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Chapter 5 - Humor Book - WordLotto

Chapter 5 - Humor Book - WordLotto

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Published by Tom Brennan
The Origins of a Soiled Reputation - A humor book for everyone.
The Origins of a Soiled Reputation - A humor book for everyone.

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: Tom Brennan on Jul 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wordlotto ©2007
Wordlotto ©2007
5The origins of asoiled reputation.
As I sat at my desk projecting my blank mind out thewindow, a small crowd had silently gathered outside thedoor to my office. I heard a muffled giggle and turnedaround to meet a loud burst of cackles and snorts.“What the hell was that? Another bomb threat?” askedthe first co-worker who could find his voice through histears.I had been found out. I thought my unusual guests hadescaped notice, but Joan had done an impeccable job ofletting every single person on the floor file by theconference room window and take a peek while the meetingwas still in progress. It was going to be a huge challengeto get out of this one with a minimum shred of dignity.However, I was damned if I was going to go down without afight. I scanned my brain for an answer. Just when itlooked as if the truth was the only option, I hit a liveneuron.
Wordlotto ©2007
“Some trainee with the Homies. The Biohazard ResponseTeam” I stated, leaning back in my chair.“Biohazard? What did they want?” asked my Nemesis.“Just a training drill, for his certification. Askedme to fill in a questionnaire.” I punctuated thisassertion with a well-timed yawn.The mirth of the assembly lost a little steam. Thegiggles had run their course and now were waning down oneby one.They are buying it.The group already had had an excuse for a break at myexpense, and they looked like they were looking for thenext victim.“I think that we should all get back to work.” I sayin my most condescending voice“Shut up” another co-worker offered, “the last timeyou worked was when you to filled out the job application.”“OK,” I have to agree, “but if they see us all bunchedup here we’ll get in trouble…”It was not an easy task to fool my coworkers in viewof the fact that a dark spot on my record had compromisedmy reputation at an early stage. As it turns out, Bubbleswas not my first oddball case. First came Gio. I wouldspare you the story but since I have mentioned Gio I feel I

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