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Love is the Question -- The Question is: What is Love?

Love is the Question -- The Question is: What is Love?



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Published by Sarahi Molina
Love is the Question
Love is the Question

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Published by: Sarahi Molina on Jul 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love is the Question -- The Question is: What is Love?Looking for answers. Not ONE answer or THE answer, but many answers. Whyshouldthere be many answers to one question? Because, for one thing, people areso verydifferent from each other. There isn't a mind that thinks like another mind. So why should one personbe the sameas another person? There isn't a person who acts the same way as another person. So whyshould one heartfeel like another heart?People are different from each other. And even within the same person, loveis different,depending on whether it is the brain or the heart that gives the answer. The heart is forever making the head its fool.By Francois de La RochefoucauldWhat is the difference between the brain and the heart . . . ? There are some differences that are really simple, but others are harder There is one main thing that both the heart and the brain don't understand.As the heart feels things that the brain can't understand, the brainunderstands things thatthe heart can't feel. There are also many different things that people can say about it, can thinkabout it, canbelieve about it, and can hope it to be.It is talked about in almost everything that you can imagine, songs, bookshistory,images, even science.What is it I’m talking about, you ask. Well, what else? Love, the number onething mostpeople want.Example: "Love has 2 sides. The self-centered side and the other-centeredside. Theself-centered side says -- I love how I feel when I'm with you. I long to be withyou, tospend time with you, to hold you. The other-centered side says -- I care aboutyou. Ilong to please you and see you happy. Doing what's best for you is moreimportant to me
than what I want for myself. Love is a very good thing when both sides are inharmony."From: "Love has 2 Sides" by RoseDQComments:Love is grabbing a ropeswing on a tree over a river and pushing off andenjoying the ride. It's wild, you have to trust, and it's a bit scary, andunderneath you are things that can sweep you away.from The Jotter"From my jormal: To Love someone was to see them through the eyes of God."from Kenosis23Love is far and wide. It spreads, and its focused.from duponthumaniteAugustine had some good words about love.Love is nuturing the Being ineach person.from duponthumaniteAnd Plato has some good ones too. Especially in the Symposium. I had totype them out from my programme.from duponthumaniteLove is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is proud. Itis not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps now recordof wrongs. love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. it alwaystrusts, always hopes, always perseves. 1Corintians 13:4-7from RoseLove is friendship set on fire!(i heard someone say this once and liked theidea of it!)from Orwell_1984:I have found the paradox, that if you love intill it hurts, there can be no morehurt, only more love."-- Mother Teresafrom Orwell_1984No matter how many beautiful words we read or write about love, none willever match what we feel, and there will never be an answer to the question,the question deserves to remain unanswered:)from LingLangSo, Ling, your saying that your wimping out just because the answer isimpossible?from Kenosis23"Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical
about it.. It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for .And the troubleis, if you don't risk everything, you risk even more."-- Erica Jongfrom Orwell_1984when love is noun, it is idolatry..from DanielEssmanFor the poet, love is a form of self-adornment...From DanielEssmanIf The Jabberwocky were a love poem... what does "brilling" mean? and forthe matter,"gyre and gimble?"DanielEssmanLove only knows one master...Love.from DanielEssmanIt is always open-hearted with kindness at its core. Love is gentle andincredibly tender on one hand, and full of passion and swirling butterflies onthe other. It is life's ultimate pleasure-giver and the essence of humanity.from Alika747Suh a thought_ provoking question-and you're right, there are many answers.Love defies the idea of encapsulation and it comes in so many forms. For it isnever a pasive feeling or state of being. it is an active verb, and noun- and isas much a part of living and breathing as...living and breathing!from Alika747"...if someone says he loves me, but doesn't care deeply about me, doesn'tencourage me in my growth toward becoming the person i need to be, f he is jealous of all other passions and people and interest that are part of who iam, is that real love?..."from RoseLove is feeling respect care hurt pain death life sickness children honor carehelping sharing building a life time love works when two heats beat as oneGreat write my friend. its controls all emotions for good and bad.from godteacheschildren family religion nations people men womenfrom godteachesBetter never leave your love as someone out there really cares and only theheart knows...from Shinning_starThanks everyone who contributedA special thanks to Rose who mad the whole poem even better than itsoriginal version. And who inspired other people to contributed with there

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Micheal added this note
Very lovely written :)
Rose added this note
Great job putting this together!
Micheal added this note
Better never leave your love as someone out there really cares and only the heart knows.......
mike carvell added this note
love is feeling respect care hurt pain death life sickness children honor care helping sharing building a life time love works when two hearts beat as one Great write my friend. its controls all emotions for good and bad
Rose added this note
I had another idea for a love survey in time for Valentine's Day, but I just couldn't make it happen . . . Maybe I could start working on it now and have it ready for Valentine's Day 2012.
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Sarahi Molina liked this
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