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Learning From the Quran

Learning From the Quran

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Published by: http://www.timeturk.com on Jun 18, 2008
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This [the Qur'an] is a communication to betransmitte to man!in so that the" ma" be #arne b" itan so that the" #i$$ !no# that He is One Goan so that %eo%$e o& inte$$ience #i$$ %a" hee()Qur'an* +,-./0
2une* /334
All translations from the Qur'an are from The Noble Qur'an: a New Rendering of its Meaning in English  by Hajj Abdalhaqq and Aisha ewley! "ublished by oo#wor#! Norwi$h! %& ()*+ ,E-(... AH
/ursel Mh 0arula$e1e ,d No: .2unya 3# E#sioglu 4s Mer#e1i  lo# 0: 56#meydani74stanbul-Tur#eyTel:8.+ *(* 9*+;++E<$lusi=e 0istributor for North Ameri$a:
A$87aaa#i 6ub$ications
*+ 3 Qua#er >ane 3uite ?(*+Ale<andria! @A **9()Tel: (B C+97C5(7)++ 2a<: (B C+97C5(7)99Debsite: wwwal7saadawi$omE7mail: infoal7saadawi$omFrinted by:3eGil 6fset4stanbul-Tur#eyTel: 8.+ *(* ;*.+;(5
A>>AH There is no god but Him The hearts are under His dominionHe regulates all affairs4t is He Dho $reated all thingsAll might belongs to HimAll things are subser=ient to HimHe en$om"asses all things He determines the "re7ordained de$reeThe end result of all affairs is with Him He does what He wills He has "ower o=er all things He has $reated the life of this world as a testHe $reates both e=il and goodHe is a witness of e=erythingHe is All7Hearing! All73eeing He is the Freser=er of all thingsHe is 4nformed of all thingsHe is the 6riginator of e=erything He is the &nower of the %nseenHe ,reates out of nothing He is eyond Need He is the 6ne on Dhom all de"endHe is e<alted abo=e any defe$t He has not gi=en birth and was not bornHe is the sole so=ereign of the #ingdom of the hea=ens and the earthHe is the 4nheritor of all things He has a""ointed a measure for all things He is the All7High! the Most /reat He is the E=er7li=ing He does not mis"la$e nor does He forget All things "rostrate themsel=es before HimHe is the glorified 6ne He is the "raised 6ne He is the one worthy of Fraise

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