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Strange New World Chapter 2 V5

Strange New World Chapter 2 V5

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Published by Tera Cashen
Lizzy takes the initiative to find her family's book of magic.
Lizzy takes the initiative to find her family's book of magic.

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Published by: Tera Cashen on Jul 21, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 2
Grandma had died only a couple of weeks ago. I still expected her to be waitingin the living room when I came home from work. I expected to see her on the phone toher friends every evening after supper. I expected to find her rocking Emma in her arms whenever the twins had had a fight.It was cruel to have another guardian leave us. First our parents, both dying in ahorrific car crash, me almost dying with them, then our grandmother, taken by a seriesof strokes at 71. It felt wrong to enter her bedroom and not see her sitting up in bed, bleary-eyed, asking me what was wrong. But I couldn’t focus on how empty the room was without her. I had a job to do.I don’t think any of us had entered the room since Grandma’s death. I closed thedoor behind me as quietly as I could and became the first person to enter it since herdeath. Then I surveyed the room. A typical master bedroom, done in light purple, withdark mahogany furniture. Pictures of us when we were younger were stuck in the mirrorframe. There was a framed picture of Grandma and Grandad at their wedding sitting onthe bedside table. An unfinished sweater she was knitting was on the stuffed chair. Butno Grandma.Once I got used to being in such a silent room, I began looking through thedrawers. From what I knew of witchcraft, witches had a spellbook, book of shadows, orgrimoire where they kept all of their spells, rituals, lore, etc written down in. Mom hadtold us to look for her grimoires, or ask Grandma for hers, so that meant that there hadto be at least two grimoires for us to use. If Grandma was a witch and she wanted to hide
the grimoires from us, then the most logical place in the house for her to hide them would be in her bedroom.I searched the drawers, the storage totes, the trunk, the shelves, even the en suite bathroom. I got down on my hands and knees to look under the bed, but all I found weredust bunnies. I searched through the closet last, but found nothing. At least nothingcovered with other stuff. That didn’t mean there weren’t trap doors or secretcompartments.I felt along the walls of the closet but couldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. Igot down on my knees and began pushing aside Grandma’s shoes. The door bangedopen and I jumped, my head hitting the edge of a trunk stuffed in the closet. As I clutched my head, I turned to look up at the person standing in the doorway.Mona was rubbing her eyes, looking annoyed at me. “What are you doing?” she asked.I straightened, clutching a pair of Grandma’s shoes. “Looking through Grandma’sthings,” I said. “Why?”“At 2:30 in the morning?” she asked, a touch of grumpiness in her voice.“I couldn’t sleep,” I said.She stared at me for a couple of seconds as if I’d gone mad. Then she turned tothe room. Her grumpiness slid away as she looked at Grandma’s things. She huggedherself before turning away. “Just keep it down,” she muttered before leaving the room.She left the door wide open. I watched her move down the hall back to the stairs before getting up. I’d just taken a step when another door opened. Rose peered out,frowning. I froze, red-handed. She came out of her bedroom and came into Grandma’s,
stepping in hesitantly. She looked around. I’m sure I had put everything back in its rightplace, but one never knew with Rose.I sighed and threw down the shoes. “Did I wake you up?” I asked her.“No, I was still awake,” she said. She stepped over to the bureau and looked at thepictures stuck in the mirror.I wondered if I should tell her what I was really doing. She would probably freak out at me if she knew I was looking for the grimoires. I’d had enough with fighting withher for the morning so I decided not to push it. Let her think I was looking throughGrandma’s things for sentimental reasons. It was partially true anyways.Then she said, “Did you find it?” Warily, I asked, “Found what?”“The... grimoire,” Rose said. She watched me like a hawk and I was sure that I’dfidgeted.I decided to go for it. “No, not yet,” I told her. “I’m sure they’re here somewhere.”She nodded. Then she frowned at me. “‘They’re’?” she asked.“There should be two grimoires, remember?” I said, kneeling down on the flooragain. “Grandma’s grimoire, and Mom’s.”“Do you think Dad would have one?” she asked.“It’s possible,” I said. “I was thinking that maybe they’d have just one grimoireper family, but you never know. Maybe Dad’s is here too.”She started opening drawers, rifling through the contents like I had done. “They could be hidden in the storage room,” she suggested.

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