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AFRICOM Related News Clips July 23, 2010

AFRICOM Related News Clips July 23, 2010

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Published by U.s. Africa Command

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Published by: U.s. Africa Command on Jul 23, 2010
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United States Africa CommandPublic Affairs Office23 July 2010
USAFRICOM - related news storiesTOP NEWS RELATED TO U.S. AFRICA COMMAND AND AFRICACarson Says U.S. is Boosting Efforts to Back Peace
(Pan Africa) U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson this week is visiting AddisAbaba for talks with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi before going on toKampala, Uganda, for the African Union Summit next week. Prior to his departure, he
was interviewed on a range of policy issues by AllAfrica's Reed Kramer.
Africom, the Kleptocratic State and Under-Class Militancy
(Pambazuka News)
(Pan Africa) Since 2001 renewed religious riots, outbursts of alleged 'terrorism' in theSahara-Sahel and northern Nigeria, and militant threats to African oil exports havespurred the US to establish US African Command (AFRICOM).
Kampala blasts a consequence of faulty US foreign policy
(The Citizen)
(Pan Africa) We in East Africa, and Africa in general, ought to pose and think criticallyabout how we may extricate ourselves from getting too deeply involved in the affairs ofAmerican foreign policy choices and processes that do not serve Africa·s interests.
Sudan gov't condemns U.S. stance over al-Bashir's visit to Chad
(Xinhua)(Sudan) Sudan government on Thursday condemned the U.S. stance over the visit ofSudanese President Omar al-Bashir to Chad and U.S. request of Chad to explain itsstance for not arresting al-Bashir who is taking part in the Sahel and Sahara summit inN'djamena.
Over 40 African Leaders to Attend AU Summit in Uganda
(Voice of America)(Pan Africa) A top official with Uganda·s foreign ministry says several African heads ofstate and government will begin arriving Friday and Saturday to participate in theAfrican Union (AU) heads of state summit scheduled to begin this Sunday.
Guards for Somali Leader Join Islamists
(New York Times)(Somalia) Somali officials acknowledged on Thursday that members of Somalia·spresidential guard had defected to the Shabab, the radical Islamist insurgent group thatclaimed responsibility for the recent bombings in Uganda that killed more than 70people watching the final game of the World Cup.
Somali Refugees Fear Loss of Ugandan Haven 
(New York Times)(Uganda) Recent developments could endanger the attraction of Uganda as a precioustransit point or final destination for the droves of people fleeing the many dangers ofSomalia, including the brutality of insurgent groups like the Shabab.
UN News Service Africa Briefs 
Full Articles on UN Website
UN official sees signs of progress on cooperation ahead of Sudanese referenda
n DR Congo, UN official pledges support to help displaced people return home
Security Council calls on Guinea-Bissau to improve rule of law
WHEN/WHERE: Thursday, July 29, 8:15 a.m., Woodrow Wilson International Centerfor ScholarsWHAT: African Growth and Opportunity Act Civil Society Forum 2010 ´A Decade ofProgress in Bridging the U.S.-Africa Trade GapµWHO: Keynote Speakers include Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-MD), Senate ForeignRelations Committee; Erastus Mwencha, Deputy Chairperson, African Union*Info:
FULL ARTICLE TEXTCarson Says U.S. is Boosting Efforts to Back Peace
(AllAfrica.com)Washington ³ Conflict in Sudan has been a thorny issue for President Barack Obamaand his administration since he took office. This week, a leading voice for a morevigorous American approach declared, "U.S. policy is not contributing in a meaningfulway to peace and justice in Sudan." John Prendergast, who worked on Africa conflictprevention at the National Security Council and the State Department during theadministration of former president Bill Clinton, warned of potential consequences in abroadside critique issued by the Enough Project which he co-founded. He said that theadministration's "largely hands-off approach to critical negotiations" is endangeringprospects for peacemaking in Sudan's troubled Darfur region and for avoiding a returnto the civil war that raged for more than three decades between the North and theSouth.Asked about Sudan during an appearance on the American network ABC, VicePresident Joseph Biden said, "we're doing everything in our power" to make sure thereferendum in January that will give southerners the chance to chose independence is
viewed as free and fair. Biden's three-nation visit to Africa last month was largelydominated by discussions concerning Sudan, according to the U.S. Assistant Secretaryof State Johnnie Carson, who accompanied the vice president to Egypt, Kenya andSouth Africa, where they watched the American team's World Cup match. Carson, theObama administration's top Africa policymaker, this week is visiting Addis Ababa fortalks with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi before going on to Kampala,Uganda, for the African Union Summit next week. Prior to his departure, he wasinterviewed on a range of policy issues by AllAfrica's Reed Kramer. In part one, herefutes the charges that U.S. government efforts to promote peace in Sudan are lagging.Excerpts:First, let me ask your impressions from being at the World Cup.The World Cup was an enormous triumph for South Africa and a tremendous imagebooster ² and not only for South Africa's capacity to organize and run a successfulglobal sporting event but as an image booster for Africa as a whole. The South Africansshould feel gratified by the way the Cup turned out. The stadiums were beautiful; theorganization was extraordinarily good; there were no major incidents or mishaps;people from around the world were well received; the games ran on time, they wereorderly. Probably the greatest damage done during the games was to people's eardrumswith the vuvuzelas! One has to applaud this success.And the vice president devoted a lot of his time to Sudan?The trip was in reality an opportunity to focus on Sudan. The thing that featuredprominently in all three stops was the impending referendum. In Sharm el-Sheikh, withPresident [Hosni] Mubarak of Egypt and with the foreign minister, Ahmed AboulGheit, and other senior Egyptian officials, he had major conversations about issuesrelated to the Middle East and to the state of affairs around the world. But he spent agreat deal of time talking about Sudan.In Kenya, the longest stop on that visit, he met a whole host of Kenyan officials andgave a very important speech at the Kenyatta Conference Centre. But he also had alengthy meeting with Sudan's first vice president and the president of South Sudan,Salva Kiir, [who] brought with him to the meeting six other senior southern leaders.There was an extended discussion about the preparations underway in the south for thereferendum which will be held on January 9, 2011.Then on to South Africa where one of the first things that the vice president did afterlanding was to speed directly from the airport to the home of the former South Africanpresident, Thabo Mbeki, where he engaged for nearly two hours on President Mbeki'srole as the high representative responsible for Sudan issues in the African Union (AU).So the trip had a very heavy Sudan focus throughout.

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