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Published by vladowsky
Periodical newspaper - fight terrorism - support Israel
Periodical newspaper - fight terrorism - support Israel

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Published by: vladowsky on Jul 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FeedJournal Basicfeedjournal.com7/22/2010 at 8:57:00 PM - 7/23/2010 at 9:16:16 AM
Submitted at 7/23/2010 1:00:40 AM
This week’s controversial rapeconviction of an Arab man highlightsa growing intoleranceIsrael’s liberal left has been warningabout this for decades – and nowthose cautionary words seem likeprophesies. Lines of Israeli authors,academics and campaigners havelong said that the ugly occupation of the Palestinian people would corrodeIsrael and derail its democracy.Human rights advocates repeatedlywarned that a nation capable of meting out such punishingdiscrimination to another peoplewould eventually turn on itself. Andso it has.The country is in thrall to such anti-democratic sentiment and mob ruleracism, manifesting at suchbreakneck speed that it is hard tokeep up. In the last few months alonetwo Arab citizens of Israelwere“disappeared” by the state’ssecret police; an Arab member of theKnesset was stripped of herparliamentary privileges for being onthe Gaza aid flotilla; and now aPalestinian man from Jerusalem has just been convicted of rapeafterpretending to be Jewish and havingconsensual sex. This verdict, in effectturning the obfuscation of race into acriminal offence, also reveals theextent to which Israelis considerPalestinians to be abhorrent.Meanwhile, theIsraeli children of migrant workers are threatened withexpulsion, as a government campaignwarns against hiring foreign workers.Zero tolerance for the “other” inIsrael has widened to include anyonequestioning a twisted concept of loyalty to the state.The Associationfor Civil Rights in Israel(Acri) lists14 antidemocratic laws currentlyworking their way throughparliament, from the demand thatArab citizens pledge allegiance to a“Jewish democracy”to attempts togag Israeli rights groups. Acrirepresentatives are denounced as“Arab-lovers” and “traitors” whenthey attend parliamentary hearings.All this has widespread support – infact, one of the few causes to bringthousands of Israelis on to the streetswas a recent ultra-orthodox protestfor the right to segregateAshkenazichildren, of European origin, fromtheir Middle Eastern Jewishclassmates.Israeli human rights campaigners,appalled by this escalation of intolerance and racism, point to thethree-week pounding of Gaza in 2008-9as the opener of floodgates. YaelBen Yefet, a Tel Aviv councilmember and the subject of a hate-deluge for supporting migrantworkers, says that “somethingsnapped” after the Gaza assault, inwhich about 1,400 Palestinians werekilled. “It released Israel from the lastof its humanitarian constraints,” shesays. “Now everything is possible.”Israel may have new thresholds afterits assault on Gaza and its subsequentelection of a zealously hard-rightgovernment. But what we’re seeingtoday is just the unleashing, in moreblatant form, of a long-incubatedracism, both institutional andincidental – a casual, acceptableprejudice. Such racism doesn’temanate, as some have argued, fromthe Jewish component of Israelinationhood. It is informed by theEurocentric cornerstones of thecountry: the belief, expressed byIsrael’s founding fathers and stillcurrent, that the nation should be abastion of the “enlightened” west inthe heart of the supposedly savageMiddle East. As well as underpinningregional policy, such prejudice haslong been directed at Israel’s Jews of Middle Eastern origin, rubbishingtheir culture and turning them into asocioeconomically stunted group.Racism is the byproduct of theisolationism that is Israel’s preferredform of regional interaction – it is thesniffy neighbour of the Middle East.The ban on travel to most Arabcountries is of no consequence to themajority of Israelis, who could not beless interested in the region. That’salso why practically nobody bothersto learn Arabic, one of Israel’sofficial languages: there is noperceived benefit in communicationwith the people of the locale. Thisvacuum-sealed lack of curiosity is theperfect breeding ground for prejudice,because a minimal interest in varietyis the precursor of tolerance andbecause cultures grow myopicwithout exposure to outsideinfluence.Such a disdainful refusal to be part of the region is nonsensical, given thatIsrael’s majority population is of Middle Eastern origin and thatJudaism is so acculturated to the Arabworld. But Israel has severed itself from a long-valued Judeo-Arabheritage, preferring to present aEuropean image. Now, paradingintolerance as a prized nationalfeature has made Israel intolerable toanyone who fits the ever-wideningdefinition of “other” – and thecountry is an increasingly insultingirritation to the region it has soarrogantly snubbed.Middle EastIsraelRace issues Rachel Shabi guardian.co.uk © Guardian News &Media Limited 2010 | Use of thiscontent is subject to ourTerms &Conditions|More Feeds Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelA return to old Europe | PeterPrestonThe union is stalling. Torestore momentum, the EU needscritically to re-engage TurkeyJohnHumphrys chose to launch his grandtour of the union from Frankfurt forRadio 4's Today programme the other...The Kafka legacy: who ownsJewish heritage? | Antony LermanThe decision to publish unseen Kafkapapers is welcome, but not the notionthat European Jewry's cultural assetsbelong to IsraelIt's excellent newsthat a judge in the Tel Aviv familycourt has ruled...Israeli troops get orders to protectcivilian welfareMove amongmeasures outlined in official Israelireport submitted to the UN followingGaza assault The Israeli military is toassign a "humanitarian affairs officer"to each combat unit to advise on ... Original post source
Submitted at 7/22/2010 11:15:09 PM
byDainis MatisonsGaza flotilla has roots in pro-Palestinian groupThe stream of ships heading to Gazain defiance of Israel’s blockadereflects the success of a pro-Palestinian group that’s beencreatively confronting Israel foryears. High on victory, they are flushwith new…Read more onChannel 8 San DiegoAbbas signals will resist US pressurefor talksRAMALLAH, WEST BANK –Palestinian President MahmoudAbbas has indicated he will resistU.S. pressure for face-to-face peacetalks with Israel for now, sayingindirect negotiations must makeprogress first.Read more onAsiaOne07/22/2010 12:10 ISRAEL SecularJews drawn to Holy Shroud exhibit inJerusalem» Opened in 2006, the exhibit drawsthousands of visitors. Permanent andfree, it is located inside the PontificalInstitute of Notre Dame of JerusalemCenter.Read more onAsiaNews.it Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelIsrael Newsby Moshik Gulst ArabHigh Court Judge: What's Wrongwith Arab Illegal Houses? FollowIsrael news on and . Judge SalimJoubran, an Arab member of theIsraeli Supreme Court, appeared tosupport illeg...Israel Newsby Adib Roy Quick Takes: News You May Have MissedFurther, the officials said talks are atsuch an advanced stage that the U.S.has floated the idea of Israel leasingland in the Jordan Valley afte...Israel Newsby merdi Obituary:Israel Theo Hicks / Director who was'a great interpreter of the AugustWilson canon' Israel Theo Hicks, thestage director thought to be the firstto direct all 10 of August Wil...
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Submitted at 7/22/2010 11:45:08 PM
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Submitted at 7/22/2010 11:59:00 PM
CR: Ten Muslim weddings a yearViaPrague Monitor:About ten couples have a Muslimwedding in the Czech Republic everyyear, Vladimir Sanka, director of theIslamic Centre in Prague, has toldCTK, adding that most of the couplesare foreigners but there are alsoCzechs who have adopted the Islamicfaith.For a Muslim marriage to be legal,the couple must have a civilianwedding first, Sanka said.This article was prepared by theIslam in Europe blog islamineurope.blogspot.comMuslims were registered as areligious group in the Czech Republiconly in 2004, but the state has not yetgranted special rights to them, thatChristians and Jews, for example,enjoy.The special rights include the right toestablish schools, assist in prisons,military and hospitals, and concludelegal marriages.Religious groups can apply forgranting the special rights ten yearsafter their official registration. Theyhave to submit 10,000 signatures of adult supporters of the group whohave permanent residence in theCzech Republic.“The gaining of 10,000 signatures isunfeasible for us. We can hardlyachieve this in the next decadeseither,” Sanka told CTK.If Muslims managed to meet theconditions, they would use the chanceof concluding legal religiousmarriages, establishing schools andoffer lessons of Islam at schools thatwould be interested in it, Sanka said.(…)Sanka said that some 12,000Muslims live in the 10-million CzechRepublic, but only one-third of themregularly visit the country’s twomosques, situated in Prague andBrno, and smaller houses of prayer.(more) Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelDenmark: Muslim nursing homesexpected within four yearsDenmark:Muslim nursing homes expectedwithin four yearsVia CopenhagenPost, h/t Euro-Islam.info: Danishinstitutions don't always meet theneeds of different religious groupsIslamic schools have e...Germany: Extensive report onimmigrantsGermany: Extensivereport on immigrantsPeoplesometimes focus on Muslimdemographics in Europe. However,as this report shows, Muslims makeup just a quarter (25%) of immigrantsin Germany. Why the ...Russia: Bride price tripledRussia:Bride price tripledThe price tag on abride in Russia's Ingushetia provincehas been tripled by the regionalgovernment, in a sign the MuslimNorth Caucasus region is slipping outof Kremlin c... Original post source
Submitted at 7/22/2010 11:40:10 PM
 Entering the High Holy Days: AGuide to Origins, Themes, andPrayersThe High Holy Days — RoshHashanah and Yom Kippur — are formany Jews the highlight of the Jewishyear. The liturgy for the Days of Aweare the longest and most complex of the year, leaving a large number of attendees without a completeunderstanding of the occasion’ssignificance.Entering The High Holy Daysprovides historical background andinterpretation of the ideas, practices,and liturgy and lends themcontemporary relevance to today’sJews.Rating:(out of 5 reviews)List Price: $ 18.00Price: $ 7.17High Holiday VidoeAdHoliday Concert Featuring the SalineHigh School Chamber Orchestra andWind Ensemble (Saline, Michigan,December 10, 2009)Image bycseeman Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsrael60 Days: A Spiritual Guide to theHigh Holidays Reviews60 Days: ASpiritual Guide to the High HolidaysRating: (out of reviews) ListPrice: $ 24.95 Price: $ 39.95frasier high holidays part 2 Fr...Preparing Your Heart for the HighHoly DaysPreparing Your Heart forthe High Holy Days This spiritualguided journal will help you prepareyour heart and soul for the JewishNew Year. Rating: (out of 1reviews) List P...High Holy Days Machzor: APrayer Service for Young Childrenand Their FamiliesHigh Holy DaysMachzor: A Prayer Service forYoung Children and Their FamiliesA collection of prayers to be used inthe observance of Rosh Hashanah andYom Kippur. Rating: (out of revie...
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Submitted at 7/22/2010 9:48:00 PM
‘If the other side won’t compromise,you must fight them with full force’Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Israel,Donald Perera, used to be their armychief of staff. Perera just defeated theTamil Tigers terror group – whom helikens to Hamas – after a thirty yearwar. He has some solid advice forIsrael (at the end of an interview thatdescribes the extent of cooperationbetween Israel and Sri Lanka duringthe latter’s terror war – far more thanmost Israelis know).After noting the similarities betweenthe Tamil Tigers and Hamas, Pererasays Sri Lanka is a staunch supporterof Israel’s fight against terror. “Noone wants bloodshed. The other sideshould be offered direct negotiations,without preconditions, to determineits level of seriousness. These talksshould focus on trying to reach acompromise that would allow bothsides to sign an agreement,” he says.“In case the other side shows it is notinterested in a compromise, (Israel)must move on to the military phasewith full force. (The government) willhave to explain to the citizens that(Israel) is headed for a long anddifficult struggle that will exact aheavy price, but at the end of thisstruggle the country’s situation willbe much better,” says theambassador.“Once you have the public’s support,you should fight relentlessly until allof the terror hubs are destroyed.There is no going back.”Here in Israel, we still need to get thepublic’s full support for destroyingthe terror organizations. When a warcomes, we get it, but in between warspeople forget.Read it all.posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 7:48AM Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelSterling Silver Marcasite JewishStar of David PendantProductDescriptionSTONES: MarcasiteSIZE: 1.25" tall x 7/8" wide with a3x4mm bail opening WEIGHT: 4grams DETAILS: Stamped.925No chain is included with thependantAdd a St...Photos of the Weapons Found onTwo Terrorists Yesterday, 22 May2010Yesterday (May 21, 2010), twoPalestinian terrorists infiltrated Israelfrom the Gaza Strip with the apparentintention of commiting a terror attack.The two were spotted by the GivatiBrigade and the...Serbia issues arrest warrant forsuspected NaziSerbia has issued aninternational warrant for the arrest of a naturalized American citizenaccused of serving in a Nazi unit thatkilled thousands of civilians duringWorld War II. Peter Egner, 88, w... Original post source
Submitted at 7/22/2010 11:49:00 PM
Guess who’s coming to townMichael Totten is coming to Israel.A few days ago, I announced thatI’m leaving for Israel this week nowthat I’ve finished and sold my book,and the same thing happened thatalways does when I mention in publicthat I’m on my way over there. My in-box filled with offers of generousassistance from Israelis whom I’venever met or even heard of. Mostoffered to buy me dinner. Some said Icould sleep on their couch or in aspare bedroom. A few even offered toshow me around, introduce me topeople, and set up appointments forme. Some of these offers evenshowed up in my comments section.This rarely happens when I goanywhere else in the world. Ithappens every time I’ve announced atrip to Israel, though, in times of peace and during war, and it hasbeen happening to me for years.I get these sorts of offers from theentire range of Israeli society, frompeople affiliated with Peace Now tothe settler movement. I can alwayscount on kind and generous people inArab countries to help me out onceI’ve arrived, but only Israelis reachout so extensively, so consistently,and in such large numbers before Ieven get off the plane.Hey, I’d be happy to show youaround. I’m a fellow politicalblogger, fluent in English and inHebrew, I’ve been here for 19 yearsso I know my way around, I have acar, and one of your former travelpartners can even vouch for me. Idon’t think you’d be comfortablesleeping here though – the ‘guestroom’ is my office and it’s probablyoccupied about 20 hours per dayexcept for the Sabbath.The sign is from the arrivals entranceto the old terminal at Ben GurionAirport (it has no jetways).posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 9:49AM Hija del Zion para IsraelSupportIsraelA response to the critics (DannyGordis)Danny Gordis, who wrote abook I reviewed favorably, sums upthe events of the past 36 hours:An oldhigh school friend, who’s taken greatexception to a couple of my mostrecent Jerusalem Post columns...Ha’aretz’ top analysts catch up withthe ElderOne of the better part of Ha'aretz is called "The MESSReport" where their senior reportersdo some real reporting andanalysis.Today's report discussesHamas' severe economicproblems.Only a couple o...The Virtual Lesson, "Beginning tostudy Zohar" , PreparationDate: 2010-07-04Video: ENG 31.12MB Audio:ENG 12.02MB ... Original post source
Submitted at 7/22/2010 11:10:06 PM
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