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ISU Essay Rough - Erika Gardiner

ISU Essay Rough - Erika Gardiner

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Published by kempscott

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Published by: kempscott on Jul 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Living Life and Paying for ItErika Gardiner ENG 3UIJuly 23, 2010
Erika Gadiner Mr. KempENG 3UIJuly 23, 2010Living Life and Paying for It“For you a thousand times over” [Amir] heard [himself] say,” (Hosseini, 323) hefelt Hassan, the most pure person he ever knew, speaking through him. Reformation is the act of improvingchanging what was broken, into something better . In the novel
The Kite Runner,
 by Khaled Hosseini, two minor butcrutialcrucialcharacters,Sanaubar and Soraya, made similar mistakes in their past that they chose to fix throughreformation, as did Amir, the main character in this novel . The same way, Amir, after contemplating what Rahim Khan said to him on the phone,realized there was “a way to be good again” (2).TheTheEachnegative choicesmade by thesethree characterscharacterswomenimpacted their lives greatly. They each set out to fix their ownmistakes, and through reformation were able to become better people. Sanaubar ,andSorayaand Amir ’s examples show showsthat through reformation everyone can  become a better person.be good again.One mistake can haunt a person forever ; andwithout reformation,this mistake will prevent them from being content with themselvesever again.Gardiner | 2
At some point in their liveslivfesSanaubar and Sorayabothrun away from their  homes, both when they were around the same age and bothfor responsibility reasons
Sanaubar, Hassan’s mother , leavesleavesfthim “less than a week after he was born. [He] lost her to a fate most Afghans considered far worse than death:shesSheran off with aclan of traveling singers and dancers,” (Hosseini,6). Sanaubar runsawayfrom the responsibilities of having a child. She., Sshewas young andjustwanted to have a fun life andnot be tied down by a child. thought in the circusthe greatest way of doing thiswas leaving with the circus.The Afghan people naturally disagree with her choice, and because of that, talk behind her back. This catches up with later in her life when sherealizes that she should have stayed to be amother her new born childfor her child.We learn as well thatSanaubar was disloyal to Ali; Hassan was Baba’s son, not Ali’s.Sanaubar wanted, also, to escape the guilt she felt every time she looked at her baby. Shedid not want to live with the guilt of adultery forever ., though Hassan never found outBaba was his real father, so that secret was always in her heart.Soraya makes a similar mistake, butinsteadinsteadshe runs away to obtain responsibility, as she is tired of her  father controlling her. Soraya wanted to be treated like an adult and felt as though livinglike one would help her accomplish this.runs away from her mother and father at the ageof eighteen. Soraya explainsShe explainstoher husband,Amir , years after she thought she had been fully reformed, that “when, that “wWhen [my family]welived in Virginia, I ran away with an Afghan man. I was eighteen…rebellious…stupid,”, and…he was intodrugs…we lived together for almost a month,””(164). Afterwards, she felt as though aweight was lifted off her shoulders– the final stage in her reformation .(164). Soraya wasnot married to this man and, like Sanaubar, was talked about between the Afghan people.Gardiner | 3

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