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Published by Gurjeit Singh

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Published by: Gurjeit Singh on Jul 22, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kawasaki Rose
Folding the rose begins with creating a grid on thepaper at a 22.5 degree angle, 45 degree/2.Crease diagonals, and with the coloured side up,valley fold left side to the diagonal. Repeat above. Itis important to fold the correct side to the diagonal, asshown in the diagram.Mountain fold only the bottom layerValley fold/unfold first two layers of paper. RepeatbehindValley fold the tip of the front layer so that it isflush with the layer behind. Repeat behind.Valley fold/unfold first four layers of paper. Irecommend that the folder fold at most two layers ofpaper at a a time to avoid paper drift. The type offold (valley or mountain) is unimportant at this pointin foldingUnfold steps 1 to 4and this is theresult.Rotate 90degrees andrepeat steps 1 to4Unfold and you shouldnow have a grid on a22.5 degree angle.12345678Kawasaki Rose1/5Designer: Toshikazu KawasakiDiagrammed By: Winson ChanRevision: 2.1Date: 4/29/96
Kawasaki Rose2/5Designer: Toshikazu KawasakiDiagrammed By: Winson ChanRevision: 2.1Date: 4/29/96
9Make the following mountain andvalley folds. See enlargement. Noticethe position of the horizontal crease.Repeat on all four sidesThis is what one of the crimps lookslike. Repeat on all four sets.The paper should look like this aftercompleting each set. Renforce eachset of folds by crimping along thedarkened line.Make the following mountain and valley folds.They are at 45 degrees relative to the grid. Thesquare in the centre can be used as a guide.When these creases are complete, mountain foldalong the crease indicated, the entire length of thepaperFold alongthis mountaincrease whendoneForm the twovalley foldsindicatedMountain fold thetop point behind.Notice the locationof the light grayarea over the nextthree steps.1110121314
Kawasaki Rose3/5Designer: Toshikazu KawasakiDiagrammed By: Winson ChanRevision: 2.1Date: 4/29/96Open up the model by inserting a fingerinto the section indicated. Model will notremain flat. Notice the movement of thelight gray sectionUnfold model to step 12.Twist fold along the linesindicated. The next 2steps provide a simplemethod of doing a twistfold if you are not fimiliarwith it.The model after the twistfold. Flip paper over.Form a (slightlymodified) waterbombbase along existingcreases. Fold bothlayers of paper on eachedge as indicated, whileyou spread out/ flattenthe paper. Carefullysquash the paper in thecentre into a square.MountainValley1516171819

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