented, acknowledging a willingness to serve over the nominee’s signature andsigned by at least 5 members in good standing from the organizational area sought to berepresented. A nominee for a particular organizational area must occupy a position within thatarea.12. If a nominee for area delegate is on a temporary detail, work assignment or equivalentduring the nominating period, the nominee can run for area delegate in the area the nominee wasassigned to prior to going on temporary detail, work assignment or its equivalent. (October 2006)13. Nominating petitions must be delivered to the Election Committee, or to the Secretary,who will transmit them to the Election Committee.14. The Election Committee shall decide the validity of every nominating petition byverifying that each nominee is a member in good standing and that all other requirements for nominations have been satisfied.Election Procedures15. The Election Committee shall, at least 15 days prior to the November election, mail

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